Fit or Fitness: Ancient vs Modern Bodybuilder Tips [2019]

You hear the word  fit or fitness from the commercials of television, newspapers, or in the magazines, yet perhaps you are not quite sure of

what first comes in your mind about fitness?

  • Does fit or fitness means just only about gym?
  • is spending an hour’s in the gym using elliptical machines or lifting weights?
  • is there joining an aerobic class to improve health ?

To catch on the meaning of fitness let me to take a closer look at the fitness to get your suited definition.

Fitness is the body’s ability to perform the function properly and effectively.

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Ancient time fitness:

ancient fitness guideLet’s we move turned around and think about the older time when there were no motorized tread mills, exercise bikes and weight machines. 

so what?

were they all had a rambling shape of body with bulk of fats?

Of course no.

People’s were constantly move out through the day by hunting and farming, molting their all calories by the running and may have a less risk to develop any health problems .

Child Fitness:

Is a child constantly spending  their  hours in the gym for lifting the weight to become a healthy?

No,they utilized their calories by playing, jumping to enjoy and stay healthy.

Fitness In The Modern Era :

As we jump on the modern era of sedentary life styles ,passed all the day without any activity or a couch potato, lay down on the bed with enjoying the movie’s and drinking a sugar drinks with no virgous exercises .

modern era fitness guide

The fitness swap their meaning with the time and limited to gym where you can achieve your all fitness goals .

Being overweight is based on your level of physical activity as well as your nutritional diets.

In the gym you spent your hours in exercises to improve the health and survival.

But the fitness is not only about the gym talk, it can be achieve by the steady state exercises like walking and swimming.

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Components Of Fitness :

Health related fitness

  • Body Composition: The amount of the muscles, fat and bones are mainly consider for health and to manage weight, poor body composition has a significant impact on the health.
  • Flexibility: The flexibility in joints prevents you to from injuries. lengthen the muscles or the basic stretching programs can improves your flexibility.
  • Muscular Strength : Ability of muscles to strive the force by the weights or gravity in order to get the strength.
  • Muscular Endurance/Aerobic fitness : Ability of muscles to perform the cardio respiratory activities such as the walking ,jogging, cycling or dancing without fatigue and increases in your muscle strength.

Skill related fitness:

Skill related fitness are speed, agility, balance, coordination and reaction of time.

  • Speed is the ability to run faster that involves in athletic skills.
  • Agility is the ability to move the body positions quickly.
  • Balance is the ability to control the body position by handstand or gymnastic hunt.
  • Coordination is the ability to move your body parts flexible in response to your senses.
  • Reaction of time is the ability to act on the accurate moment.

Fitness of body builders :

In the gym ,there is also body builders and their way of life is fitness.

muscle builder

Excessive fat accumulations may hide their fitness so they should have to cut extra fat. Fitness of body builders express by the look of monster and rock hard muscles,big arms and pecs.

They work a lot to fit their body by:

  • Exercises
  • Supplements

Exercises: The routine of exercises are the warm up,work out ,cool down and stretching and may  feels debility after an extensive exercises

Supplements taken by the body builders

muscle building supplementsTo getting their goals of fitness, they utilized the supplements that can boost their testosterone for strength muscle, increase in energy, manage cycle of sleep and to get rid of fatigue.

They took the supplements of creatinine, vitamins/mineral, proteins, carbohydrates and amino acids by foods naturally.

  • Burning of fat may you get by a lot of exercises and diet plans and that takes a more time.
  • The fatigue , you feel during your work outs because of the less oxygen supply to the circulation.

Fatigue can stop or slow their performance and extra fat can’t show your incredible body to others.

It is better to select the supplements that have the 2 in 1 formula. One for to reduce your fatigue and second one for the cutting of extra fat.

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