Dianabol- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Dianabol (methandrostenolone): “This is it” type of guide is here to let you know every single point about Dbol for sale!

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What is dianabol

Growing muscle with the right amount of time is pretty hard and this is the very point where Dianabol or dbol comes in!

Hence, there is no doubt that Dianabol steroid is one of the popular muscle building steroids among the competitive bodybuilders and athletes.

This is so amazing at delivering its effects because it pushes the body into a continuous anabolic state.

The point is with the right guidelines, on methandrostenolone, you are likely to develop well-shaped muscle faster and on much quicker pace than you have even ever imagined before!

Therefore, you are bound to experience heroic and superman kind of feeling while you are using d bal.

So, here is the thing!

Methandienone, Metandienone, Methandrostenolone, or Dianabol all are the same and unfortunately illegal!

Yes, you have read correct buddy, Dbol is illegal.

Thus, learning every relevant piece of information is just in your favor to let you decide better for making a life-changing decision.

This article will improve your knowledge that you already know about dbol pills.

Questions like…

It is just a small glimpse that what you should be able to learn by the end of this article…

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The writer of this article is not a licensed fitness expert or qualified to prescribe anything.

Basically, the aim of this article is to provide you information and that is it!

Moreover, this article does not show the site’s opinion, it is just independent information.

The site or the writer is not promoting the use of any illegal substance here; we are providing just the details based on research.

Besides, people have actually started opting for legal alternatives, as they are getting better and better with the every passing year.

Let us have a look at the ultimate guide to Dianabol for sale!

Some info about Dianabol

What is Dianabol?

Dbol is an AAS (anabolic-androgenic steroid) and it is a synthetic version. It is mainly based on testosterone.

Dianabol tablets
Dianabol Pills

First of all, the researchers invented it to cure relevant medical conditions but later, when the researchers learned about its muscle building effects, they introduced it as a remedy for quick muscle building.

Thus, it instantly got all the fame among the athletes.

In the year of 1955, the developers created it for the first time and then advertised for sale in the USA and Germany.

The steroid got viral and the popularity was literally overnight.

Moreover, most of the bodybuilders had confessed that they were on Dianabol before the banning of Dianabol was implemented.

There is no hard and fast rule, different users take dbol with different compounds like Primobolan, trenbolone, testosterone and Deca Durabolin.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

It is not a hidden secret that the ideal physique holder, Arnold Schwarzenegger was not all nature; he was using multiple compounds for achieving his remarkable physique.

Is Dbal legal to use?

No, Methandrostenolone aka d bal is a controlled substance.

In the United States of America, it comes under the Controlled Substances Act.

Additionally, in the UK, the authority bans Dianabol and classifies it as a drug of Class C according to the Drug Misuse Act.

In New Zealand and Australia, its use is also illegal but if the doctor considers it necessary, they can prescribe it (the occurrence of doctor prescriptions is quite rare and only to treat some specific medical conditions.

However, after seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name with Dbal, you may have been excited but…


In many countries, you may face heavy penalties if you are caught red-handed while using d-bal.

Therefore, plenty of bodybuilders are now opting for the legal alternatives of D-bal.

What does Dianabol do?

You can expect a lot of unbelievable outcomes, it has the tendency to make you Hulk like powerful.

Dianabol- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage
Dianabol results

You may hear it from a d bal user.


What is the working principle, how does this substance work?

Well, there are mainly two things on behalf of which Dianabol works.

It happens to improve Testosterone in the human body. As it is a testosterone derivative. Thus, it improves the testosterone in your body.

Testosterone is the hormone that stimulates strength gains, muscle growth, and sex drive, in case if you are not aware of it!

More Nitrogen in the muscle region

It indicates your body will be able to turn 100% protein into muscles because typically our body turns a very insignificant amount of protein into muscles but Dianabol changes the game completely and it unleashes the true potential of the human body of protein consumption for building muscles.

The Impact of Dbal

Benefits of Dianabol pills

Here are the most significant 10 benefits of Dbol:

  • The users can train longer without experiencing too much fatigue
  • The procedure of recovery gets faster so you may do workouts quite frequently
  • It happens to elevate strength in simply an outstanding way!
  • Your metabolic activity is bound to improve (hence, you can easily have more food without taking any tension of gaining excess fat.
  • It happens to accelerate the procedure of protein synthesis
  • It triggers the process of fat loss
  • The amount of free testosterone in the body increases (moreover, an additional amount of testosterone means more muscles)
  • It improves retention of nitrogen
  • Better ratio of red blood cells makes it for you to get used to quickly for even hard training sessions
  • It ameliorates the levels of the glucose in the blood (Thus, your muscles receive a better amount of nutrients and gives you some true strength)

Required Time!!!!

As per the Dianabol reviews,

Most of the users of Dbol agree on this belief that you start experiencing the right benefits or effects within the first week of the use.

However, we are not short of Dianabol reviews as per which you should at least wait for two weeks to experience any real Dianabol results.

Even, the results are so prominent that you will able to compare Dianabol before and after.

Want to Compare Dianabol with Other Steroids?


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  2. Anavar vs Dianabol
  3. Dianabol vs Testosterone

Dianabol Results

You cannot just take a few Dbal pills and cannot expect unimaginable muscle gains because if you want to see some serious results, you need to train the crazy way, the harder and tougher way, which is usually impossible for most of us.


Furthermore, an extremely strict diet will also be in place that is not so easy to follow in 95 % cases.

Dianabol results in typical situations:

  • One week’s duration: 4 to 7 pounds
  • Two weeks’ duration: 8 to 12 pounds
  • Four weeks’ duration: 15 to 20 pounds
  • Eight weeks’ duration: 28 to 35 pounds

It is highly probable that you gain less or even more.

Please remember that there are various factors and each factor plays its role.

Moreover, you are likely to gain some water weight as well when you are on Dianabol cycle.

Weird but it is a good sign, as it happens to help with strength and shield joints against any expected damage.

However, there is a high probability that you will try to eliminate excess water weight after finishing your cycle to unveil your muscles.

Therefore, be ready to lose up to 10 % to 20 % of the weight you have gained during the cycle.

Let us suppose, you have gained around 20 pounds of weight during the cycle period, the chances are that around 2 to 4 pounds of weight is just the water mass and not any actual muscle gain.

Dianabol Side Effects

There are some of the most frequent side effects of Dianabol

  • Puffiness of the face you may expect. Hence, water retention is in place!
  • Deformity of the chest area is another very common side effect that is common with the name of gynecomastia
  • Abnormal aggression
  • Abnormal hair growth even in unexpected regions of the body
  • High BP and this is not it because it is also a clear sign of the risk of strokes, chest pains or even for heart attacks.
  • Severe Acne issue
  • Male pattern of baldness-moreover, if the issue of baldness runs in your family, you are prone to it
  • Abnormal increase in the ratio of bad cholesterol
  • Testicular atrophy
  • The weakness of the heart
  • The severe liver damage that even can be responsible for the death
  • The risk of liver cancer increases
  • The issue of infertility
  • The decrease in the ability to generate natural testosterone
  • Depression
  • Issues relevant to sleep

How to take Dianabol without facing any side effects?

Either you believe it or not but in the last decade the supplement industry has just got some real boost!

We are totally justified in passing such remarks because some countable numbers of companies have been successful in designing legal Dianabol substitutes that are able to form muscle-building effects without causing dbol side effects.

Definitely, this point sounds impressive!

Just suppose, your body within the mere period of 30 days from now!

Everyone has assumed that you are using Dianabol steroid but in reality, you are just enjoying legal alternative options and you are not on Dianabol steroid.

Keep reading till we unveil the number One legal Dianabol alternative.

Dianabol Cycle

How does a common Dianabol cycle look like?

Dianabol Cycle

A typical example: 4-week D-bal cycle

According to the various forums, the most impactful cycle for beginners is a 30 mg dose per day cycle.

Take the dose with the meal.

There are users who like to stack it with other available supplements

Dianabol dosage

  • 30 mg every day
  • However, more advanced consumers even take an 80 mg dose every single day
  • It is important to remember that Dianabol steroid is not something that you can utilize recklessly as it will be like to an open invitation to the side effects.
  • Therefore, it is actually a wise decision to give legal Dianabol alternatives a chance before you decide to put your health some serious danger.

Dbol Price

The cost of Dbal is unreasonably high.

Even one single cycle tends to cost around $1,000 and the price can exceed than this range.

However, you may get some cheap variations in other countries like India but there is no quality assurance.

Moreover, it is an anabolic steroid that is illegal and different sellers exploit this point in their favor in different ways.

Hence, this is another reason that numerous people have started to consider legal alternatives to avoid such quality frauds.

Additionally, the 8-week cycle should cost somewhere between $120 to $150 and the bulking stack should roughly cost you $150 to $250.

Buying Dianabol for Sale

Well, if you are planning to purchase steroids that are illegal, the best way is to opt for a teenager who has extraordinary muscle build (you cannot relate this muscle build to his age) and he also has excessive acne on his face.

Buy Dianabol online
Editor choice: Crazy Bulk D-bal

He might even be able to tell you two to three suppliers’ names.

Alert…!!!!!!! Alert…!!!!!!!!!

Do not even think about to buy Dianabol online.

There are a lot of scams online. Beware! If an online company is not clear about the stuff and things they are providing, you should better be cautious.

If you are still willing to buy Dianabol online, give legal alternatives a try.

It is up to you which legal Dianabol alternative you are willing to choose but as per our experience and research, here is one apt option for you!

Where to buy legal d bol substitutes?

You have available some pretty exciting options and the best option among all is CrazyBulk official site.

Crazybulk D-bal

D-bal Review

D bal review is not something that is hard to find. You can easily get thousands of CrazyBulk D-bal reviews available online.

CrazyBulk has been providing sustainable physique and results for over a decade and no doubt, it comes under the most trusted brands.

It is highly important that a company should be clear and honest about the compositions of its product line.

CrazyBulk possesses this quality when you are using CrazyBulk D-bal, you do not need to be anxious, as the company is quite open about all the relevant details.

What else can you expect from CrazyBulk D-Bal

D-Bal benefits

  • Elevation of strength
  • Noticeable decrease in body fat
  • Fast pace muscle building process
  • Accelerated metabolism of protein
  • Improvement in the nitrogen retention
  • Encourage testosterone levels
  • Totally legal
  • Zero Side-effects

D bol Cycle Chart

If you are willing to take your muscle gains to an absolutely next level, visible increase in your strength and a complete transformation into a Hulk-like figure.

You must go for CrazyBulk stack as they compliment D-Bal a big time!

You may stack D-Bal with DecaDuro (Deca alternative), Testo-Max (Sustanon/ testosterone alternative) and Trenorol (trenbolone alternative).

8 Week Bulking Cycle


Dianabol is result-oriented item.

However, its side effects cannot be neglected.

The good thing is products like Crazy Bulk D-bal are available to generate the same very results and without causing any serious health damage.