DJ Khaled Weight Loss- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Weight Watchers Social Media Ambassador, DJ Khaled is one the inspiring celebrity of New Year’s resolutions.

DJ Khaled, a man who never shy and share his personal life in public.

DJ Khaled weight loss

He recorded the birth of his son video ASAHD and now Producer sharing his journey of weight loss.

DJ Khaled got huge fame on the social media as he has 3.93 million followers on Twitter, 8.9 million followers on Instagram and around 3 millions to 4 million on the Facebook.

Khaled has a wonderful music career.

DJ had already kicked off his journey and sharing with his friends and fans.

DJ Khaled Statistics:

  • Height of the body: 5’6’’
  • Starting weight: 300lbs (136kg)
  • Weight in 2014: 235lbs (65lbs lost)
  • Current weight: 215lbs (97.5kg)

How Did Khaled Gain Weight?

When he was asked for this above question by Larry King in 2014, He laughed at this question and replied just because of an eating.

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How Dj Khaled Got His Inspiration Source For Shred An Excess Fat?

Khaled got his source of inspiration to lower fat by his friend and professional collaborator.

DJ Khaled Is the New Weight Watchers Spokesperson, Reveals He’s Already Lost 20 Pounds

Fat Joe, CEO of Terror Squad Entertainment and the American Rapper shed 80 pounds and got a shocking transformation of himself.

DJ Khaled said: Fat Joe lost massive weight, which is impossible to believe.

He was saying to me: Khaleed I can wear 1x or size 16, go to Gucci, walk into Bal Harbour and whatever I want.

Now Joe can go anywhere or stores, easily buy and back in the studio, this devotion inspires and I need more inspiration to kick records.

Oprah Winfrey welcomes DJ Khaled’s to the weight loss watchers:

DJ Khaled is now a social media ambassador for weight watchers.

Dj Khaled weight loss 2018According to the weight watcher, 42 years old DJ will reveal his weight loss journey after completes the “WW Freestyle” weight loss program.

The presidents and CEO Mindy Grossman said: Dj Khaled capturing and sharing of the journey will inspire communities and shows it is possible to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle.

The company is trying to expand the male demographic after Khaled endorsement.

The WW Freestyle program was launched a month ago, featured by the Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah holds a 9.87 percent stake and earned $millions from the company since 2015.

Oprah Winfrey endorsement boosting sales and stock values as well as, Dj Khaled with weight watcher, is going to good for both company and the peoples who want to lose weight.

Now weight watchers stock has risen 8% in a day due to the Khaled.

Weight watchers are excited to share his weight loss with fans.

DJ Khaled said: weight watcher is just for being great. My son is my life and my love and all I need for great to him.

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DJ Khaled Weight Loss Program By The Weight Watchers:

DJ Khaled announced that he is already lost 20 Pounds on the program.

Dj Khaled 20 pounds weight loss

The overall plan is based on the calories, sugar, proteins, saturated fat and a healthy eating habit.

Stay connect with DJ Khaled on the social media and WW Freestyle Program for healthy lifestyle habits to lose weight in 2018.

Weight Loss Timeline:

DJ Khaled weight is fluctuating over the years.

IN 2014, Khaled was 300 pounds (136 kg) which is harmful to his health.

Fat Joe encourages him to make some change in life.

Khaled lost 65 pounds to bring his weight down to 235 pounds.

You will get a complete program soon.

Workout Training:

Khaled was chosen smart exercises for losing weight carefully.

Exercises which have the highest effect on the joints are avoided.

Dj Khaled Swimming lover

The Cardio Exercises

1. Swimming:

He selected a swimming by the help of a personal trainer for the burning of calories.

Swimming can burn out 476 calories per hour and have low impact.

DJ Khaled hit the pool for three days per week.

He started a swimming after some stretching and walk.

The session is completed with the length of the pool 10 times, he begins with 5 laps and continues to 25 laps.

DJ Khaled ended a swimming workout with 10 minutes of aqua aerobics sessions and moving hand weights.

The movement of weight during swimming is much more difficult as compared to the land.

Thus, it is a great way to prevent the joint damage and help Khaled to burn out the more calories.

2. Walking and Jogging:

Despite three days of swimming, he would prefer a walking.

He preferred jog for 30 minutes to burn out the calories.

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DJ Khaled Weight Loss Diet:

DJ Khaled likes meat in a food.

He burst all calories before going to sleep.

Khaled loves the junk food and soda, Burger King is favorite where he can easily consume 2000 calories.

Due to less progression in a weight loss regimen, he decided to go vegan.

He cut down the meat and junk foods.

Dj Khaled Diet for weight loss

1. Vegan:

Khaled preferred smart choice and select the foods from plant-based.

Plant-based foods contain the low amount of calories as compared to meat foods.

Vegetables reduce the hunger pangs and food craving.

He avoids burgers and pancakes.

2. Breakfast:

DJ breakfast was a vegan-friendly such as cereals, and quaker oats with an almond milk

DJ Khaled diet included in apples, bananas, and blueberries.

Sometimes, he just started a day with fruits like banana to start an energized day

3. Lunch:

First, he started a bread-based meals, but after knowing that wheat involves a weight gain, so he switches it to lettuce leaves for wrapping fillings of a sandwich.

The fillings are salad, avocado, and a hummus.

4. Salad:

DJ loves the potato salad, pasta salad, quinoa salad and couscous salad.

5. Dinner:

The dinner includes curries, mushrooms, quiche, fry rice with noodles, and mushrooms.

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Dj Khaled weight loss before and after results

By following the diet and healthy lifestyle, DJ Khaled prevent himself from the dangerous side effects of an Obesity.

He successfully lost 64 pounds that made him younger, and energetic.