HCG Drops for Weight Loss- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Since HCG drops is an edible supplement; it is always suggestible to buy it through a well-known brand.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is much more popular with the name of HCG.

It is available in the form of supplement drops or via liquid for injections.

Hcg drops for weight loss reviews

Basically, it is nothing foreign to a human body (particularly to a female body) as this is the hormone that a female’s body creates when that female is pregnant.

Moreover, the supporters of this HCG diet emphasize that using supplements of this hormone orally supports elevating metabolic activity.

It can result in the fast weight loss.

Furthermore, there are numerous well-known brands and outlets that have a wide range of supplements of this hormone, so you can start your diet plan.

HCG drops for weight loss can be a healthy option if you are healthy and you are willing to start a diet plan with it.

However, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor before you are initiating any such plan.

HCH History:

A.T.W. Simeons was a British Doctor.

During the late 1950s, Dr. Simeon discovered that HCG drops are effective for the obesity.

He came to such conclusion because he used to inject this hormone in the kids.

Who were the patients of Frohlich’s syndrome (a state in which the sufferer faces obesity and the slow development process of reproductive organs).

The children experienced positive outcomes and they developed lean muscle and lost excess fat off their body.

In the years after, the same doctor tried it HCG drops on both the obese men and women.

Moreover, he did not only prescribe them (men and women) to take this hormone but he also recommended them to keep a highly strict diet of 500 calories.

That 500-calorie diet should have included fruits, a piece of bread, lean meats and leafy vegetables. (1)

However, HCG drops or injectable forms were popular in America when two authentic bodies, FDA and Federal Trade Commission imposed the laws and declared HCG drops or injections illegal.

Some others speculate that the popularity of HCG drops (for weight loss) or injections were due to the fact that many doctors provided support to it for their own benefits as they were seeing regular earning in the form of returning patients for weekly injections of it.

But the usage of HCG drops made a comeback in 2007 when another person Kevin Trudeau mentioned in his book that this hormone injection course certainly is helpful for a drastic change or significant weight loss.

He did not stop there just; besides, he has claimed that FDA, other medical groups, and the American Medical Association actually contributed in an ongoing conspiracy to muffle the truth.

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What is the working principle of HCG?

HCG is one of the common weight loss methods that are readily available.

HCG DropsIt basically triggers the human body to utilize the body fat (that the body is storing for the sever circumstances) and transforms this body fat into a usable source of energy.

HCG tends to simplify the weight loss process and supports it to happen at a fast pace.

Even though the human body does produce this hormone, the accumulated quantity is literally too low to cause any significant weight loss.

Thus, taking this hormone through a supplement is the best possible solution for using it for the noticeable remedy of obesity.

Improvement of Metabolism through HCG:

If you are one of those individuals, who have tried dieting and cutting meals, then you must be aware of the fact that it just makes you feel even more hungry.

It happens due to the fact that your body gets the signal of starvation and that causes your body to slow down the metabolic activity for the sake of activating starvation mood.

In the mood of starvation, the body tends to store extra calories in case if the body requires it later to survive the critical starving situation.

This is the natural way of human body to act in the absence of proper calorie intake. (2)

However, when you are on a highly restricted diet and you happen to take this hormone with it, then the situation will be surely another way around.

Thus, if you are interested in losing weight, then HCG drops for weight loss can be a good solution.

In which forms, is HCG available?

Well, there are two possible options for administering HCG.

You can take it either in the form of drops or in the injectable version.

  • The drops are easy to use as they do not require any prescription and they are available under the various brand names.
  • The other possible variation is injectable one and it is taken through the injection needles.

However, people are not very comfortable about taking medicines through injections.

Is there any authenticity, the HCG drops work for real?

Well, there are various brands that are available on the market of HCG drops.

So, it is always a good idea to buy it from an authentic brand so you can be sure what you can really expect from the product.

Plus, it depends upon the individual behaviors and routines if all the things go as per plan, then the right results are highly probable.

Benefits of HCG drops:

If you go through its benefits in a detailed manner, this hormone with the right diet and exercise can give various benefits to the user’s body

but it is important that the user should be healthy at the time of choosing this product as HCG can provide lean sculptured body.

Moreover, weight loss is also possible with HCG drops.

A significant decrease in the body circumference is achievable, particularly for the body fat in the area of waist and abdomen. (3)

How will it happen?

This hormone actually helps in reshaping the body through utilizing the excess fat that is present in different areas of the body.

The benefits with HCG drops are as following:

1. Metabolism:

There are different variables that affect your body metabolism.

The metabolic rate is simply the number of calories burned.

Factors like genetics, growth hormone level, and muscle integrity can significantly improve the overall metabolism.

Having the right metabolism simply indicates your body is burning the calories in the right way plus, it can let you govern a healthy weight loss without any hassle.

2. Say goodbye to Hunger pains:

When you are following any tough diet plan, then experiencing hunger pains is a very common thing.

However, you will not face any such problem with HCG.

Well, this hormone happens to suppress your appetite and it is quite effective, and it improves the chances of your success.

3. HCG diet protocol Testosterone:

Improved testosterone levels are good for both men and women but in men, testosterone is more than important as various characteristics of the male gender depends upon this hormone.

Thus, its improvement is possible if you happen to go for HCG drops.

4. Muscle Retention:

Most of the diets fail; the main reason is that they cannot help in retaining the muscles.

Your body cannot sustain good or lean muscle mass when you are on a low calorie-diet but in case of HCG hormone, your body has the tendency to keep the lean muscle and you can still lose the weight.

Hence, this tendency makes it helpful for a successful weight loss journey.

Side Effects of HCG Diet Program:

 As far as the side effects are concerned, there are no side effects that are directly related to HCG drops.

HCG Complex ingredients

However, when you happen to follow the strict diet then you are exposing your body to the following side effects. (4)

1. High fluctuation in the weight:

When you are using HCG drops and the tough diet regimen, then it means that you will lose weight and you will lose it fast, and there are people who may not take this large fluctuation very effectively.

Moreover, when you are losing weight on a very fast track, it is hard to keep up with once you stop taking the source of that weight loss.

In this case, it is HCG drops.

So, it may cause you a problem and it is highly probable that you will regain the excess weight soon once you stop taking HCG drops.

2. Severe kind of Malnutrition is Possible:

HCG Program cannot be very healthy as a long-term plan.

Almost all the health experts are on the same page that when you are eating fruits, vegetables, and the right kind of meat, you cannot keep the right balance between the nutrients even when you are supporting your system with multivitamins.

For the long-term, this kind of program is not suitable at all.

However, for extremely overweight people, this plan can be helpful but only in the presence of an experienced dietitian or health expert.

3. Gallstone Formation:

Extremely low diet can cause the development of gallstones.

The risks have the high probability when your weight is extremely fluctuating due to the HCG cycles.

As one of the medical Universities of Maryland has declared that, a person is at the high risk of developing the gallstone when that person is following a low fat and low-calorie diet.

Especially losing more than 2 pounds a week without specific condition is like an open invitation for the gallstone.

The Bottom Line:

Well, we agree that HCG drops contain natural components and the product is available under the various brand names.

However, there is no denying that the research about HCG is a mixed plate; we need more evidence to believe in its effectiveness regarding the weight loss. (5)

Moreover, neither tough diets are easy to follow nor they have good impacts on your health in the long run.

Restricted or limited diet plans should only be followed when you are doing them under the supervision of a doctor or a health expert.

Do consult with your doctor before starting any such program or product, they can understand your health condition and suggest you better.