Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss: Shocking Transformation Pics! [2020]

Gabourey Sidibe rose to fame with her iconic role in ‘Precious’ as Precious.

The star immediately stunned everyone from her outstanding performance and earned an Oscar nomination for her FIRST movie ever.

Gabourey Sidibe Before and After Photos

Since then, she sought no boundaries of success in Hollywood.

Currently, she has been really busy with her upcoming projects, but the star is struggling hard to bring a change in herself physically.

She stunned everyone on the Red Carpet with her transformed body and looked absolutely fabulous.

How many of us have seen ‘Precious’ and got emotionally distressed by it?

Gabourey sidibe amazed everyone with her acting skills but few of us really know that she was handpicked by Oprah for this role.

You can imagine the talent of a person who Oprah wants desperately in her movie!

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Red Carpet Stunner:

Gabourey has always been the Red Carpet sensation but the star has almost shocked everyone with her recent look.

She has lost weight and looked absolutely different.

She has lost 50 pounds and looks incredible.

With the transformed look, the 33 year old star has attained more confidence and looks more pleasant in her recent pictures.

Gabourey Loses more weight:

Gabourey did not stop her journey after shedding 50 pounds initially.

With a recent selfie posted by the star shows her jaw dropping waist.

Once again, Sidibe shows that her passion seeks no boundaries. She seems unstoppable!

Gabourey’s obesity at a glance:

Sidibe gained weight due to her mother’s forced feeding, an unhealthy lifestyle and eating lots of McDonalds.

She had to face some of the harshest remarks from the critics. But she decided to put an end to it by entering into the slow paced but steady journey of weight loss.

From where did she begin?

Like other stars that have been through weight management, Gabourey has also been questioned multiple times about her transformation.

Gabourey Sidibe on Weight-Loss Surgery

She underwent laproscopic bariatric surgery to reduce weight and looks slimmer and healthier since then.

In her interview with Nylon, she shared her battle with eating conditions, diabetes and a failing lifestyle.

As the star inspires her fans on social media, she doesn’t let negative comments get her down at any cost.

This Brooklyn innate shut down haters by commenting upon her continuous struggle with weight.

On numerous occasions she felt that despite the rising fame, she has not achieved the position she deserves.

After hearing a negative comment from one of the Hollywood’s big wigs, she realized that it’s her body that is hampering her success by holding her away.

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How was she driven towards weight loss?

Gabourey has always been under criticism for her weight and huge body.

Precious' Star Gabourey Sidibe Loses 50 PoundsShe expressed how difficult it was for her to pick up a dress for award shows and Red Carpet when she knew she will be criticized and ridiculed.

But all of a sudden she started to take this criticism positively and that is when she felt the spark to change her body.

That was where she embarked on a journey to change and transform.

The Oscar nominee believes that if she did not have received the negative comments, she wouldn’t have felt the urge to look beautiful.

Bullying, negative comments and finally inspiration:

Gabourey, on countless occasions has talked about bullying, negative comments and criticism she came across.

The more she was ridiculed, the more she felt destined to search beauty. And at one point in time, she felt that she is unbreakable.

Over the years, she learnt to feel comfortable the way she is and started to take inspiration from negative criticism in her life.

Gabourey’s Journey to Body-Positivity:

Gabourey revealed that she was made to believe that she was ugly and can never make any changes in her appearance.

Gabourey Sidibe Drops More Weight

This journey of weight management was not a piece of cake for her and came with several ups and downs.

However, she was determined to create a change in herself.

In her recent cover shoot for People Exclusive, she wrote that she loves her body now.

Her journey has made her all positive towards herself and now she is confident to pick any dress she likes for herself.

What’s her routine now?

gabourey sidibe lost 179-poundsIn an interview to People Exclusive Sidibe shared her routine and lifestyle that is very healthy and balanced.

After the surgery, she takes 5 meals a day; but her meals are healthy and nutritious.

She stays in contact with her nutritionist and visits her a lot on appointments.

She has dreamt of getting a completely transformed figure and is determined to get that sooner or later!

On A Final Note:

Gabourey’s weight management journey signifies inspiration in one’s life.

Sometimes, negative criticism becomes a source of motivation for many to perform and show their real self and so is with Gabourey!

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