Does Whey Protein Make You Fat if You Don’t Work Out

Does Whey Protein Make You Fat

1. The Reality about The relationship between Protein powder and Weight Gain:

Whey Protein has got really famous in the recent years specifically in the field of bodybuilding.

People who are willing to gain weight or shed a few pounds must have known about whey protein.

Furthermore, a significant number of people have been using whey protein in the form of the supplement in their daily routine to attain their desired body type.

However, we are not short of people in our society, who are skeptical about whey protein and to some extent; they believe that whey protein has potential to make the user fat.

Hence, some people are in confusion whether they should use whey protein or not as they are not willing to gain excess weight due to the usage of supplement.

Bottom Line: if you are also the person who is not sure about Whey protein then keep reading this article, you will get your answer.

2. Is it true that Whey protein Powder has the tendency to make the user Fat?

To cut a long story short, the answer is “YES” but only in one condition and that is when you are consuming more than recommended dose and you are not doing exercise at all.

Well, it is way more complex than this..!

It is essential to keep in mind that macronutrients of all kinds (carbohydrate/ protein or fat), whenever consumed in more than normal quantity, will certainly trigger gaining weight.

Naturally, the human body is designed to consume a defined numbers of calories each day, and when your intake increases more than what your body can consume usually, then weight gain is inevitable.

Despite, it is very useful for athletes, and bodybuilders but the users should also understand that it is not a magical potent, it does help to sculpt the body to tone the body up but you should burn more calories than you consume.

Moreover, there is no authentic scientific evidence which confirms that whey protein causes more weight gain as compared to any other food.

So there is nothing to support this claim that whey protein can actually let you be fat.

Basically, if you eat more than your body can utilize then every type of food will make you fat.

However, it is said that whey protein evokes the human body fat storage as it leads levels of insulin to climb up but the real picture is a little different!

How? examine levels of insulin through the energy utilized to energy that has been spent and that is why if we happen to carefully observe the whole scenario, the levels of insulin are not significant in weight gain because there are plenty of carbohydrate rich food items that actually causes more dramatic changes in the levels of insulin.

So on this basis; we cannot declare whey protein a culprit.

Thus, whey protein is quite an option for all the people who are willing to get a muscular physique as well as for someone who is interested in losing weight as this substance is believed to have potential to be helpful in losing weight if it is taken with the proper diet and workout regimen because it has been proven through various scientific research.

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What is it exactly?

Milk has 2 types of proteins in it: whey and casein.

Whey Protein Vs Casein Protein: Which Protein Is Better?

Whey protein is separable from the other type of protein (casein), basically, it is the by-product of cheese.

Additionally, it is relatively low in Lactose but it contains all the nine crucial amino acids. For appropriate muscle protein synthesis, a significant amount of amino acids is needed.

So, why is whey protein better than the other sources of protein?

Whey protein has increased bioavailability in comparison to the other sources of protein and it is quite a support in the absorption of the optimum levels of protein.

Furthermore, there are many types of research that confirm that whey protein is a great help in some other things as well that are associated with keeping the human body away from the illnesses or problems.

Today, whey protein has been touted as an impactful supplement and not only athletes but various types of sports men are using it to make their diet proper.

Different types of Whey Protein:

  1. Whey protein isolate: This type of whey protein has almost 90 percent protein without any lactose and fat plus it is available in processed form.
  2. Whey protein hydrolysate: Normally, it is put in the formulas that are designed for infants or medical supplements. The big reason is its enhanced digestibility with declined level of allergen (a substance that can trigger allergies).
  3. Whey protein concentrate: The short form is WPC; it has the decreased amount of Lactose (carbohydrate) and fat in it. Protein % in this type is based on the degree of concentration and that is from 30% to 90%.

The Working Principles of Whey protein:

  • It is said to be good at boosting energy and enhancing the mood. When the user is on a limited calorie intake due to the increased secretion of serotonin, it (serotonin) is basically an element that works as a neurotransmitter in the human body, it is also present in vessel serums and platelets of blood but the more significant number up to 90 % is present in the gastrointestinal section. This hormone is also been produced in the human brain but the brain itself utilizes the whole amount of this hormone that is produced in the brain.
  • Whey protein is way more helpful in enhancing the number of calories that the body changes into heat energy. The human body changes calories into energy when the process of thermogenesis is based on diet. Even the cells of muscles melt away more calories to provide the body more power for muscle contraction as it takes a significant degree of energy to perform contraction or expansion of the muscles. Thus, the bigger the number of energy that you utilize during workout sessions the more energy is released in the form of heat and it also implies, the number of burned calories will be increased too.
  • Before working out it is ideal to consume whey protein as a source of protein the body needs because it is said to start the beta oxidation process that burns fat in a quick succession because in this process, the breaking down of fatty acid molecules takes place and the acetyl-CoA is created, a pivotal element in the process of metabolism. Furthermore, this process of beta oxidation is good because as a result, many different types of cells in the body start breaking down molecules of fatty acids.
  • Whey Protein is also very helpful in maintaining the food cravings or undesirable appetite as it encourages the release of CCK (Cholecystokinin) a key hormone in regulating the feeling of hunger. Being a peptide hormone, it triggers digestion of protein and fat to maintain the hunger, it is considered responsible for it. Furthermore, Whey Protein limits another hormone that is called Grehlin by restraining its secretion and when this hormone secretion is limited, the human body feels the lack of urge to eat unnecessarily.

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The Benefits of Whey Protein:

the healthy benefits of whey protein

There is a point to be noted: No supplement has ever been introduced that can be a complete substitute for the natural, non-processed or whole foods but whey protein is able to help you out as a source of protein as per various types of scientific research.

When you happen to take the standard quality whey protein supplement, you can experience the following benefits.

  1. It is supportive in losing weight and retaining the lean muscle in the body
  2. The enhancement in the amount of Glutathione, (it is said to be the key antioxidant of the human body that is water-based)
  3. Whey Protein is able to lower down the pace of the growth of various sorts of cancers and the loss of weight that follows when the treatment of those cancers is carried away.
  4. Triglyceride levels also come down due to the usage of it
  5. Whey Protein is supposed to increase the strength of performance and muscle mass
  6. It can cover up the fatigue of too much workout and it can improve the recovery time as well after the long tiresome workouts
  7. It can delay the growth of HIV symptoms and lessen the progression of weight loss that is related to this deadly disease
  8. It improves different functionalities of the human body immune system
  9. It happens to incline the levels of good Cholesterol (HDL) and diminish the levels of bad Cholesterol
  10. Immune responses to asthma are said to be improved when someone is using Whey Protein
  11. The risks of stroke or heart diseases are plunged
  12. It also lowers down the blood pressure in the patients that have High BP problem

The side effects:

The following side effects are likely to be faced by the consumers:

  1. Drug addicts and patients with low blood pressure should avoid it
  2. If anyone who is suffering from pre-existing bleeding disorder then it is suggestible to talk to your doctor before using any whey protein supplement
  3. After taking Whey Protein, the controlling of heavy machinery or driving vehicle should not be done as it is advisable to take adequate rest or sleep before starting any work that needs alertness of the high level.
  4. People who have stomach or intestine associated issues must avoid the consumption of it
  5. It may cause the feeling of nausea, so be cautious
  6. It can aggravate any pre-existing allergy, so it is better to consult the health specialist


All the above-mentioned side effects will only be experienced when the consumer take an over dose. So, it is suggestible not to exceed the recommended quantity.

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Final Verdict:

Whey Protein is the best possible option for the supplementation of the protein requirements.

take protein shake before and after workout

However, it is crucial to understand that supplement can only support your diet but cannot be a complete alternative to your regular diet.

So, it is always good to keep the right balance among diet, physical activity, and supplementation to achieve the targeted body type.

Bottom Line: Whey Protein is totally a good option to avail with the apt regimen.