Donte Franklin Steroids: The Shocking Truth Revealed [2020]

Donte Franklin (IFPA Pro body builder) has a monster build with amazing physique. He claimed to be 100% natural body and as well as vegan.

Donte Franklin on Steroids?

Build up a large amount of muscles a very strenuous task , when you combined it with your routine, workout training, size class, division and diet plans.

It takes up years of commitment and workout training to build up your muscles and shape your body to step onto the stage for competition.

At the age of 25, Donte Franklin has positively concentrated work into training.

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Franklin is definitely well gifted as genetically

He is entirely in the mainstream or popular among the “natty haters” ,over and over he comes in the debate of bodybuilding forums on the social media or the internet.

Even with all the haters ,still he has bear by the 60 thousands of IG subscribers .

Most of the critics comes up with argument that Donte has used some test cycles, that can naturally producing a HGH in the body.

Donte Franklin BodybuilderThe most influential question that needs to be addressed is what does Donte franklin is actually mean by a natural ?

The one of the most important reason for bring up a maximum fan (which likes his posts and YouTube) ,he has a good sense of humor

  1. He loaded with amazing physique with extremely lean muscles.
  2. The leanness is due to genetically, vegan diet or may be has a small percentage of fat in the body naturally.
  3. My question is for the haters that what is the reason behind that you do not believe on his natural body.
  4. There is some proof that shows he has not lying.

When you see the athletes to hit the stage ,your mind seems to be think how is it possible to get this monster size with defined muscle.

There is a science of steroids that partially responsible for building a monster muscles of the competitors along with the combination of workouts and many diet plans.

But don’t you get tangled with your commitment, dedication and hard work, because these all are the key factors of massive muscles .

You need a kick for push up your work to become a mass monster ,but there are some individual’s who are blessed with perfect genetics that helps to remain natural and just rely on some consistent training.

Donte franklin is one of the individual that naturally gifted with amazing physique and he improved his version by hard working ,while every natural is not going to be look like him.

Even he don’t need to be a part of IFBB for consider or introduce him a top level of bodybuilder.

Franklin has been recently welcomed as the greatest natural body builder in all over the world by Generation Iron, a sudden rise in the Generation Iron statement create a question that Franklin is actually a natural or whether juicing.

He informed to all of his followers in instagram post that he is free from drugs .

Inforamtion regarding to Donte Franklin’s height and weight:

  • Height = 6 ft
  • Weight = 215Ibs

First I would like to highlight that point , being like Donte Franklin is possible without taking any steroids.

IFBB pros like Phil Heath and kai Greene are proof as supreme genetic freaks when it comes to building of muscles .

Donte Franklin said, he begins with lifting of weight as early age of 12 years .

The natural ones build up a huge amount of muscles quickly in their first start of weight lifting. The rate of gain becomes slow down after we switched from the initial growth.

He has uploaded his incredible transformation on Instagram ,since he was a teen.

If he taken steroids , he would have to gained about 50 to 80 pounds of muscles instead of gained 15 to 20 lbs.

He gained weight 2lbs of muscles and regularly bullking each year which is perfectly possible to achieve naturally.

What about the test report of Donte Franklin from INBA or NANBF ?

If you want to become passed from INBA or NANBF , you need to pass these all below tests in any unexpected time.

The tests including a Polygraph(lie detector) , Voice stress, Blood tests , Saliva and complete analysis of urine and others depend upon the situation or condition.

He has passed from INBA or NANBF (natural body building federations ) in many rigorous drugs test , these are the federations that is responsible for the strict test throughout the year and expose a person which is drug free .

He is not only passed these all test but also became a NANBF Novice champion.

In my point of view, Donte is completely natural because if he took steroids so he would definitely gained a massive mass over the years instead of gaining 2lbs per year and he is a greatest natty bodybuilder because he passed his all drug test from the body building federations.