Fat Joe Weight Loss- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

American rapper Fat Joe makes “wow” to his fans by dropping bizarre 100 pounds of body fat.

The real name of Fat Joe is Joseph Antonio Cartagena.

Fat Joe Weight Loss Transformations

Fat Joe transformation inspires the millions of fans and his friend “DJ Khaled”, who lost almost 85 pounds after getting inspiration.

Fat Joe appears more skinny on these days by losing around 100 pounds weight.

Joe exact losing weight is unknown yet because he did not find a scale.

The scale was not massive I would have 400 pounds or near to 400lbs.

He had undergone a dramatic weight loss by lost 100 pounds and came to 250 pounds.

He changed his life completely after following a strict regimen of diet and the exercises.

Fat Joe name should change now due to the transformation.

Fat Joe Statistics:

  • Height of the body: 6’2’’

Weight of the body:

  • Starting weight: 350lbs/400lbs
  • After Weight loss: 250lbs (113.3kg)

What Is The Reason Behind Fat Joe Incredible Transformation?

He said that he has many friends who are mostly died due to the heart attack.

Fat Joe 2018 weight loss photosThis is the reason, Joe had decided to lose weight.

Fat Joe has an abhorrence of seven deaths of his friend in the year 2011 due to the overweight complications.

There is no difference between the Fat Joe and his friend’s age.

The other reason of Fat Joe weight loss is family and daughter “Azariah

I Can’t live without my daughter. I want to be live for my daughter and don’t want to die.

He said: I’m still working on losing weight and going to an entirely transformed person

Blenders During Weight Loss:

He tried weight loss for the  many times and learnt from his mistakes.

The major mistake is that he puts his body into starvation mode and skips the diet, the body response encourages him to consume extra calories which are easily converted into stored fat.

He learned that skipping the meals and reduced calorie diet is not a sure road to lose weight.

After that, Fat Joe followed a very sensible program for achieving a result.

He is conscious of the cheat, but when you want to cheat you gotta cheat.

Reduce Calorie Diets Are Avoided:

Fat Joe already knows that skipping meals, starvation and reduce calorie foods are actually pushing you towards overeating.

Fat Joe 50 Cent Meme

He prevents himself from the above strategy and hired a nutritionist for weight loss.

Joe followed a nutritional program for a long period of time.

The diet plans include the high amount of protein to 60% alternative to the processed foods.

Protein diet play role to reduce the cravings for food.

The protein diet is included in the oily fish, chicken, lean beef and protein powder.

He just followed five meals after an interval of three hours.

MealsTime Calories Count
Meal 17am400 calories
Meal 210am400 calories
Meal 31pm400 calories
Meal 44pm400 calories
Meal 57pm400  calories

Fat Joe Workout Training:

Fat Joe tread carefully, run and jump safely.

Fat Joe workout and trainingsHe said: If you are too much overweight and heavy, so walk is an easy way to reduce the weight.

Walk for the 30 minutes or 20 minutes with listening to the song and with your friends is a great way.

He continued to walk up every day and observed increased in speed.

Cycling- Third Month:

After walking three months, he added a cycling into the workout regimen.

The cycling supports the lower back and releases pressure off the joints.

He had a bike at his home and he would ride while watching T.V.

When the weight begins to maintain, Joe incorporated the other training.

Circuit Weight Training- Six Month:

Fat Joe before and afterHe started a circuit weight training, which he did twice a week.

The circuit weight training includes a cascade of cable machine exercises.

In the circuit training room, there is a buzzer set which would activate for move on the other exercise.

He did many repetitions of the exercises and maintains.

Cardio Exercises:

He was preferred cardio exercise after the third move of exercise.

The cardio exercise involves in the cycling and walking on the treadmill.

With a daily morning walk, he combined the cycle and the circuit training for burning off the calories.

What Can We Learn From Fat Joe?

Fat Joe weight loss journey is a perfect example for those who think that the losing weight is too hard and impossible.

Fat Joe before and after 2018 weight loss

He said: You can’t tell me that the weight loss is complicated and impossible. I’m the king of food and a big crazy to food matters.

If I had lost massive weight, so everybody can easily do.

You can also lose the weight likes fat Joe by increase the protein intake, eat healthy and combined with a various types of exercises.