Dame Joan Collins Diet Pills Secret to make it in Hollywood

Joan Collins, an 83 years old veteran appeared on a Thursday morning show and explained why she was fed diet pills when she was 20 years old.

Joan Collins was put on slimming pills for being 'too fat'

The reason was particular because she wanted to make it in Hollywood. In the interview, she explained that she used to take green diet pills which decrease your appetite, the reason she took it because she was too fat.

From green pills, some people suggested that it might be some sort of herbal remedy for weight loss but actually, it was Dexedrine, a central nervous system stimulant, and amphetamine which has been used to treat sleeping condition narcolepsy.

Celebrity Garland, who died at the age of 47 from a sedative and barbiturate overdose was also given the same medicine prescription.

At the beginning, the pills only used to suppress her appetite which but she got so addicted of the drug that it literally made her a work machine, as she said.

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Dame Joan Collins explained why she was branded as too fat 20 years old starlet in Hollywood.

She explained: ‘I was given the same slimming pills as Judy Garland. ‘When I first went I was about nine stone (126lbs) and the studio said you’re too fat you have to lose eight pounds. Which was hard to do because I was 20 and I liked my food.

The reason why screen legend like Judy Garland’s life and career has been overshadowed is due to the addiction issues.

On the other hand, Joan has exposed that she had a lucky escape from the diet pills as she ordered to take the same slimming pills as the tragic Wizard of Oz star.

In order to slim her down, they gave Joan these green pills which she used all the time with having very little amount of food.

When her friend asked her about the secret she told her story and showed her the little green pills, to which she replied: “Oh my god those are Dexedrine, that’s what Judy garland got hooked on.”

The pills were actually taken in the morning and so her appetite diminished significantly.

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In her interview, Joan Collins explained, “I took them every morning and, my goodness, I didn’t want to eat.

Joan Collins talks slimming pills on This Morning

“I didn’t sleep much either. The host further asked if it was acceptable to be little “bulky” in those days. Joan said: “In my apartment in LA there is a gym and I go there sometimes with a young actress, she’s about 25,”

“She’s so thin, she must weigh 98lbs.”

The veteran actress continued: “I asked ‘why are you so thin? She says ‘I have to be!

“Not only to fit into the dresses the put you in on the red carpet but also because that’s what the producers want,”

“In their movies, they want very thin, young girls,”

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The appearance of Dame Joan Collins on television recently had viewers hold their breaths. So many tweets came up saying that Joan looks stunning as always, and she looks better than her age.

Her fans following are quite higher than any other old age celebrity. The reason why Joan Collins has been catchy to our eyes is because she had done some amazing roles in early 60’s and 80’s which most of the people don’t know about.

Dame Joan Collins was forced to stay thin in Hollywood

She also vouched to her fans that weight loss is a phenomenon which can be done by too many ways these days since medical science has reached quite far than using Dexedrine as a weight loss supplement.

In earlier days, people have no idea about the side effects or even the actual indications of the drugs.

Joan Collin had a spectacular career which somehow inspired so many people, as far as her weight loss tactic concerns, not the same thing can be applied these days since we have now a variety of products for weight loss.

Stay connected for more Joan Collins pictures and posts, the star has aged but her skills aren’t.

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