Dead Bodybuilders: The Shocking Truth About Steroids Inside! [2020]

WatchOTC have written the real story of 5 famous Dead Bodybuilders and their journey of bodybuilding ended due to overdose of anabolic steroids.

If anabolic steroids are good to give you the aesthetic physique simultaneously they are responsible for extreme side-effects or interfere with your health status.

Despite medical field, my blog is only focused the negativity of anabolic steroids in the sports and fitness.

Big Dead bodybuilders

The bodybuilding started to gain popularity in the late 1950’s an 1960’s as the title of Mr. Universe.

Some of the bodybuilders gained popularity like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Lou Ferrigno.

As the bodybuilding field arises in the popularity, individuals or competitors are starting to struggle or hard working a lot.

They spent hours on the training, tearing their muscle through heavy lifting of weight. Because the training in a gym requires a lot of time as well as dedication so, they are going to adopt a short way to accomplish the goals.

Due to the best results, they are trying to take heavy doses for an effective result within a short period of time.

Steroids and the combination of the HGH, insulin, and extreme diets for a long period of time result in the damaged of livers, kidneys, and also affect the cardiovascular health.

Some of the bodybuilders remain normal because they are using the anabolic steroids within a normal range while the majority of bodybuilders feel sick and developed disease whereas, the severe cases result in the early death.

Rich Piana Death
Rich Piana

IFBB, Pro’s and even, professional bodybuilders are gearing.

As they are well known due to their aesthetic and becomes famous so, they are starting to take the heavy amount of anabolic steroids and Human Growth Hormones as well.

It is most common that the competitors have already taken testosterone and some other compounds for the bodybuilding.

I’m not criticizing anyone for using anabolic steroids definitely, everyone is using drugs for boosting performance and to define their physiques.

Some of the crazy bodybuilders run steroid cycle that has overdosed on drugs.

All of this strongest passion and stupidity cause the loss of their precious life or death.

The only reason is that they have a strong passion towards their field and want to make their names as an example of aesthetic.

WatchOTC have written the real story of 5 famous celebrities and their journey of bodybuilding ended due to overdose of anabolic steroids.

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1. Rich Piana

Rich Piana was an American bodybuilder, Mr. California champion, entrepreneur, actor, former bodybuilder and social media sensation.

Rich Piana Death
Rich Piana: the tragic celebrity bodybuilder who lost his life

He died at the age of 46-years old on August 25, 2017, in Florida, United States after inducing the coma for the two weeks

He was famous around the world due to the unique and massive look.

Rich Piana weight was over 290 pounds and 23, 5-inch arms.

The death reason of rich Piana is possibly steroids because there are almost 20 bottles of testosterone were found in his home.

Rich had the sign of steroid abuse such as hair loss, acne breakout, and unwanted weight gain.

Despite physical appearance and assumption, the autopsy report showed the cardiovascular disease.

Well, It is not hidden, that the Rich in his life openly talked about the use of anabolic steroids,  drugs, and the Insulin.

According to Florida’s District, the six medical examiners completed the autopsy report and reported the findings which are mentioned as below:

  • Enlargement of heart that is usually caused by any type of heart disease, mild coronary atherosclerosis in the plaque is starting to build up on the artery walls, fatty liver, congested thyroid, congested or discolored kidneys and ascites.
  • Ascites is a condition in which protein fluid is starting to accumulate in the abdomen.
  • Not only these organs, the brain is also affected like ischemic brain tissue lost the supply of blood, necrotic brain tissues are dead, and swelling of the brain.

Although, these all findings of autopsy reports, we cannot directly say the steroids because we don’t have the toxicology report.

2. Aziz “Zyzz” Shavershian

The Aziz Shavershian AKA Zyzz, Az, and the epitome of the physique was an Australian Russian personal trainer who struggled a lot in his career and transformed from a skinny guy to muscle man.

Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian death
bodybuilder Aziz Sergeyevich, Died in a Bangkok sauna

He is simply lifting the heavyweight in a gym for the aesthetic shape of the body.

Zyzz just transformed his body only four years of the time period.

Zyzz was famous in the social media like YouTube and the internet sensation.

He was a part of the YouTube series “National Road Trip”.

Zyzz death shock thousands of people around the world.

The post Mortem report shows an undiagnosed heart defect caused by a cardiac arrest.

He was found dead on August 5, 2011, in a sauna while on a trip in Pattaya, Thailand

The cause of death is a heart attack.

In Thailand, the hormones and Performance enhancing drugs are available at cheaper rates.

We can not say only steroids are the reasons for his death because the toxicology report of the Aziz Shavershian was not made public.

3. Dallas Mc Carver

Dallas Mc Carver was an American bodybuilder AKA big country, died on Monday, August 22, 2017, at his home in the Place Boca Raton, Florida And United States

Dallas McCarver Death
Dallas McCarver Dies After Reportedly Choking On Food

Before the day, he appeared to be fine and workout in a gym and posted videos on Instagram.

He was found unconscious after chating his girlfriend on the phone.

The cause of death is congestive heart failures (severe concentric left ventricular hypertrophy with coronary artery atherosclerosis).

The muscle wall of the left chamber of his heart is getting thickened result in the abnormal heart rhythm also called arrhythmia, the blockage causes a cardiac arrest or heart attack.

According to the autopsy report, there are six findings are observed such as the severe cardiomegaly, coronary artery atherosclerosis, hepatomegaly, heavy lungs, papillary thyroid carcinoma, hypertrophy of the kidneys, and minimal nephrosclerosis.

If we talk about the toxicology report, so the caffeine and marijuana were found in the Dallas system.

Usually, there is no any major effect of the weed on health and the fitness status.

The alcohol compound tested negative. The main highlight of the autopsy report is the chronic use of non-steroid hormones and the exogenous steroid.

Trenbolone is one of the main anabolic steroids that is most powerful and harsh on the system

It is an anabolic steroid that can increase the risk of high blood pressure.

The Dallas testosterone level was found 550ng/ml.

The abusing of testosterone result in the disturbance of androgenic and estrogenic level of the body.

The abuse of steroids and overdose combined with inactive lifestyles kill him at the very young age of only 26-years old.

Even, his steroid cycle is known as the “Death Cycle”.

4. Andreas Munzer

He had died 22 years ago in the month of may and his age was only 31 years old at that time.

Andreas Munzer Death
Death of Legendary Bodybuilder due to heavy dose of steroid cycle

Andreas Munzer who had a tragic death.

Andreas had participated in a lot of competitions and followed the low carbohydrate diet per year.

He has a very huge stacking of drug and supplement, for example, high dose of diuretics and the drugs to remove excess water from the body.

He was pretty amazing and showed off the most ripped body.

The heavy dose or steroid cycle result in the damaging of vital organs.

The adverse effects interfere with the normal function of organs or damage them, sometimes it may cause death.

The reason for his death is the multiple organ failures due to abuse of anabolic steroids for a long period of time.

The autopsy report revealed that Andreas body had very low percentage of the body fat.

According to the professor Carol Garber,  the men require at least 3% of the body fat, whereas the women need 12 percent of the body fat to avoid the development of serious complications.

The body fat plays an important role for a cellular function to use the energy and other vital functions.

5. Oli Cooney

Oli started the bodybuilding when he was only 16 years old.  He started the workout regimens to build up his physique.

Oli Cooney death
Oli Cooney death due to overdose of steroids

He has openly talked about the steroid use to develop his physique.

He was diagnosed with the chronic heart damage by a specialist.

After intake of anabolic steroids, Oli suffered from the 2 heart attacks and three strokes.

After the weakness with heart attacks and strokes, he responded well to the Physiotherapy.

He had tried to quit the anabolic steroids but, it was long-term steroid practice which has already damaged his heart.

Oli Cooney also returned to the gym after receiving a warning by doctors at the age of 18 years old.

He was collapsed after running back to a taxi in the month of September.

Oliver left his, mother, and overall world at the age of only 20 years old.


Buy Crazy Bulk Legal SteroidsThe bodybuilding sport is very good, but due to some individuals, the level is getting down.

The old school bodybuilding is much better than modern school bodybuilding because they refer to use alternative to anabolic steroids in a low dosage.

For maintaining the aesthetic while new one or beginners amazed by the steroids result and begins to abuse them.

Most of them have a lack of information about steroid cycle, so they run in their own way and ended with the drastic side-effects even, death.

So, it is important to think about your health because life is precious.