How much water consumption is effective for Weight Loss?

People say that you should drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated to lose weight.

how much water you should drink daily

It’s a fact, but if you want to know about the exact amount you should drink, you have to perform little calculations.

A normal person with an average weight drinks about 8 glass which in the case of an overweight person exceed.

It is a clear fact, adding 1.5 L water drinking can help you melt your fats and lose your 8 pounds in 12 weeks’ time period.

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Tip #1 Calculator for Daily Water Intake

This is available on so many websites, you just have to simply put your weight and your daily workout times.

By calculating it will give you the exact amount of water you should consume per day. This will help you to identify where you stand in the chart.

This gives you the adequate result to the user according to their workout times, the more your workout time the more you need to drink water each day.

Tip #2 Drinking water before a meal considered healthy!

1 pound of weight loss is achieved when you burn about 3500 calories. Excessive water drinking can help you burn 23 calories per day.

It is estimated that drinking 500 ml of water before every meal is healthy for your body.

By drinking water before a meal can control your calorie intake as well as help burning the deposited calories, which is about 270 calories going incinerated.

The math is simple, all you need to do is adopt the healthy schedule which involves water in a great number.

How water helps you lose weight?

There are so many ways by which drinking water can help you in dropping some pounds efficiently.

how much water should you drink per day to lose weight

According to one study, drinking cold water before meals can have a marked reduction in your appetite by which you take about 80-90 fewer calories.

Clear and refined water consumption can help you stay away from the soda and carbonated drinks, which contains a great amount of sugar which is calories in another word.

In weight loss, the last thing you need is taking extra calories from these gaseous drinks.

As stated above, drinking 500 ml water before a meal can help you burn around 23 calories per day.

Fat cells most of the times contain various toxins on their surface, water consumption on a daily basis can help you eliminate those toxins from your system and aid in perfect digestion.

Free fats present in your body are utilized as energy with the help of water.

When your muscles stay hydrated the amount of workout you perform exceeds dramatically, the energy keeps on coming and you can give your exercise a real time boost.

These are some of the essential benefits which drinking water can provide you without any unwanted effects.

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How to Asses if you are drinking enough water?

There are so many methods to assess if your body is hydrated or not. One of the most useful ways is to find out from the color of your urine.

how many ounces of water should i drink a day

Water gets passed from the urinary track so it will be an ideal way for you to check if your body is full of it or devoid of it.

If the color of your urine seems pale yellow to clear, then it means your body is well hydrated. If it’s dark or bright yellow, then you need to focus on drinking the extra amount of water.

Note: Sometimes due to an intake of multivitamins and other supplements, the color of urine appear to be bright but it’s not the case.

Add more water into your diet!

  • Fruits like watermelon, cucumber and strawberry consumption can fulfill 20% of your water demand. As well as consuming green natural vegetables can keep your body supplied with essential nutrients.
  • Drink Coconut Water because it contains a high amount of potassium with no extra sugar. The drink can be consumed on hot days or while any sports.
  • A cup of coffee can accelerate the process of weight loss and aids the process of excessive water consumption. Coffee stimulates your brain and keeps your body hydrated, which is the main function in this scenario.
  • If you are somehow getting bored of drinking only water, then adding extra SPA is not a bad thing at all. Slices of orange, cucumber lemon or mint can be added to it and allow to cool. The nutrients will reach directly to your system with water and of course a great source of hydration.

Signs which says you are dehydrated

how much water should i drink if i'm dehydrated

1. Dry and Wrinkly skin:

Lack of water means lack of blood supply to the skin which in turn makes it dry.

This is caused when you walk in sunlight with no water intake for a long period of time.

2. Smelly Breath:

Water insufficiency can cause bad breaths due to the inability of the saliva to exert antibacterial action.

With no water, chances of harmful bacteria’s growth exceed to a great number in our saliva, which will give you a stinky breath.

3. Craving for food, sweets especially!

With less water consumption your body develops a craving for certain snacks and sugary stuff.

This can be a hurdle in your weight loss journey when you eat the sweets your glucose level rises up and since there is less water in your system, the calories remain stagnant until they get deposited in a hard form.

4. Muscle Cramps:

Muscle cramps is mainly caused by the lack of certain electrolytes such as sodium and potassium, water is the best source of these electrolytes which strengthen your muscles during exercise or when you are exposed to heat.

5. Mood Swings and Fatigue:

Our body is about 70% of water, so yes, if the number drops chances of mood swings and tiredness increases a big time.

Drinking plenty of water regularly can help you elevate the mood and your mind stays   focused even if you are asleep.

Do not make Mistakes

  • Consume water throughout the day is better than drinking all at once!
  • In the case of over hydration, a person usually experiences signs of bloating and swelling, but that’s a very rare case. Keep your body hydrated is a natural way to lose weight and boost your inner metabolism. In the case of extra water retention, a person can also experience liver and kidney insufficiency or signs of congestive heart failure.
  • Some people think drinking tea or soda water is the same thing as drinking water. Water is a plain substance that contains no variation in nutrients unlike the sugary drinks, which interferes with your hormones and makes you gain weight.

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Clearly Conceived, it is only staying hydrated that can affect your weight loss goal.

How Much of Your Body Is Water?

Sufficient intake of water has so many benefits apart from weight loss, your body will respond well plus your skin and hair will gain brightness.

Do you need to drop extra pounds?

Then start today by adding copious amount of water to your schedule.

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