How to Lose Weight: Shocking Truth From 5 Users Revealed! [2020]

When we talk about the weight loss, so there have been always diet and exercises comes to our mind, right?

But not necessary, losing the weight is possible without an exercise.

how to lose weight without exercise

There are many peoples who focused on the exercise.

But what happens? When the effect of high-fat and high sugar begins to appear on your weight?

If you are looking to drop the pounds, so you don’t have to consume your time on the exercises and hours at the gym.

Exercises play a role to improve the life, but the weight loss is possible without an exercise.

Here we shared the successful weight loss without exercise by the five women.

Story #1 – I Regulated My Sleep Cycle

Charlene M., of Seattle, Washington knew the consequence and importance of health.


She learned the significance of mental health as well as physical health after lost 20 pounds.

I have been working on my health to improve, reduce anxiety and the depression.

I have done self-care by taking the recommended sleep, which is 7-8 hours every night and reduce insomnia.

The Science Of Sleep:

According to the enormous researches, Taking the sleep for seven to eight hours is crucial to maintain the weight and control the calorie intake.

According to the Robert Ziltzer (An obesity-medicine specialist), lack of sleep can elevate the level of stress hormone and increased the calorie intake by stimulates the hunger.

Story #2 – I Got The Treatment

Sometimes the sudden increase in weight is not related to the munching a chips pack and convivial with pizza and soda cans.


You have done almost everything to lose weight, but the results are bizarre such was the case spotted for Christa H., of Denver, Colorado

A few years ago, I rapidly gained the weight around 20 pounds, which was horrendous, I endured for months and trying to lose weight through a combo of training.

One day, I visited the doctor and diagnosed with a Hashimoto’s thyroid disease (a disease in which the thyroid gland is progressively damaged)

The reason behind her weight gain is the thyroid disease which is managed after the diagnosis.

She had managed the weight after the proper medications.

She regulated the weight by monitor the daily calorie count and select the healthier choices.

Christa could not able to perform the exercises due to the busy job and low level of energy.

It has taken me a year to manage the weight through proper treatment, patience and everything which is better.

I feel much better than the previous condition which is worth.

The Medical Advice:

All of the people think that the obesity is begins with an overeating and a sedentary lifestyle.

The above statement is correct, but if you never lose any weight after trying a lot of methods for the weight loss so you need to consult a doctor.

There are many medicals factors are associated with the weight gain and weight loss for instance liver function, insulin, gut bacteria, erratic hormone level and undoubtedly thyroid disease.

Take a medical advice if you are suffering from an underlying health concern.

Story #3I Skip Carbohydrates

When you think weight loss, so the high carbohydrate diets are usually cut off because it contains the increase calorie and digest in a short period of the time.


Emma P.. of Austin, Texas,  During the previous year, she decided to follow a Keto diet.

The Keto diet promotes the Ketogenic process in the body, resulting in the body use stored fat for the energy instead of glycogen.

The diet contains the fat and protein sources and the low carbohydrate foods.

My aim to eat the zero carbohydrates per day, I really did not exercise which is not a big deal for the Keto peoples.

I try to stay active but I did not go out for the exercises or cardio in order to control the weight.

While it seems like uttermost to some, she got amazing results by losing the 40 pounds in a year in which dropped 10 pounds in the first month.

The Nutritionist Advice:

It is not good for a health to cut down all carbohydrates from the diet.

You can also lose the weight by lower the carbohydrate content.

According to the research which is published in the journal “Diabetes and metabolic syndrome”:

There are many reviews and the clinical research shows that the Keto diet can burn the fat 10 times more as compared to the other diets

Story #4 – Managed My Calories With An App

Megan H., of Ridgecrest, California, first started to lose the weight by hiring a personal trainer and learned many things about working out.


But she did not get any benefit from weight loss by the workouts.

She said when I reached home after the workouts in the starving condition tends to eat more.

I ate more than which I burned at the gym.

So I started tracking the calories by using the MyFitnessPal app.

This app helped her to lose weight regularly, ultimately she lost the 40 pounds of weight in the 18 months of the time period.

Megan has done this when she was unable to doing a workout in the gym due to some health condition.

What The Experts View?

Weight loss is possible to monitor the nutrition without exercise, it requires the complete nutrition and recommended calories.

You can achieve the weight loss by tracking the daily intake of calories into the app and consume within a range, tracking is great.

Story #5 – I Consider Whole Food

Shannon L., of Denver, Colorado, she had lost almost 15 pounds in the five weeks by considering eating whole food.


You can say the unprocessed foods and the real food.

The whole foods are included in the whole grains, proteins, vegetables, and fruit.

I saved the 100 to 200 calories daily per day for a tiny refreshment.

I enthusiast regular exercise, but due to the different changes in lifestyle, I never performed any exercise.

I’m glad that my weight still reduces without any exercise.

What The Nutritionist Says

Incorporate the whole foods into your diet is a great way to reduce the calories, cut down the processed foods, and promotes the weight loss without any hurdles.

The whole foods/ real foods are also supported to supply the vitamin and mineral in all over the body.

Usually, the processed foods are not good for the health and contribute to weight gain while the unprocessed or whole foods are rich in fiber and the protein which play a role to reduce the food cravings and keeps you full.

Addition of lean meats, chicken, fishes or shellfish, and veggies can maximize the weight loss results.