Losing Weight Without Going to the Gym

Losing weight and burning more calories is what everyone is running after because it’s already summer, a season for beach body.

It is okay if you are scared of doing gym or if it doesn’t fit you.

losing weight without going to the gym

We are not talking about dieting or intake of any supplement but a proper 20 minutes’ walk per day.

By walking 20 minutes each day you can burn around 100 calories, so making it a continuous routine can certainly help you get a leaner shape.

According to World Health Organization’s guidelines, a person should perform about 150 minutes of exercise per week to stay healthy.

In some parts of the world, it is not a common practice, for example, British people are not so much keen of walking.

Joe Irvin in this regard has encouraged people of Britain to include the walking in their daily life routine.

Joe Irvin said ““Everyday walking is a great way to improve your health and the way you feel”.

Sufficient walking each day can reduce the risk of so many dangerous conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and even depression.

It is a small practice that leaves positive effects on you physical and mental health.

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Joe Irvin further shared some of the noticeable benefits of walking each day!

1. Burn calories efficiently

Walking is a form of exercise in which you may not feel like you are working too hard but surprisingly it does an efficient work when it comes to burning the calories.

burn calories by walking everyday

It is sometimes referred as low-impact aerobic exercise. A number of calories you burn depend on the miles you walk each day.

Some people really get into it and burn about 150-200 calories per day.

There are certain ways to calculate how much calories you have burnt but nowadays you have apps in android of IOS mobile phones which gives you the exact same reading.

Usually, we ignore to climb the steep or hill which challenges our hard work but this is beneficial for losing extra pounds of weighing.

Walking on incline comes under intense walking workout that enables your body to shred more fats while you are giving it a hard go.

Climbing the hills or inclined surfaces can boost up your body’s rate to burn extra calories while giving your body a more pronounced toned shape.

2. Strong heart pumping

In order to keep the heart in a healthy condition, physical activities are much needed.

physical activities

Daily exercising can improve heart’s conditions and it eliminates certain risk factors associated with your heart and blood circulating system.

As stated above, doing about 150 minutes of exercise can keep your heart safe and healthy.

The intensity of workout should be moderate so you won’t get breathless on someone at all.

Going for a random walk can increase the pumping capacity of your heart and keep the oxygen level in your body maintained.

In this way, your body muscles will work efficiently without any signs of fatigue. To further enhance its intensity walk onto the hills or mounds.

3. Sets your brain free

Mental conditions like depression, stress and anxiety are growing amongst the youth population and amongst the working class having so much busy schedule.

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take no stress and avoid depression

People are treating these conditions with Pharmaceutical medication and they miss the actual remedy i.e. walking which is free of cost.

But how walking actually helps in treating mental issues?

Basically when you walk your body secretes natural chemicals like endorphins and serotonin which interacts with the receptors located in the brain and thereby reducing the chance of stress, sensation to pain and also helps you elevates your mood.

In mild to moderate cases of depression, brisk walk works just as antidepressants to cure anxiety disorders, relieves stress and eliminates the chances of depression.

Even people performs walk when they get tired after a busy schedule in order to zone-out from the deleterious thoughts.

To set your mind free from the harmful external factors walking is an absolute and effective choice.

4. Turns up your energy

Instead of taking synthetic or artificial energizers a brisk walk can be more effective to level up your energy in an agreed way.

boost energy

Walking every day can fortify your blood flow which increases the oxygen supply on a cellular level, more oxygen means more vitalizing nutrient for your body to stay alerted, active and focused. Walking 20 minutes before your lunch or dinner can make you feel more elated.

In fact, scientist over walking benefits have concluded that it is the best way to beat fatigue.

5. Overall lessens the serious health issues

Walking can have noticeable benefits on your lifespan, this is the most convincing reason for those who wants to give a thought on walking.

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Walking for weight loss

Excessive smoking has become the biggest problem in the UK which is recently accompanied by physical inactivity.

Physical inactivity is the 4th leading cause across the world for the mortality rates. About 6% of deaths globally are caused by it.

For bringing a change in your life, start walking at least 20 minutes a day and say Goodbye to some of the serious health issues such as Diabetes, stroke, dementia, asthma, heart disease and even cancer of bowel and breasts.