Henry Cavill Steroids- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Henry Cavill, a British actor who play a role of Superman in his upcoming film of Man Of Steel (Summer of blockbuster), said he changed his body for a movie with a excessive workout training and diet plans without a use of any steroids or any drugs.

Henry Cavill Steroids- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

When the Cavill was asked for, would he use the steroids like HGH or testosterone for his movie ? he immediately replied No.

To playing a role of Superman with use of steroids is cheating because he wanted to play a clean role as clean as the character and then I knew or learned what was the work which I have done.

Did Henry Cavill take steroids for his role as Clark Kent or may be his body due to the genetics freak ?

The Henry Cavill personal trainer Mark Twight is a famous for designing or work with a 300 workout.

Training at Gym Jones The Henry Cavil answered when he asked for a steroids : Nothing is more important for me as a hard work.

When you actually put yourself on the mills and then looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking about your great look. I am not like saying for those who use the steroids that they do not work hard

It has been a non stop training for up to 8 months with Mark Twight at the gym .

The movies like Man of steel, Batman v/s a superman, he is jacked with these two films.

Henry gained up to a 100 kg of weight and a lean around 8-9% of body fat.

His body led to people arise a question on the social media that did he is on the anabolic steroid or natural?

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The Transformation like a Henry Cavill is possible for all the natty’s:

Henry Cavill (Batman vs Superman) Workout and Diet

First I would like to highlight a point that the transformation like a Henry Cavil is possible for all natty.

The gaining of 15 lbs of muscles in a 5 month as 3 lbs per month is definitely possible with a workouts and diet plans.

If you will do low-volume circuit, intense compound lifts , and a circuit training for a 2.5 hours, definitely you are able to pack on muscles.

Henry Cavill Diet plans:

Henry took 5000-6000 of calories per day.

The excessive workouts in the gym for a long period of time with eating a low calories of diet can be a disaster and there is no doubt that he had done overtraining.

The intake of more calories help to contributing in the growth of the muscles. 

Overeating has a calming effect on your brain as well as the melatonin rich foods can also stimulate a sleep hormone but overeating can makes you difficult to train.

You can build up the body like Henry Cavill naturally but if you are having a trouble in your workouts so you can add these supplements in your diet that will definitely help you.

  1. The protein powder (whey) can help you to overcome a deficiency of protein.
  2. The multivitamins can cover your all mineral deficinces.
  3. Fish Oil helps you to reduced inflammation .

Henry Cavill Workout Plans:

He has gained approximately 15 lbs or 7 kg of lean muscle and 5Ibs of fat around 7% to 9%, gaining a lean amount making your muscles look with a big difference.

He has also done with a Deadlift (435Ibs or 197kg), Push Press and Barbell Overhead press ( 245Ibs or 111kg) and Back squat (365Ibs or 166 kg) .

  1. Monday : Exercise for the whole body and for Chest/shoulder.
  2. Tuesday : Work for upper body or back and for chest/Shoulders
  3. Wednesday : Exercise for Back and Biceps and for Legs and back
  4. Thursday: Work for upper body and legs
  5. Friday : Workout for upper body or for entire body
  6. Saturday : Exercise or cardio for legs and upper body

Henry always took sleep at 10:00 every night.

The sleep allowed him to boost his natural testosterone level or growth hormone. Sleep also helps in recovery of muscles and allow workout training for a long.

Cutting your sleeping hours can reduce your 15% of Growth Hormone.


Henry and his personal coach Mark say Natty and I believe them.

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Henry is a natty because he spent 2.5 hours in the lifting of heavy weight for 6 times in a week, he continued his training for 5 months straight.

The training is in the combination of 6000 calories every day will help you to definitely in blow up.

In addition to my statement, He does not have a flushed skin, acne or stretch mark on his back and shoulders, signs of bloating and a gynecomastia.

These all signs indicates that he is a perfect example for the nattys.