How to Stop Feeling Hungry All The Time

Hunger is a word that sounds more irritating for me as well as a lot of people including you.

how to stop feeling hungry

If you are badly offensive in a hunger cage or suffering from hunger, so don’t you worry it is not a big deal to stop or reduce.

The person who writes a content on a situation that is most similar to her situation, definitely giving you a tips that are genuine and actually worked.

Previously I searched many articles on reducing hunger, but none of them makes me satisfied or comfortable, even they contributes my hunger to peak. (12)

The most interesting topic that is going to addressed by me as my family members and friends are also asking me for many times that how can we stop hunger as we all know the word has a big impact on our weight.

First of all you need to find out the causes of hunger. There are many causes of hunger that making you to step towards food such as thirst, depressed, anxious or into stressed.

I had suffered from a hunger, results in the medication as well as desire of foods.

But here I shared the tips with you that is actually working with an excitement, Even you can apply to yourself to see the results.

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1. Drinking Water:

Drinking water can actually help you to stop the hunger pangs. It stimulates a signal towards the brain that makes you feel full.

The warm water makes you more satisfied than the plain. (3).

drink water for weight lossThe best way of drinking water is before the meal because it reduces a craving around 22% and promotes a weight loss as compared to those who did not drink a water.

500 ml of water is enough to stimulate a fullness through the brain.

Moreover, water cleans out the harmful toxins from the body and also prevent you from the different diseases.

You can monitor the water regulation through the colors of urine. The dark colors indicate a less hydration whereas pale yellow color of urine is a sign of well hydrated.

In my experience:  Whenever I feel hunger attacks at the night time or might be possible at day time, I used to for drinking a lot of water glass that makes me hunger stops.

Although it is typical or hard for me to take a plenty of glasses.

However, it is one of the perfect road for reaching up to a right track.

The most pretty enough secret that I am going to share with you as I passed my 80% of student life during a college and university time on a lot of water bottles without munching on unhealthy foods. But the half of the students are thinking that life in the university is incomplete without junk foods and fried foods, but I totally disagree from these type of thoughts.

Though, “ I can say that a bottle of water is my best friends that keeps me away from the foods through reducing a hunger attacks”

2. Eating Breakfast:

Eating breakfast is one of the best ways to reduce a hunger. The breakfast includes must be a protein, fats and carbohydrates contains diet.

The studies show the individual’s who skip the breakfast on the daily basis are more susceptible towards increase insulin response that can promote a weight gain. (4).

The breakfast may be listed with a scrambled eggs, low fat cheese, peanut butter, fruits and oatmeal.

The way I justify this above statement:  The day without having a good or healthy breakfast definitely worst, as it kills a day by making me sick for a food till the lunch time.

Despite from my stomach suffers to food, my work is also disrupted through a pang of hunger and dreaming about a food, a lot of food or more food.

This all makes my calorie count double at the lunch time means to push my figure and especially tummy, like chunkiness or bulkiness.

Whereas a day with a breakfast is allow me to complete my work with an interest or being comfortable in all aspects as my stomach wants a food after a gap similar to recommended hours.

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3. Protein Rich Foods:

Protein is a key for our body lock as it involves in the many important functions. Proteins in the food make you feel satisfied as compared to those foods which are low in the nutritional value.

proteinEating protein through the diets can reduce your food cravings and a food that is full of sugar. (5).

Protein also helps in the growth of muscles and regulate a proper body function.

Once again, I am excited for sharing my opinions of the food that contains a protein.

My brain is bothering to where can I start the protein short debate as it has an overwhelmed benefits which can not allow me to complete in this only article.

I need a book for writing the benefits.

OK! Back to the point, The protein is full of essential benefits that are usually required by your body.

When my breakfast and lunch is completed with a protein food, so I can’t feel any hunger even my body doesn’t want any snacks during 12:00 pm or 4:45 pm as I completed my day with confident or comfortable without thinking of food or hungriness.

Again, I switched from my main topic, I used to for taking a protein diet due to the skin refreshing ingredient, responsible for a hair with a quality and mainly it prevents me from weight gain.

As I can say that a weight gain is like a monster hill for me that I have a fear and scaring for me because of my desk work, In that way a protein balanced diet is a golden diet for me.

4. The Food Rich With A High Content Of Fiber:

The food with a fiber content is good for your digestive problem as well as for overall health. (67).

Due to the shortness of time! I only say that as a human beings I want a food to eat. So whenever my hunger are not overcome by the water so I am eating a food that is rich in fiber like a fruit especially Apple or Almond.

An apple a day keeps me doctor away and Almond boost my cognitive function which is needed by me very much as more as possible.

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5. Stay Busy In Different Activities:

The situation is almost worse when do you have none of the work is available for doing.

The leisure time makes a pump to hunger forward and definitely you will open a pack of chips or a candy. (8).

When I was on my vacation, I desired for a snack many times and felt fun while eating, but at the work time I am busy in many thinking or decisions so there is a less chances are remain for thinking about the food.


There are also many proven ways to stop the hunger in my mind, but I mentioned a few of them in this article.

Every person has the different metabolism so the results may vary from person to person, but these tips are more genuine which I guaranteed for their action.

I hope the article may be useful for you.

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