Fit Tea Review- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

You may come across Fit tea while you search for some most appreciated slimming products on internet.

But despite being popular, is it a best pick or its competence has just been exaggerated? Let’s find out!

Fit Tea Reviews
28 Day Detox Tea


First of all, the herbal drink is preferred for the natural extracts it contains. These extracts or ingredients own several health benefits, on top of the slimming effects.

If you appraise some of its key ingredients, you will come to know that these can equally aid in smooth digestion, cardiovascular health and weight loss.

But for now, let us just adhere and discuss its slimming effects, before coming on to the additional benefits.

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The herbal tea is presented by Fit tea, a trusted nutrition company from the United States of America.

Khloe Kardashian Fit Tea Reviews
Khloe Kardashian

As per the company’s claim, their herbal tea is the most sought after tea all across the borders.

Now the claim seems to be justified while we consider the fact that Fit Tea has been discussed in numerous media institutions.

Fit tea is purported to increase fat burning, through which, it claims to stir your fat busting potentials.

It is virtually a detoxifier that keeps a check on your health, while supporting a balanced weight.

We all are well familiarized with the significance of detox, particularly, with regard to safe slimming.

And so, It claims to work through this very effective technique for the reduction in weight.

Precisely, the herbal tea comes in two different forms for you to pick the one that suitably goes with your fitness needs.

These variants are:

  • 14 day detox.
  • 28 day detox.


It contains ingredients that wholly work to favor you, in terms of fitness, and as well as health.

Kylie Jenner Fit Tea Results
Kylie Jenner

Further benefits promises to deliver are:

  • Strengthening of immune system.
  • Healthy digestion.
  • Removal of toxins/cleansing of body.
  • Boost in cardiac health.

And apart from all the aforementioned perks you are likely to enjoy with Fit tea, you can also advantage yourself from the antimicrobial powers of the drink.

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It is enclosed with herbs that are highly effectual for the slimming purpose. However, the company has only mentioned its key ingredients and has not revealed its inactive components.

Some of the contents listed by the company are:

  • Fit Tea facts

    Oolung Wu Yi Tea: Oolung Wu Yi Tea is a rich source of caffeine. Caffeine can spark a slow metabolism.

  • Rooibos Tea: Rooibos tea is a powerhouse of health. It owns anti-carcinogenic and anti-viral powers.
  • Ginger: Ginger is supposed to quash hunger.
  • Guarana: The addition of guarana is an indication that Fit tea is effective. Like Oolung Wu Yi Tea, Guarana contains caffeine and caffeine is a great aid for the metabolic boost.
  • Pomegranate: Pomegranate is a healthy source of anti-oxidants. This very valuable fruit also improves blood circulation.
  • Birch: Birch is a value addition, the natural diuretic that can help you lose your water weight.
  • Corn, honey powder and Stevia: All these contents are meant to enhance the taste of Fit tea.


Considering what’s inside Fit tea, we can say that the formula is more potent as metabolic booster, than a detoxifier.

Fit Tea Customer reviews
before and after photos

So yes, the product may help you with the increase in metabolic rate, though, we have no evidence supporting it detoxifying properties. Anyway, the ingredients are promising and so is the product.

But no matter how useful the ingredients in Fit tea sound, you have to follow a balanced diet to ensure success. You can further enhance your results by pursuing a proper, well-planned training program.

You can easily find Fit Tea at all online big stores like Amazon, GNC, Walmart.

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Fit Tea Side Effects

  • While Fit tea boasts to be a detoxifier, there are no explanations available, pertaining to its mechanism on detoxification.
  • The dosages of ingredients are also not added. This leaves us puzzled as to whether or not Fit tea contains the ideal concentration of ingredients, favorable for the outcomes.
  • Even though, Fit tea has a good reputation, yet, customers have mixed opinions about its usefulness. Some have found it highly effective whereas others quest for a good slimming agent did not end with it.


The stimulants in Fit tea can provoke complications for some users. These complications can be:

  • Minor to extreme headache.
  • Nausea.
  • Breathing difficulties.
  • Increased heart rate.

We advise you to discuss the odds with a physician, if you have any plans of using Fit tea.


Fit Tea before and after weight loss results

Considering the good and bad about the herbal drink, we rate the product as average. Yes, it does sound promising and has a notable market value, yet, we cannot disregard the bad associated to it!

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