How to Lose Belly Fat: A Comprehensive Guide! [2020]

Belly fat is truly a nightmare that happens to about 50% of Americans. Let us describe you the important aspects which you might have been missing to lose belly fat.

In a research, it has been estimated that about 50-55% Americans have unwanted fats around their waist.

how to lose belly fat faster

It’s a real shame to be called 5 months pregnant when you are not!

Belly fat as it sounds brings a lot of problems with it. You cannot fit into your pants so easily and worst of all you are ashamed of taking your shirt off when you are at the beach.

Everyone who has a thick waistline is dramatically confused and try every solution each day of their lives but only some of them succeed.

How to put an end to Belly Fat once and for all!

In order to get rid of this problem once and for all, you have to divide the complete phase into three different segments.

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Lifestyle

Sure you have tried exercising along with a cautious dietary regimen, but that doesn’t work if you add a healthier lifestyle tactics in it.

For a complete belly loss, you have to carry these things simultaneously in a strict way so you won’t deviate from this pattern.

Some people have only followed a good workout plan along with proper diet, but it has been observed that without making lifestyle strategies they do not work well altogether.

This practice is for those who want to have a flat belly for the entire life/ long term.

1. Losing Belly Fat Through Diet

Diet plays the most important role when it comes to transforming your belly fat into ABS. It takes about 80% of the credit to make a perfect lean shaped belly, rest 20% is due to exercise.

If you make simple changes to your diet we bet that losing belly fat will be much easier for you.

It’s not about what you want to eat, but what your body needs at a right time.

2. Keep your calories calculated

You need to eat less amount of calories, so eating less will be an ideal option. When you eat less the reservoir energy which is deposited in the form of belly fat will burn itself.

So it will melt the calories to fulfill your energy requirement.

Asking about a proper calorie count, a normal individual should consume 500 fewer calories per day in order fast burn of the belly fat.

Take this limit to 1000 calories per day and you will lose 10 pounds in just a month.

a) What to Eat?

eat egg to lose belly fat

  1. More Fibers:
    Eating a fiber diet can help in losing belly fat faster. A soluble fiber is also known as the fat fighter, an individual needs to consume about 10 g of these fibers per day to get a beneficial effect. Whole grains, beans, and other green vegetables are the richest source of fiber.
  2. No Sugar:
    It requires a lot of dedication to lose belly fat in a short time period, one of the bad news is you have to say bye-bye to cakes, cookies, and every sugary item. Sugar is bad for various reasons, it gives you more amount of calories than what you are already trying to burn. And it also increases the number of visceral fats, which gets merged with the organs located in the abdominal area.
  3. Cut out Trans Fats:
    Trans fat consumption can lead to the vast production of belly fat as compared to the consumption of mono saturated fats. Belly fat can eradicate by the use of lite fatty items like coconut oil, nuts, olive oil, and avocado.
  4. Have more Protein Diet:
    Those people who think protein is bad for abdominal fat were a part of the misconception. The latest studies have shown that those people who consume more protein diet are less prone to have belly fat. Eating lean proteins which are present in egg white, Greek yogurt and skinless poultry would be the right choice.
  5. Use Vinegar:
    Vinegar can be used in salad dressing. According to scientist people who consume vinegar about two tablespoons each day tends to have less belly fat accumulation than those who don’t. Apple cider vinegar would be a good choice though.
  6. Decrease Sodium:
    You have to reduce the consumption of salt to less than 2,000 milligrams per day. Salt on consumption requires more amount of water which is then held onto the stomach region and gives you a false appearance of extra belly fats than you already have.

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b) Drinking Habits

best drinks to lose belly fat

  1. Limit Alcohol Consumption:
    Alcohol consumption is bad because it allows your liver to eliminate certain toxins instead of breaking down body fats. For a proper belly lose it is better to quit alcohol, but those who cannot drink those drinks with less sugar like red wine but it shouldn’t be consumed every day.
  2. Decrease the Caffeine Intake:
    Most of the caffeinated drinks have a high amount of sugar which is bad for losing belly fat. Also, new research shows that high consumption of caffeine can enhance the level of certain enzymes that can cause belly fat accumulation as a result. Green tea, lemon tea or hot detoxifying water early in the morning would be an excellent choice.
  3. No Carbonated Drinks:
    Carbonated drinks have so much gas that deposited in your belly and gives it a balloon like an appearance. Also, they have a great amount of sugar mixed which is absolutely bad. No soft drinks at all but water.

c) Losing Belly Fat through Exercise

Once you have managed your diet perfectly, your body will start losing belly fat. At this time right exercises techniques can give a boost to this process.

best exercises to lose belly fat fast

Right exercise can help you burn more belly fat because it burns excess amount of calories. But all exercise isn’t the same, there are specific types which you need to do just to target the fats in your belly.

  1. Cardio:
    Every gym trainer you ask will agree that cardio is the best exercise for losing belly fat. Cardio of medium intensity will suit your newly trained body, such as jogging, swimming, and cycling etc. High-Intensity part of your exercise should be jumping or burpees for a certain period of time. These high-intensity exercises will boost your metabolism to the maximum extent which causes a fast burn of belly fat.
  2. Do Exercise more than often!
    It is pronounced fact that people who do exercise more often lose belly fat faster than the rest, For women, it is essential to work out for an hour 5 times a week to lose abdominal fat. For a rapid action do the vigorous heart to pump exercise 5 times a week and another 2 days low-intensity workout is preferred? You can also use some yoga techniques though.
  3. Crunches are Harmful:
    Unless you have shed the belly fats it is not allowed to do crunches. Doing crunches while you have belly fat will only increase the size of the thin layer beneath the fat, which will further project your fat in a rounder form.
  4. Work on your other Body parts:
    When you build up your shoulders or chest, the amount of belly fat visible will be much lesser.  It’s an optical illusion, but it works, you can also do squats and weighted lunges to improve your backside which makes your stomach looks quite smaller.

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d) Losing Belly Fat through Changing Lifestyle

Now that you have covered the exercise and diet in a very well-mannered way, now it’s time to give some consideration to bring some lifestyle changes.

lifestyle changes helps shrink belly fat

A healthier routine won’t harm anyone plus it will help you lose the unwanted amount of fats from your belly as well as from other parts. Some things should be in check like.

  1. Overcome the Stress:
    Stress can cause cortisol level rise, which is basically a hormone secreted when a person experiences stress. Too much cortisol in your body for a long term can cause accumulation of belly fat, a new study says. You have to take no stress because what’s the point of doing all this if you are depressed?A body bath, yoga or meditation is what you can do while you experience any type of stress.
  2. Get a grip on your hormones:
    Hormonal imbalance can affect belly fat directly. Increase amount of insulin is bad for you which can cause belly fat deposition so does the estrogen. If more than 2 hormones in your blood are out of range, then you should consider visiting a medical practitioner to get it balanced for you.
  3. Have a complete Sleep:
    Scientists have shared this common notion that having sleep deprivation can actually cause belly fat. In a trial, participants who get improper sleep were prone to have more leptin in their blood sample, a hormone which stimulates appetite. To have a flat stomach it is mandatory for you to have 7-8 hours of sleep every day.
  4. Choose your Outfit Wisely:
    Choosing a dress that makes your stomach visible is a bad choice. Dress lose if you have more belly fat so that you wouldn’t be a psychological victim of your own self. Some people say wearing dark color can affect the appearance of your body as well so here you go.

Additional Tips

Losing belly fat doesn’t seem so hard when you act upon all of the things mentioned above.

You can either be a guy eating his meal in the subway with a big fat belly or you can be someone who can wear the tightest outfits and still look flat.

The choice of picking healthier lifestyle along with exercise and diet is all up to you.

Belly fats are one of the most stubborn fat resides in our body and once you get rid of it, make sure you don’t run out of the schedule.