Flat Tummy Tea Review- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Flat Tummy Tea is a quite common product these days and you can easily get Flat tummy tea reviews on Google.

Flat Tummy Tea

However, is this product worth your money and time?

To see the true picture, keep reading the review.

The brand claims seem overestimated.

As the claims appear simple, like

  1. Boost metabolism
  2. Improve digestive system
  3. Increase level energy

And weight loss has been done!

Unfortunately, it can be simple theoretically but practically, making everything works according to the plan is not easy at all.

Well, there are various detox systems on the market and they all claim that they are pretty effective for elevating digestion and removing toxins from the body.

However, every single one has some flaws in them and they may help the user to some extent but they are not 100% helpful and effective.

Flat Tummy Tea resultsNo matter theoretically how well they sound but on the criteria of Practicality, these types of detox systems often fail.

However, in the case of Flat Tummy Tea, the things are a little another way around.

The company of Flat Tummy Tea has targeted the young audience and they do have a strong presence on the social media platforms.

Bottom Line: Flat Tummy Tea is not likely to be as effective as the company claims it to be and we have valid reasons to say such thing.

Introduction to the Flat Tummy Detox

What exactly is it?

The system of Flat Tummy Tea works on the two basic steps.

Therefore, it is a kit and not a single product.

In the first stage or phase, the user should go for the Flat tummy tea activate.

There are ten components in that herbal tea detox that are supposed to improve the performance of your system through boosting your metabolism to the optimum level.

The aim is to enhance the metabolic activity and provide the apt boost of energy to the user.

That can trigger burning of calories that can further lead to the result of a flatter tummy.

The second stage/phase of the system is Flat Tummy Tea Cleanse.

This is basically good to detox the body and getting rid of the weight that is present due to the water retention.

Flat Tummy Tea reviewsThe company claims that this second step has the potential to maintain the results of a flat tummy that you have achieved in the first phase.

However, this is not the whole story, as there are almost nine other things that you need to do in order to get the optimum results through Flat Tummy Tea.

You must follow the tips like

  • Eat less
  • Cut completely certain foods from your diet
  • More exercise or physical activity

Thus, it is not as simple as it seems at the first glance.

What are the components that are part of this kit?

Activate Tea:

  1. Peppermint (leaf)
  2. Lemon Balm (leaf)
  3. Liquorice (root)
  4. Dandelion (leaf)
  5. Dandelion (root)
  6. Cleavers (leaf)
  7. Fennel (seed)
  8. Green Tea (leaf)
  9. Caraway (seed)
  10. Cardamom (pods)

Cleanse tea:

  1. Senna (leaf)
  2. Peppermint (leaf)
  3. Cassia Chamaecrista (pods)
  4. Liquorice (root)
  5. Caraway (seed)
  6. Dandelion (root)
  7. Rhubarb (root)

Does it actually work?

The answer is not as straight you may have expected it to be.

Khloe Kardashian uses Flat Tummy Tea

It is actually quite complex.

Let us keep all the things aside that you need to do in order to lose weight with Flat Tummy Tea.

When you are eating fewer calories, drinking more water, refraining yourself from certain types of food items, doing exercise, and looking after yourself in a better way, then you are bound to lose weight regardless what is exactly present in that kit.

Hence, it does not matter whether the ingredients of Flat Tummy Tea are actually helpful or not, all the strength and power of losing weight are actually lie in those tips that a user is supposed to follow.

Moreover, the tips are absolutely worth trying.

However, there are not enough clinical studies available to support the idea that the ingredients of Flat Tummy Tea are actually helpful in weight loss process.

Amber Rose Endorsing Flat Tummy TeaAlthough some pieces of evidence are there, as a matter of fact, those pieces of evidence are not enough to prove the point or the authenticity of the product.

In addition to it, often we observe that many people claim that green tea is actually effective in fat reduction but again there is no solid proof of this claim.

Even the cleanse part of this kit is not enough to impress.

The reason is our bodies are naturally capable of doing things that this kit is claiming to do for us.

Our bodies already possess good bacteria in our intestine and with the right functionality of liver and colon; we are good even without any such product.

One more very common question or confusion regarding Flat Tummy Tea.

Can boys use it?

No matter what your gender is this product has nothing to offer.

All the potential is basically in those tips that people follow with it.

What are the possible side effects of Flat Tummy Tea?

A few of the ingredients of Flat Tummy Tea can be linked with Laxative properties.

The real issue is that it is not healthy at all and it increases the bowel moments in a very abnormal manner that makes it a little more unhealthy, particularly, in the cases, where people on purpose use these ingredients to lose weight.

The abnormal bowel moments or too much bowel moments are able to lead the human body toward dehydration and the loss of essential nutrients.

Even though those abnormal bowel moments tend to make you feel light, they are not a healthy option and not good in the long run.

Is Flat Tummy Tea a scam or Fraud?

Well, it is not a scam completely but definitely, it is not able to provide you 100% those results that you are expecting from it.

Flat Tummy Before and After

Any herbal tea can work the same way for you if you happen to follow the tips and methods that you are intended to follow with Flat Tummy Tea.

What results can you expect from Flat Tummy Tea?

According to the customer reviews, Flat Tummy Tea results are not as per expectations.

The product does happen to decrease the bloat but it does not happen to be helpful in the weight reduction.

Some of the customers even claim that the testimonials and customer ratings online are not real.

Well, the internet does not short of customers who believe that Flat Tummy Tea can actually deliver the right results when the girls pair it with the right diet and exercise regimen, although the scientific studies indicate a little different story.

Is Flat Tummy Tea worth the money and time of the consumers?

Well, the answer to this question entirely depends upon that what your expectations are with this kit.

Flat Tummy Tea ResultsAs the manufacturers are quite clear that the product cannot promise any drastic weight reduction but rather it is supportive in decreasing the water retention and bloat.

Hence, if you are in search of some serious weight loss teas then certainly Flat Tummy Tea is not suitable for you.

But yes, the weight loss less than ten pounds is achievable with it.

Furthermore, if you are already someone who enjoys tea several times a day, then you may opt for it as it is likely to improve your routine as compared to the regular tea.

Note: There is no refund policy unless the packaging is damaged and it is due to the company’s fault.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, then the company is not responsible or answerable.

Is caffeine present in Flat Tummy Tea?

Flat Tummy TeaWell, it is a plus point as one cup of Flat Tummy Tea just contains two milligrams of Caffeine whereas a regular cup of coffee possesses around ninety-five milligrams of caffeine per cup.

Thus, the amount of caffeine per is small that it is almost negligible.

Is there any alternative present, which I can use instead of Flat Tummy Tea?

Yes, the supplement market is full of supplements that can be the best alternatives for Flat Tummy Tea and one of such options is PhenQ.

What is PhenQ?

PhenQ is a famous weight loss supplement that can actually be helpful for people who are willing to reduce their weight to some serious extent.

Phenq results before and after photos

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PhenQ is a weight loss supplement that actually really helpful for the reduction in weight.

It targets weight loss through various different angles so weight reduction is definite to happen.

Usually, weight loss products focus only on one or hardly two dimensions but PhenQ targets weight loss through every possible direction.

This is certainly not an old product but even then more than 1,90,000 people have already consumed it.


These are the following benefits that you can experience when you use PhenQ for the weight loss:

  • Result oriented
  • Melt away the reserves of the body fat
  • It happens to suppress your appetite so you can have a control over your unreasonable munching habits
  • Refrain the production of the fat in the consumer’s body
  • Elevate the level of your mood and energy state
  • Standard quality ingredients are used in its composition