GNC Total Lean Shake- Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

Does GNC Total Lean shake worth your time and Money?

Meal replacement products are the craze of today’s era because they can be helpful to reduce calorie intake and People who are overweight desperately need something that can help them to cut those extra calories from their plate.

GNC total lean shake review

Well, the choices are limitless and often enough it gets hard to choose anyone particular product because not everything that is present on the market shelf really worth your time and money.

So, what can be done in such scenario?

Go for reviews and a thorough research, simple!

Speaking of research, today, our this article is also a product review and the product is GNC Lean Shake but do not get skeptical although it is a product review, it is not going to be biased where we are just trying to sell you something without telling you the right facts and figures.

This article will be covering all the relevant details that can help you to take your decision of choosing this product or not.

Moreover, this piece of writing is based on the true facts to propose you the actual information.

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What is this Product GNC Total Lean shake about?

To start with, it is a product (shake) that is basically believed to be a meal replacement with a mixture of carbohydrate, cocoa, Vitamin, minerals, dry milk, creamer, the milk protein.

It has a healthy ratio of protein in it and it is considered to support the healthy diet regimen and metabolic activities of the human body.

GNC total lean shake reviewA meal and exercise routine to keep the mechanism working ideally are recommended.

The company behind this product is already a renowned organization that has been working in the industry for decades to be more specific.

Ingredients and side by side their Benefits:

Nutritional Facts:

One serving is equivalent to 2 scoops that are level and have around nine grams of protein with these mentioned elements.

  1. Soluble fiber 5g
  2. Sodium 250mg = 10%
  3. Potassium150mg = 4%
  4. Cholesterol5g =2%
  5. Total Fat2g that includes 0.5g saturated fats
  6. Dietary fibre8g =30%
  7. Sugar4g

What minerals and vitamins are drinkers getting from the shake?

  1. Biotin: it is good for chest, hair and nails health
  2. Iron: it confronts anemia and leverages the energy levels
  3. Calcium: it is great for teeth and bones well-being
  4. Vitamin E: It works as a shelter against Alzheimer, diabetes, disease that is related to neurology
  5. Thiamin: It is helpful in regulating cardiovascular system as well as for nervous system
  6. Folic Acid: it is helpful and super active in generating new cells and maintaining the healthy life of cells from any cancer causing elements
  7. Pantothenic Acid: it decreases the anxiety that is stress associated, reduction in hair loss and declines the bad impact of asthma
  8. Vitamin B12: it is truly a magic for skin care, immunity system and for increasing the levels of energy
  9. Vitamin B6: It has the tendency to benefit all the important organs of the human body for instance eyes, hair, skin, liver and heart
  10. Niacin: It encourages the ratio of good cholesterol in the blood
  11. Riboflavin: it is another mineral that is helpful for preventing anemia, curing migraines and increasing energy
  12. Molybdenum: It shields against cancer causing elements and helps in the disease that is associated with inflammation.
  13. Phosphorus: It is also very supportive in keeping teeth and bones healthy
  14. Iodine: It plays an essential role in the functionality of thyroid
  15. Copper: It aids in generating cologne as well as evoking better health of liver, kidneys and striated muscle
  16. Potassium: It is helpful in maintaining sugar levels in the blood, encourages muscles, bone health and makes it possible that the blood pressure is in check
  17. Chromium: It regulates blood sugar
  18. Selenium: It is helpful in preventing one of the cancer types (Prostate) specifically in men
  19. Zinc: It is helpful for immune system
  20. Magnesium: It is helpful in preventing insulin resistance and heart disease

How many flavors are available in GNC Total Lean Shake?

There are twelve flavors available and the list is given below:

  1. GNC meal replacement shakes flavorOrange Cream
  2. Snicker doodle
  3. Vanilla
  4. Natural Vanilla
  5. Chocolate
  6. Natural Chocolate
  7. Mixed berry
  8. Chocolate Peanut butter
  9. Swiss Chocolate
  10. Banana
  11. Vanilla bean
  12. Cookies and cream


All flavors are worth trying as per the company’s claim but in the consumer choice these are the favorite flavors.

  • Swiss Chocolate
  • Cookies and cream

However, Vanilla bean is not very favorite flavor as for some customers the taste is too bland

What is the taste like?

As far as the taste is concerned the users have mixed opinions about it, some of them really find interesting, delicious and drinkable without any problem but there are a few users who truly abhor the taste and they did not find it very pleasing.

People also have different opinions about different flavors, some of all the flavors where as a few like one particular flavor taste wise.

Side effects:

  1. GNC lean shake ingredientsSome of the flavors are not very likable for the consumers
  2. A few drinkers reported that they did not experience the results what they expected (there a few variables to be considered)
  3. Some of the researchers + bloggers have claimed that the quality of the protein is not up to the standard but normally this kind of information you will get only in those articles that are endorsing any other product.
  4. The amount of protein is not up to the requirement per serving as it is supposed to be
  5. It does not help in suppressing your hunger
  6. The artificial flavors are said to be used in the product
  7. It is not low on sugar
  8. The thickness of two scoops portion is not good enough for a few consumers
  9. People who already have active lifestyle feel that the quantity is not sufficient for their routine as they experience feeling of fullness fading just after a few hours of activity

Final Comment:

To cut a long story short, this shake is not effective for everyone.

It is observed that this shake is good for those who take it with the appropriate lifestyle. Thus, it is all about that how well your other habits are.

We have found it helpful for people who take it with healthy meals and exercise regimen.

However, people who just want to rely on the product but they are not willing to make any changes in their lifestyles are not likely to get many benefits from this product.