Best Diet Pills- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

The right diet pills can help you travel the journey from zero to hero.

Weight loss starts with the right choice of the supplement.

Best Diet Pills 2018 reviews

Do not forget, the obesity is not only about unattractive, but it is also likely to be responsible for countless diseases that you can hardly imagine of.

Diseases, such as heart related issues, diabetes, depression, cancer are only a few examples.

Diet Pills – Are they actually effective?

Most of the individuals who want to lose weight; they opt for any certain type of pill or dietary supplement.

Unfortunately, not every drug is trustworthy.

Hence, people get simply skeptical about all the dietary supplements and that is certainly not going in the right direction!

The very reason to design this article is to let you be confident about your selection of the diet pill.

We will be covering the top diet pills 2019 to improve the graph of your awareness.

1. Phen375 – Top Fat Burner of 2019

Phen375 reviewA safe alternative to Phentermine 37.5 which is one of the best appetite suppressant and metabolism enhancer available in the health market.

Phen375 has been an over the counter diet formula which includes pharmaceutical grade ingredients that work by suppressing your appetite (Carbs Craving) and boost your metabolism.

The formula is safe, natural and has easy directions for use.

Since 2009, Phen375 is the most original Alternative to Phentermine which helped thousands of people to lose weight instantly and improves their overall physique.

The latest formula of Phen375 has been improved this year by the combination of natural ingredients, making this product a completely safe option for weight loss therapy.

The cost for Phen375 is a little higher in comparison to other weight loss products.

Needless to say, the manufacturer of Phen375 also offers 30 days money back guarantee where you will be refunded the true value of this product.


Most renowned in the weight loss category: Undoubtedly, Phen375 has a true record of being the most popular over the counter diet pill and as a safer alternative to Phentermine.

With over 211,000 customers worldwide the product is getting increased in the user’s section where people from different region of the world is approaching it.

Current users look so happy and satisfied as you can see their reviews on the official website.

The makers of Phen375 invested so much so they can keep their product in perfect safety criteria.

Researched Ingredients:

Most of the ingredients in the formulation are herbal, while other ingredients such as Citrus Aurantium, Coleus Forskolii, and L-Carnitine are backed by the extensive research which shows a promising effect on fat burning and appetite suppression.

There is no ingredient added to the product that may give rise to any possible side effects.

Standardized Quality:

For the first time, we came across to a weight loss supplement has a manufacturing plant approved by the FDA and they follow the cGMP.

Good Manufacturing Practices are the key to obtain a high-quality product which truly fits with the high price.

2. PhenQ – All Natural 5 in one Fat Loss Formula

Phenq reviewLike above product, PhenQ is also 100% safe and natural alternative to Phentermine.

The product is an innovation in a weight loss class which has taken the science to more advanced level. The reason why PhenQ is a unique blend is that of the whole 5 effects it contains.

A-Lacys Reset is a newly introduced chemical entity which has shown remarkable effects in the weight loss realm and is certainly backed up by plenty of research.

It’s been 2 years since PhenQ is launched, but compared to the other diet pills PhenQ has gained massive success with over 190,000 satisfied customers.

This is what makes it an authentic product for an effective weight loss.


Within a single pill of PhenQ, lies 5 different mechanisms of action from five different weight loss brands.

PhenQ diet pills induce effective weight loss through fat burning, fat suppression, appetite suppression, boost energy production and mood elevation.

These effects are hard to find in a single diet pill.

Researched Ingredients:

The prime ingredient of PhenQ is a-Lacys Reset on which many clinical studies have been performed regarding body weight reduction, body fat reduction, and lean muscle tissue induction.

The researches on a-Lacys Reset are not too mainstream, but one can find lots of data on its effect on weight loss.

Money Back Guarantee:

Those who couldn’t find PhenQ a useful tool for weight reduction can be offered a full 60 days money back guarantee.

This is rather a benefit for the user where he/she doesn’t have to lose anything but the stubborn belly fat.

3. Phen24 – Day & Night Weight Loss Formula 

Phen24 reviewsThe manufacturer of Phen24 calls this product a 24-hour weight loss solution.

Made with the ingredients of 2 specific weight loss products Phen24 provide its users Day and Night effects where the phenomenon of weight loss continues non-stop.

Available in 2 different forms (Day and Night Pack) Phen24 fuels the weight loss and support your body’s requirement 24/7.

According to the official web page of Phen24, about 90,000 plus users have found this product an efficient choice for weight loss.

Same as PhenQ, it also has a money back guarantee and free shipping. By far, we can give this product 3rd rating in over the counter diet pills category.


Phen24 is a choice for people who want to challenge their body every hour of the day. And those who are very much serious about burning body fats.

Phen24 comes in two different packs, Phen24 Day and Phen24 Night. Each of them has a different mechanism of action according to time a person takes it.

There is much more you can find on their official page.

Ingredients are backed up Scientifically

The chief ingredients in both of the packs are the one that is also used by other diet pills. It includes Caffeine, Phenylalanine, Chromium Picolinate and Green Tea extract.

Scientifically conceived, each ingredient in Phen24 is somehow having a background data that relates to overcoming weight loss issue in both men and women.

The additives are totally not harmful to human body and have nothing to do with the weight loss.

The clinical references are available on the official page of Phen24 where you can know much more about it.

Money Back Guarantee:

Like other diet pills, Phen24 also offers a money back guarantee to its customers. But this is only for those who have a body system not responsive to the ingredients.

Buyer’s Guide for the best Weight Loss Supplement in 2019

While choosing a weight loss supplements for yourself, you need to keep two things in your mind.

best weight loss supplements that work

Whether if this product does what it claims in the advertising, and if it fits your desired needs.

Many people tend to forget about these essential facts and at last ended up with a wrong supplement.

In order to buy the best supplement, you may first check the basic needs of your body.

Clearly, if a person needs a metabolism booster and he purchases appetite suppressant, it would be an awful choice since the effects won’t last in his system for longer.

Diet pills are available in different classification which ranges from fat burners to appetite suppressants and to carb and fat blockers.

A simple help will assist you selecting an ideal supplement that will fit your body demands and help you achieve slimmer physique as per required.

Is it Mandatory to Use Fat Loss Supplement?

Supplements are not the magic pill, to be honest, but usually, they are considered as a catalyst when you use them along with a perfect diet plan and exercise regimen.

It is a clear fact that by the only diet and exercise the weight loss goal is very much harder to achieve.

Somehow people succeed at it, but again, it requires a lot of time period, which most of the people cannot afford.

Supplements such as a fat burner, metabolism enhancer or appetite suppressant are also not the one that can transform your body into a slimmer physique alone.

Needless to say, both things are correlated with each other. With a perfect supplementation, one must adapt a suitable diet and exercise plan, vice versa.

But what benefits do supplements offer?

Premium supplements for the weight loss available in the market offers you benefits like

  • A marked metabolism stimulation
  • Increase in Energy Production
  • Increase strength for training exercise
  • Alters mood and increases focus
  • Fat Suppression
  • Inhibits Fat Absorption
  • Control Carbs Craving

What type of Fat loss pills are available in the market?

Fat loss pills are not classified according to the body shape and size, but the mechanism of action they have on your body.

For example, if a person has a slow digestion he/she must use the metabolism enhancer that aids in maintaining their gut speed and eventually lead to the fat loss.

People with abnormal eating habits must rely on appetite suppressants instead of fat burners. It would be a folly choice to use any other supplement than what you must!

Below are the 5 most popular types of diet pills that represent a specific mechanism of action.

1. Thermogenic Fat Burning Agents (Metabolism Boosters)

Thermogenic fat burners are the most popular fat loss agents that mainly used by the users who are tired of the belly fat.

fat burner supplements of 2017 reviewThese fat burners are usually used in a combination with metabolism enhancers or the agents used to suppress your appetite.

How do they work?

The main purpose is to incinerate the fats while your body’s temperature is rising. When temperature rise occurs, your body burns more calories than it burns normally.

Apart from increasing body temperature they also fasten up the metabolism, which also aids in the weight loss process.

Main Ingredients:

Ephedrine was the first thermogenic fat burner which was used in many brands because of the right effects.

After it was banned for sale over the counter, scientists discovered a new generic similar to this but come with full safety criteria.

Products that contain 2-Phenylethylamine, Yohimbine HCL or Synephrine HCL is more likely to be the thermogenic fat burners.

For those who want to purchase the herbal products of the same class can get Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Extract, Capsicum Extract and Raspberry Ketones.

Are they safe?

Apart from being the best in the weight loss class, thermogenic agents are not used by the people having heart conditions. Also, users who are allergic to any component must not use Thermogenic fat burners unless consulted by a physician.

Popular Thermogenic Fat Burners: Phen375, Hydroxycut

2. Appetite Suppressants

Over/Excessive eating is one of the main cause of weight gain. People who eat more and lack exercises are more prone to gain weight drastically.

appetite suppressants of 2017 reviewAppetite suppressants come into play in the situations like this.

One of the unique things about hunger suppressants is they work for everyone who’s trying to lose weight since the suppression of hunger is a key factor to promote weight loss almost in every individual.

How do they work?

Just like their names, Appetite Suppressants work by controlling your cravings for carbs, junks, and unnecessary food intake.

This will result in decrease overall calorie intake which then automatically give a boost to fat burning process.

Controlling your diet is one of the best ways to lose weight, but most people are unable to do this which is why they need a third party a.k.a supplements.

Ingredients: 1, 3, 7 Trimethylxanthine or 5-HTP containing pills are most popular hunger suppressing agents. Coming to the herbal formula, Garcinia Cambogia and Glucomannan are the most used treatments.

Popular Appetite Suppressants: FenFast375, Phen375

3. Carb Blockers

Carbohydrate blockers are mainly designed for the people who cannot give up food items enriched with carbohydrates like pizza, bread, pasta and other items.

carb blocker supplements of 2017 reviewThis treatment is very much more effective with a daily exercise for at least half an hour.

How do they work?

Starch is a final product, we get from Carbohydrate’s lysis.

Carb blockers work by inhibiting the absorption of starch in our body.

The ingredients in Carb Blockers binds with the starch available in your food and neutralize the structure so it cannot pass to the blood stream nor stored as a fat in your body.

If you go much deeper the process is carried by deactivating the enzyme called Alpha-Amylase which actually breaks starch into an energy form.

When this enzyme is blocked, no starch will break down into sugar form and get digested.

Ingredients: Every Carb/Starch Blocker mainly consists of White Kidney Bean Extract which comes with a brand name called PHASE-2.

Side Effects: No side effect is ever reported if Carb Blockers are used in a normal range.

Current Starch Blockers: Phase 2

4. Fat Blockers

We all know someone who cannot give up the fried food items and those come in fatty class.

fat blocking supplements of 2017 reviewFat blockers are a form of treatment that manages the amount of fatty acid that you consume every day.

How do Fat Blockers works?

Similar to Carb Blocker, Fat blockers are used to inhibit the absorption of fatty acid and cholesterol in your blood stream.

The constituents in Fat blockers bind with the fats available in your food and makes it unable to digest, hence leads to its excretion in an unchanged form.


Orlistat and Chitosan are the two most commonly used Generics for this purpose. The brands come with a prescription and mainly designed for the people with coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis.

For a severely impaired person who cannot neglect fast food, these ingredients can bring his calorie level to a normal range.

However, it is not stated in the guidelines to use these formulas for a continuous weight loss treatment.

Side effects:

Some of the users have complained about mild diarrhea, bloating and cramps. Before using these products do not forget to consult your physician.

Popular Fat Blockers: Proactol Plus

5. Prescription Diet Pills

Prescription diet pills are considered effective in maintaining overall body weight.

Only it requires a prescription from a doctor to purchase it.

best prescription diet pills of 2017 that workThe reason why it can only be obtained through prescription is that of its use in the patients who are diagnosed as obese and are at a risk of life-threatening conditions because of the excessive weight.

The effects of Prescription diet pills are great, but they also come with a greater risk of side effects.

This is why is not available over the counter and one must requires a prescription to buy it.

Popular Prescription Diet Pills: Phentermine, Xenical, Meridia.

Is OTC Diet Supplements Safe?

People are getting smarter or you can say skeptical when buying weight loss supplements.

over the counter weight loss pills

It is becoming a common practice for people to check the quality of a product before purchase since many scams have been on all over the internet.

Weight loss products contain different types of stimulants to which some people are allergic, such as caffeine.

Also, the drug-drug and drug-food interactions are very common these days, especially in prescription medicines.

The warning to the consumers is always available on the label of the product which you can ready to ensure full safety.

The dosage of a product is also very much important, before taking any weight loss supplement make sure that the dose you are taking is right.

Following things should be remembered in order to neglect every possible side effects.

Are there any side effects associated with Weight Loss Supplements?

It would be immature believe to think weight loss supplements is devoid of any side effects (Unless it’s Herbal).

The formula of many weight loss supplements is effective that comprises some of the potent ingredients, which we think can cause minor side effects.

In the case of allergy towards caffeine, the consumer must feel palpitation and restlessness that will not stay for longer.

Fat and Carb blockers are known to induce gastric disturbance for a very short time period. The only way to decrease the latency of these side effects is to start with a lower dose.

For pregnant and lactating women, most of the diet pills are contraindicated because of the Teratogenic effects.