GM Diet Plan- What To Expect? SHOCKING REVIEW! [2019]

GM Diet or General Motors diet is touted as a perfect solution for people who prefer quick weight loss.

GM diet plan in 2017

It is a very promising low- carb diet with some astonishing effects on your weight. GM diet aims to cut down 7 straight kgs in a matter of 7 days!

What we really like GM diet is that the plan needs not to be purchased. It is free of cost and very easy to follow.

Furthermore, it does not demand you to spend money on special foods, diet books or weight loss supplements.

It enables you to trim down your waistline through some scientifically based set of instructions.

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Basically, the diet program comprises of 7 days, or say, a week. It was invented by the General Motors Corporation in association with FDA.

The objective was to create a comprehensive weight loss program that can help their workers stay healthy, active and physically fit.

The program turned out to be a great experience for the workers as they start noticing positive results on their health.

Due to this, it’s popularity surged to the highest point and people started following it worldwide.


As stated earlier, the plan comprises of a week wherein the followers are instructed to take a specified food group every day.

Diet plan for weight lossThe entire plan helps you get in shape and at the same time, detoxifies your body from all the hazardous pollutants that can harm your health.

GM diet is principally based on ‘watery foods’ that need to be taken with plenty of water.

More and more water content is meant to trigger the detoxification process, which is highly advantageous for the fat loss purpose.

Something that is very interesting about GM diet is that the followers urge for sugary or fancy foods tend to reduce significantly.

Of course, this is no less like a blessing as unhealthy foods not just add to the weight, but also harm the health.

Basically, the followers develop healthy eating habits during the phase. This works as a motivational force for them in the future and they prefer healthy over an unhealthy lifestyle, on a whole.

Furthermore, GM diet is very different from all the conventional diet plans we have today. It is diversified and has some updated versions too!


GM diet plan has a simple concept through which it aims to encourage weight loss.

women on GM diet for fast lose weight

As per the principle, our diet should comprise of foods that can incite calorie burning than foods that supply overabundance of calories to our body.

If we analyze this concept, we will understand that an approach like this can bring about a negative caloric effect which is highly favorable from the health and fitness perspective.

A natural method like this can in fact, help you slim down without the need of exercises.

Even though, the effects of GM diet vary from person to person and is dependent upon factors like the performance of metabolism and age, but the expected results are somewhere between 7-15 pounds a week!

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First of all, it instructs you to consume low calorie foods in the initial 3 days.

With low calorie foods, it means vegetables and fruits in all the three meals you take. If the instructions are rightly followed, your daily caloric intake will drop to 1000 to 1200 calories in the beginning.

This is the perfect starting for weight loss.

Now moving onto the second part of the GM diet, the plan suggests high protein foods for the rest of the days. However, the diet needs to be complimented with specific carb sources like milk and bananas.

GM diet can be repeatedly followed with a break of at least 5 days in between.

The program can help you get your desired body size with utmost health, safety and zero expense!


The worth of GM diet can be estimated by the fact that it was actually created for the workers of GM Corporation but is now followed worldwide.

GM diet plan guideIt is considered to be the hope for people who yearn for quick, yet natural slimming. But in spite of its popularity, there are some people who are yet not convinced of its efficacy.

Off late, a study has been conducted on GM diet plan. As per its findings, the plan is highly favorable for people who cannot wait to get in shape.

It has supported the quick effects of GM diet and its effectiveness to shed a minimum of 10 lbs in 7 days.  

If we compare other fad diets and their mechanisms with GM diet, we will find GM diet way more useful and result based.

GM diet encourages raw vegetables and fruits that are proven to contribute to weight loss. It further limits the consumption of meat that adds more to the results.

The diet plan turns more fruitful if it is supplemented with regular workout regime.

The exercises meant to compliment the plan hardly require a couple of minutes for the much required boost in metabolism.

The metabolic boost further simplifies the process and makes it more productive.  

But as the consumption of low carb diet can bring down your energy levels, GM diet suggests you to conduct low-intensity workouts; exercises that are not too demanding and require limited strength.


Embarking a weight loss plan is not that simple. Proper planning and preparation is needed before you get started.

start healthy gm diet plan for weight loss

If you wish to start GM diet, you need to ensure that you are ‘well-equipped’ with all the foods and ingredients you will need throughout the 7 day phase.

Having all that’s needed will keep you motivated and stick to your goals.

Apart from stocking all the required foods, you need to remove all the fancy foods that can distract you.

Of course, you are strictly prohibited to take any such food that can reverse the effects generated by the suggested food patterns.

A tip that can greatly help you complete the 7 day phase successfully is taking a nutritious dinner, night before you commence your journey.

This will provide you with the power you need to get started with GM diet. It will also save you from the food temptations that are common during the diet programs.

This essential piece of advice will help you stay strong and complete the phase without giving up in between.

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It provides a complete food chart for you to follow the diet instructions, accordingly.

It specifies foods that you need to take every day in the coming 1 week. Plus, an increase in water intake is strictly recommended throughout the phase.

Followers are advised to take cabbage soup if their hunger pangs become uncontrollable. In fact, they can take it any day they feel the need, but in a limit.

Well, to help you get an idea about what GM plan encourages you to eat; we have roughly compiled the 7 day sample menu for you.

However, it is important to mention that the actual sample menu is far more descriptive and detailed than what we have briefed for you:

DAY 1:

In the very first day, you can take all kinds of fruits that quench your taste buds. However, there is an exception.

Take Water melon on GM Diet plan - Day 1

You cannot have bananas at all.

Feel free to have as much as fruits as you like as you are not bounded with any limits.

For today, the best you can have in the category of fruits is water melon. No other fruit can favor your goals as much as water melon!

DAY 2:

Day 2 is for vegetables, the day you can have all sorts of vegetables you feel like having.

Take Vegetables in GM Diet Plan - Day 2

You can either cook them or eat them raw with no such limit whatsoever.

GM diet encourages you to take potato in the breakfast. Basically, potato is a good source of carb your body needs for the conversion of energy.

And so, the best time you can have potato is the morning time. It will keep your body energized throughout the day.

Besides, vegetables will give you all the vital nutrients your body needs.

They further supplies fiber you need the most at the moment. The best about vegetables is that they have fewer calories and are heart healthy!

DAY 3:

Day 3 is a mix of day 1 and day 2. That is, feel free to take vegetables, as well as fruits today.

take fruits on GM diet plan - day 3

But wait, day 3 has an exception too. You are discouraged to potatoes and bananas!

Well, if you evaluate the foods you will be taking during the day 3, you will realize that there isn’t a need for either of the two.

Yes, you need carbohydrates, but fruits will supply you sufficient amount of carbohydrates to keep you moving.

This is the time your body will start losing the additional pounds you have added through the fancy foods.

DAY 4:

Moving onto the fourth day, the day you can enjoy something different. But different does not mean fun here!

take banana in GM diet plan - day 4

By reaching this point, your journey will turn more and more challenging.

Followers are supposed to have milk and bananas today. The fruit is meant to supply sodium and potassium to your body whereas milk is allowed for the calcium purpose.

The limit for consuming bananas is 6-8 bananas while you must have more than 750 ml of milk today.

DAY 5:

The day is more like a feast day for non-vegetarians. They can enjoy red meat, white meat or fish today.

take meat on gm diet plan - day 5

However, they have to take tomatoes for better digestion.

Meat is a good source of protein and iron, but, the consumption of meat is not a compulsion.

There is a relief for vegetarians here. They can simply avoid meat and take cottage cheese instead. You can also swap meat with brown rice however, the consumption of tomatoes is a must.

As the day is about more and more protein, your body will need an ample supply of water.

Do not forget to take more than the usual amount of water today. The recommended intake is 12 glasses.

Apart from all the benefits of drinking enough water, water will flush the uric acid out of your system.

DAY 6:

Feed yourself with vegetables and beef  on day 6. There is no limit for consuming vegetables but there is a limit for beef.

meat with vegetables at gm diet plan - day 6

Then again, if you do not eat meat, you can go for other options like cottage cheese.

By reaching here, you might have noticed a great change in yourself. There is a chance that your motivational level will raise as you start observing the results of your hard work. Indeed, it is the time for payoff, you struggled so hard for.

DAY 7:

Then comes the final day, the day you are supposed to take as much as vegetables as you like.

take pure vegetables on gm diet plan - day 7

And not just the vegetables, you can also treat yourself with fruit juice and brown rice as well.  The perfect combination of taste and health!


This was GM Diet all about, a diet plan that has helped many and is still followed by the masses.

As you can notice, it does not demand anything unusual or expensive. All you need to do is follow healthy eating.

With GM diet, you can easily slash 7-10lbs a week. It is commonly recommended to people who need a quick change.

With a perfectly balanced diet, GM diet helps you to get lighter and healthier at the same time.

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