How to Lose 10 Pounds in One Week

This is a very risky yet interesting question that pops up in everyone’s head who is suffering from an overweight issue.

Guide to lose 10 pounds in one week

Losing 10 pounds in just a week is a hard practice which shouldn’t be done by every individual and can only be done after physician’s or dietitian’s approval.

Calculating the calories which a normal human takes each day, we can say that in order to lose 10 pounds in a week one must to burn about 4,000-5,0000 calories which are basically more calories than you consume a single day.

This will open the doors for certain restrictions like dividing your meal into smaller parts, taking low carb food, start exercising and most importantly transforming your body to face all these conditions.

This objective is risky to many people, but still, it can be done if certain steps are taken with precaution and punctuality.

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1. Calories Evaluation

You need to evaluate first how many calories you consume each day.

count caloriesYour calorie intake must be taper down since the intake of new calories wouldn’t affect the already dwelled ones.

One pound contains about 3,500 calories so in order to lose 10 pounds you must burn 1.4 pounds or 5,000 calories per day.

Keep this in mind that you may have to perform a lot of exercises which can double the hunger sensation.

Starving is not a suitable option though, it makes weight loss way much harder than it seems.

You burn calories in almost everything that you do such as walking, climbing, thinking, even breathing. But a number of calories you want to burn requires tougher exercises at multiple times.

2. Prepare yourself for a difficult challenge

Having said that you have to burn about 5,000 calories per day.

burn caloriesThe fact that it requires extreme efforts is true because if you study about the calorie burning process here is an example.

A soccer player who weighs about 160 pound burns 1,000 calories playing soccer for continuous 90 minutes.

By this way, you are required to play 7.5 hours of competitive soccer in order to burn 5,000 calories.

In a simple way, this hard, tough and challenging journey relies solely on two things.

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise

But that’s not that simple, a lot of precautionary measures have to be taken in each of these things to make it perfectly aligned so it can efficiently make you lose 10 pounds.

1. Diet

How to Plan a Diet for Weight Loss

1. Remove the simple carbs from your diet:

Simple carbs are delicious yet they absorbed in your body too quickly. What happens then?

Simple carbohydrates are actually the stubborn fats that have been bulging in different parts of your body, such as belly, thighs, and hips.

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Edibles like cake, cookies, pasta, sweet and saccharine syrups, baked items, candies should be stopped.

2. What to drink? ONLY WATER!

Energy drinks or normal sports drinks contain about 400 calories, which is almost one-third of the calories for an entire day.

drink water for weight lossWhich is why a person on diet should only consume water instead of caffeinated or sugary drinks, which makes this weight loss process useless.

Water is the best choice for dieters, along with that you can also drink no sweetened green tea, which has 0 calories and has a tendency to induce weight loss.

Before you eat, drink 1-2 full glass of water, which is also a healthy activity for your digestive system. Also, it makes it less hungry.

Consume complex carbs instead of simple ones: Complex carbohydrates contain far many nutrients such as fibers than the simple ones.

Their rate of absorption into the blood stream is quite slower, which is why it is an ideal choice in dieting. Brown rice, beans, legumes, vegetables, fruits come under complex carbs heading.

3. Ditch Fast foods

Fast foods are cooked in trans-fat which is a rich source of salt and sugar.

Food items like the burger, fried rice, deep fried chicken, sandwich are basically empty carbs that don’t provide any sort of real nutrients.

On a serious note, if you want to shed 10 pounds in a week, then you have to get rid of fast foods. Pronto!

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4. Protein Consumption- Only Lean

You can only eat the beef if it’s 98% lean and has 2% of fats. Fish is the rich source of protein such as salmon, the protein in them is not harmful to your diet.

If you are eating chicken breast make sure that there is no skin attached.

5. Eat a healthy breakfast- Healthier than your lunch and dinner

One who does breakfast remains healthy and active throughout the day.

This is because of the increase in metabolism, which let you eat a small meals whole day. This is how you can plan your diet for a whole day.

In breakfast, have an omelet with chicken or spinach. If you got a juicer than making some fresh fruit juice or eat raw.

6. Track your Diet

Making a record about the calorie intake per day will help you narrow down the food items that have worked for you recently.

It will also allow you to know if you have gone over your limits. Calculating calories in each meal and tracking it will help you know how much calories you have burnt and how much is left.

2. Exercise

Exercise for Weight Loss

Strict diet serves as a prime function in the weight loss process but is incomplete without a touch of physical exercise.

Exercise can speed up your metabolism by which you can shed fat faster. If you are new to this then a brisk walk or jog will be enough as a start.

1. Walk Indefinitely

This may sound troublesome to many people, but do enlist walking into your daily routine.

Even if you want to go to a grocery store just walk, climbing to your apartments?

Walk the stairs instead of using lifts, adopting these small changes and adding walks into them will be certainly beneficial for you.

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Wherever you get the chance to, walk.

To count your steps and evaluate how many calories have you shed, you can install an app of a pedometer that allows you to see this steps you have taken and calories you have burnt.

2. Get habitual of stretching out before going anywhere

Doing random sit-ups, pushups or burpees can help you stretch your body muscles.

Small exercise like this can help your body stay fit and usually, it prevents joint pain. As a healthy tip, do 20 sit-ups, pushups or burpees, run for a minute then rest.

3. Heavy weight lifting

We are not talking about perpetual heavy weight lifting, for the starters if you can lift heavy weight and perform 10 reps, then your body physique is not heavy enough.

Stars with 2-5 reps with anything that makes it hard for you to lift it.

Gradually your body muscles will be resistant to it and it’s very much good to boost your metabolism and to lose weight in an instant way.

4. Become a sports person

Any sport which you perform is a part of a competitive workout that requires harder efforts from most of your body’s part.

swimming for weight lossFor those who think that they cannot do sports are somehow deluded by the fact that it doesn’t require any special skills.

The human body gets habitual of anything you teach it to, and by sports, we are not pointing towards a special kind, but it could be any such as cricket, soccer, swimming even run and catch.

The special thing about sport is that it doesn’t allow you to feel how many calories you have burned since the excitement is also a part of it.

5. Perform cardio

Cardio is a very good way for body purification. You can use cardio machines to further ease up this process.

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The treadmill will accompany you when you don’t want to jog or walk outside, to the most people treadmill is a great support in performing cardio.

A stationary bike is a better way to stretch your leg muscles, it provides you the stamina for performing different tasks even if you are on a diet.

6. Cross Training

Includes different sets of exercises that work out different parts of the body.

Most people find exercise a boring task which is why they quit. Cross-training will keep you energized and focused, it also burns extra calories.

7. Double the Exercise, Do it again

It’s about cutting 5,000 calories a day, which is not going to happen with minimum exercise.

You have to perform twice as much exercise to meet your goals.

Not necessarily that you can only perform certain exercises, pick any that you like and keep doing it until it gives you feel that it’d burn 10 pounds in one week.

Whoever wants this to happen must workout 4 hours a day, you can make 2 sessions of 2 hours.

Well, it’s a tough task but seek motivation from yourself by thinking about all the weight you will lose.


Sleeping is good for weight loss

1. Take a sufficient sleep

An average healthy person must sleep 6-8 hours each night.

Without giving your sleep a proper time, your diet and exercise part is just not good.

Sleep deprivation can cause hormonal imbalance such as an increase in the amount of Leptin which makes you feel hungry instantly.

Now you know what could happen if you start eating too much. Only by not taking enough sleep you can disturb your weight loss goal to a greater extent.

2. Erase Anxiety from your system

The anxious mind is a key to bring weight gain in a healthy body.

According to many types of research, anxieties contributes to weight gain big time!

Anxiety can be overcome by exercise or walking outside of your house with very good natural sceneries.

You can just do cycling or jogging in the park or climb up the hill that might help you get rid of anxiety.

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3. Say Bye-Bye to Alcohol

Why ditching Alcohol?

To be honest, it serves as an antagonist in the weight loss process. Alcohol consumption can cause dehydration which is opposite to take plenty of water.

It is also harmful to the liver, where about 90% of chemical reaction takes place including the foods.

4. Eat more Fibers

Research has found that people who consume a high quantity of fibers every day have 30 % less chance of getting obese.

No matter how much calories you consume!

5. Clean House + Green House

It doesn’t matter how many pounds you got to lose.

avoid tempting food itemsThey say Charity begins at home, so in order to start a healthier lifestyle, you must start it from your house.

Removing all the tempting food items from your kitchen will help you bring some motivation.

All the sugary items, processed and fatty foods must be donated or thrown. Then buy some healthy groceries mainly include vegetables, fruits, fish, and eggs or even nuts.

This actually must be the first step everyone should start their weight loss journey from.

6. Mono Saturated Fats

According to Nutrition Journal, people on trial ate food enriched with Mono Saturated fats for lunch were evaluated to decrease 40% of appetite which lasts for hours.

A typical example of edibles containing M.S.F is avocado, olive oil, nuts.

Moreover, they demonstrate to reduce cholesterol level, sharpen the memory and enhance the metabolism.

7. Choose Healthy Alternatives

To be exact, dark chocolates are better than the normal chocolates.

You can quench your taste buds without weight gain, which is not so bad.

Another alternative for pasta is a Spaghetti Squash which mainly contains heaps of vegetables and homemade sauce.

Believe in Yourself

self motivation for weight loss

Undoubtedly, losing 10 pounds in a week is tougher than it sounds.

Therefore all the healthy tips for your diet and exercise routine has been instructed above.

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One cannot certainly implement all the guidelines, but there is a chance if you chose to stick with 50% of the piece of advice, you may be very near to achieve your desired goal.

Mostly it has been observed that people who took a very good start got tired after 3 days of strict diet and exercise plans.

In this condition, you only have to tell you about the future body you are going to have which is clearly psychological.

Without letting yourself believe that you can achieve your fitness goal, the information provided above is just a theory.

The usage of vegetables and fruits should be much higher than any other edibles.