Green Coffee Bean Extract- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Losing a weight through natural ingredients is incredible.

Green Coffee Beans for Weight Loss

Throughout my carrier, many weight loss supplements are come and go in the market such as raspberry ketone, garcinia cambogia and hoodia gordonii.

Green coffee bean extract is one of the latest and new and has been marketed as one of the top weight loss product in recent years.

Green coffee bean extract has been used in many supplement because it is popular for it’s fat burning properties .

Dr Oz ,the cardiothoracic surgeon and weight loss expert promoted green coffee bean extract in 2012 .

Let’s have a closer look to green coffee bean extract ( a powerful weight loss supplement).

What Are The Green Coffee Beans?

Coffee beans are usually roasted before being supplied to market or sold to consumer, roasted gives aroma and flavor to coffee lover.

The roasted coffee beans are rich in antioxidant but decrease in chlorogenic acid which is responsible for the fat burning.

Green coffee beans are generally not undergone a process by which it turns to brown, it contains a Chlorogenic acid (HCA), pharmacological active compound which is full of antioxidants and loaded with essential nutrients.

According to many studies, active ingredient in coffee bean “chlorogenic acid” produces weight loss effects.

pure green coffee bean extractsThe difference in coffee bean and green coffee bean is that green coffee bean is not undergone a process of roasted thus they are highly rich in chlorogenic acid and green coffee been are not similar to coffee bean in taste.

How does it work?

It can faster the metabolism for up to 3-11% and minimize absorption of carbohydrates which lead to lower blood sugar .

Another study shows that it improves the function of fat burning hormones and reduce fat absorption from diet and reduced fat store from body.

It can lower a risk of cardiovascular disease by improve the cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

The active ingredient in chlorogenic acid work as promoting the activity of PPAR alpha gene that is responsible for fatty acid transport and oxidation and reduce the production of new fat cell due to it’s antioxidant properties. 

Experimental Studies That Are Conducted On The Effectiveness Of Green Coffee Bean Extract:

Study 1:

In the international medical research journal (2007), a study was published in which participants which consume green coffee bean extract have lost 12 pounds in the period of 12 week with the combination of diet and exercise ,where as another group that consume coffee have lost 3 pounds .

Study 2:

In the  Diabetes,metabolic syndrome and obesity journal (2012), study was published in which subjects who consumed green coffee bean extract 1,050 mg to 700mg doses ,have lost about 16 pounds in the period of six weeks when compared to a placebo group.

Study 3:

According to the study published in the Biochemical Pharmacology (2013) that chlorogenic acid reduces production of fat and improves the triglycerides levels .

Study 4: (DR OZ Experiment on green coffee bean extract)

The Dr Oz promoted green coffee bean extract on the basis of his own experiment which was conducted on 100 women by giving a dose of 400 mg GCE with no changing in life style and diet, after two weeks women’s who consumed GCE have lost two pounds over two week where as in placebo group lost about 1 pound.

Benefits Of Green Coffee Beans Extract:

Green coffee bean has important effect on increasing in energy, increase metabolic rate and reduce lipogenesis or production of fat.

The effect of green tea is different in many individual’s because of variations in physiological response towards a natural compounds that are present in green coffee bean. 

1. Powerful Antioxidant Properties:

Pure green coffee bean extract dr oz researchGreen coffee beans are rich in antioxidants which can flourish all harmful toxins from your body and reduce damaging effects by free radicals and protect your health from storage of harmful toxins.

According to studies, the raw and unprocessed green coffee beans contains 100% of chlorogenic acid (CGA) which have  powerful antioxidant properties which can regulate a glucose level in your blood stream and prevent your skin from any damages ,breakage or dullness.

CGA is an ester of caffeic acid.

2. Green Coffee bean Helps In Boosting up Metabolic rate :

The active ingredient in chlorogenic acid is also known as metabolism booster which helps increases metabolic rate in your body to maximum.

Faster metabolism can reduce release of glucose into blood by which our body starts burning extra stored fat in order to take energy.

Coffee bean rises body ability of burning fat which help us losing excess fat.

3. Faster burning of fat:

The beans are loaded with essential nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and minerals that can boost your metabolism and maintaining a level of nutrients in your body by burning unwanted fat and extra calories.

4. Suppress your appetite and hunger pangs:

The green coffee beans prevent you from frequent hunger pangs and emotional eating. It can suppress your appetite ,so your body starts burning of fat and get rid of excess weight.

5. Treatment of diabetes:

The green coffee bean extract can reduce a high level of sugar as well as stimulate a weight loss, both of these are important in curing of diabetes mellitus 2.

6. Improved your energy levels:

The caffeine in green coffee bean work as excellent energy booster, it can raise or full charge your energy levels and keeping you active for the whole day.

7. Improved cardiovascular functions:

Due to the presence of aspirin like components in green coffee bean can prevent a platelet’s from clotting as a result flow of blood to entire body is good and prevent you from heart failure, stroke, and chronic failure.

Possible Side Effects Of Green Coffee Bean Extract:

Green coffee beans contains some amount of caffeine.

The effect of caffeine is vary from person to person. Some tolerate caffeine well while other cannot tolerate amount of caffeine due to sensitivity.

Green Coffee Bean Graph

There are some possible side effects such as upset stomach, frequent urination, increased heart rate, irregular sleep patterns, anxiety or depression and restlessness.

  1. It have a laxative effect which can cause diarrhea
  2. Interfere in your sleep pattern due to caffeine.
  3. It can stain teeth. (see more)


  1. To increase long term weight loss ,combine exercises and healthy diet with green coffee bean extract.
  2.  The effectiveness of green coffee bean extract can be reduced if you are taking it with milk.
  3. Excess consumption of protein can also interfere their effectiveness towards weight loss.
  4. The use of green coffee bean should be avoided a pregnant women and breast feeding women.

Those who are suffers from hypertension avoid use of green coffee bean extract because it work as boosting metabolism which can elevate your heart rate.

What Should I Look In Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplement ?

Green coffee bean extract are popular for weight loss supplement so it has been marketed as natural solution by many companies but natural supplements still loaded with unnatural ingredients.

Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight LossChoose a product that is approved by FDA and free from sugar, binders and artificial ingredients, Generally green coffee supplements are available with 40 to 50 percent of acid.

The most effective dose of chlorogenic acid  is 120-300 milligrams, look up for a supplement that contain at least 300-750mg of green coffee bean extract.

There are thousands of supplements are available on the online, but our own research suggest you a product GREEN COFFEE BEAN MAX which contains 800mg per serving for your weight loss.

The product is free from any artificial ingredients or additives/preservatives and contains 50% of chlorogenic acid.