Donald Trump’s Most High Profile Celebrity Feuds

It you believe that Trump has always hurled insult at political personalities then you might be surprised to read that even celebs are not spared from his ferocious behavior.

Let’s see how the president of US sparked feud with some famous celebs over time:

1. Robert De Niro – the fearless saga:

The Italian-American actor has always been expressive about Trump and his government.

THE GODFATHER: PART II, Robert De Niro, 1974

It is also said that he wanted to hit Trump and has passed many other aggravated statements since 2011.

Trump, on the other hand, has never reciprocated to his statements.

2. Arianna Huffington – Trump commented on her divorce affairs:

The funniest of all celebrity feuds – Donald Trump trying to get into Arianna Huffington’s divorce matters.

Arianna Huffington – Trump commented on her divorce affairs

Mr. President never refrained from giving harsh and unrealistic comments to anyone, irrespective of his or her field.

He believed that she is too ugly and her husband has actually made a right decision of dumping her.

On the other hand, the 66 years old Green American author has always reserved her comments to Trump’s performance only.

She once advised him to take an 8 hour sleep without tweeting at all. It seems like Arianna knows how to shut her haters up!

3. Bette Midler – an unattractive woman for him:

Bette Midler

The yesteryear American singer is the most targeted celebrity by Trump who has slammed her over her looks, every now and then. But Bette’s bold and fearless replies to his criticism depict that she is not bullied by him at all!

4. Mark Cuban – clash of tycoons:

Cuban and Trump were supposed rivals for the presidential elections in 2020.

Mark Cuban

It was then when Trump started to give remarks on Cuban, as how once Cuban was interested to work with him but he did not support.

According to him, Cuban does not have the competency to govern to which he replied that it’s better for Trump to keep tweeting than governing.

5. Bill Maher – the costing feud:

It is completely apparent that Mr. President and the American comedian are not in good terms at all.

bill maher

On various occasions, Bill has mocked him with names like ‘President Man Baby’ and ‘whiny little bitch’.

On the very opposite, Trump did not seem pleased by these jokes and sued him over an orangutan joke he once made. And the feud goes on!

6. Cher – Cher has an average talent:

The fire sparked when Cher tweeted about a Republican candidate Mitt Romney. To that, Trump called her a loser with an average talent level.

Cher – Cher has an average talent

It was then the American singer joined the league requesting Macy to discontinue selling his brands, to which Trump retaliated by saying that she should pay more heed to her family and fading career.

The warfare intensified as Trump stepped into politics.

7. Megyn Kelly – his favorite target:

The woman enjoys a top spot in the Trump’s hit list. The warfare began when Trump made fun of her in an interview with Fox News. And then it got endless when in 2016 he mocked her by saying that her eyes are too bloody.

Megyn Kelly

Later on, the 46 years old American journalist added that she is in healthy terms with the president though, she had a tough time that year!

8. Jerry Seinfeld – for Trump, he’s just highly overrated:

Trump has blatantly expressed how he feels Seinfeld is a highly overrated actor and nothing besides.

Jerry Seinfeld

He generally uses Twitter as his source to humiliate celebs and in one of his tweets; he made fun of Seinfeld by tagging him as ‘unfunny’.

Though, Seinfeld has always responded to his tweets by calling his personality a ‘big joke’ and a gift to comedy world!

9. Jon Stewart – even Stewart is in Trump’s overrated actors club:

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart is another celebrity that is considered as overrated by Trump. Trump started to get annoyed from Stewart’s comments, which he used to made on his show – and there he (Trump) started to call himself smarter than the comedian, who for him, is another overrated actor around.

But that never stopped Jon Stewart from making political commentary!

Trump-celeb feuds: At a glance

Well, that was just a brief list of celebs that got slammed by Trump’s harsh comments. The actual list is never ending!

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