How to use Weight watchers in the most effective way?

Weight Watchers before and after weight loss

Weight Loss is such a common problem and so many people are working on it that almost every one of us happens to acquaint with someone who has shed a few serious pounds with Weight Watcher’s program.

The program has been so helpful that one the most popular American celebrities Oprah Winfrey happened to buy the chunk of this program once she has achieved her weight loss target with it, even she happily accepted the proposal to become the Ambassador of Weight Watchers.

Weight Loss journey is long and tiring and it is not easy to cover it alone. Although the diet plans are so effective to keep you on the right track for a rather long period is not an easy task at all.

Hence, it is a good idea to make Weight Watcher your companion if you happen to feel convenient and as a matter of fact the tips that are part of this article are generic in nature, it implies that they will be compatible with any good type of weight loss program.

1. Have some H2O:

When your body is hydrated, it actually helps you a lot on the weight loss journey

As per a research that was conducted on 10,000 subjects (Participants) between the age group of 18 and 64, weight management gets easy when the body is hydrated and you happen to drink not only plenty of water but you also consume those vegetable and fruits that have the high content of water in them.

Just for the record: having water is easy but the problem arises when it comes to drinking water excessively and that is why here are a few techniques that can help you drink more water.

Lunch time side dish exchange…

Without feeling water logged, apply these tips and drink water as much as you want:

  • Have one glass of water before every meal, it will help you in two ways, firstly, it will be added in your daily water goal and secondly, it will fill up your tummy a bit
  • Are you feeling some sort of craving for snacks? Have a glass of water and in a few minutes, your craving for the snack will vanish or at least you will happen to take less amount of the snack when you have water in your tummy already
  • Your body literally works even when you are asleep and that is why when you wake up, you feel it or not but your body is dehydrated! So, it should be first thing in the morning that you drink a bottle of water.
  • Opt for fruits that possess more water such as peaches, oranges, strawberries, raspberries, grapefruit, watermelon and pineapple as these are the fruits they have considerably high amount of water in them
  • If a full jug of water is horrifying, divide it into small portions, just remember do not drink water when you feel parched, it indicates that your body is already facing dehydration, so the best way to avoid this situation is to drink water on the regular basis every now and then to stay hydrated.
  • Go for vegetables that are high in water like radish, celery, green cabbage, red cabbage, peppers, spinach, eggplant, cauliflower, zucchini, cucumber, tomato and lettuce as they have quite high content of water in them.

2. Opt for an online weight loss website:

As per a health research study that was published in the renowned Journal, people tend to maintain their weight loss for a much longer period of time when they engage themselves with an interactive site for the management of their weight.

It is obviously a no-brainer that losing a small amount of weight is not hard at all but the real struggle starts when it is time to keep that lose weight off your body.

Bottom Line: the longer you can maintain to regularly log on, the better chances you get to keep that lost weight at a bay.

Way to use an Online weight Loss Site like a pro:

The good news is there is no trick or technique behind it, anyone with even a little knowledge of computer or mobile usage can easily operate the site easily.

  • When you use the online site, it is easy to maintain, keep a check on the regular basis plus your chances of being on the track get high.
  • With the online site, you can easily keep your weight in check, exercise regimen and the food intake assessed that is otherwise not an easy thing to maintain
  • When you are mindful what you are eating, you tend to make better food choices as you a bit accountable for your eating habits

Bottom Line: having online weight loss site account literally keeps you in a win-win situation.

3. Treat your weighing Scale as your Best Buddy:

If you happen to ask the dieters, normally they literally consider standing on a scale as a nightmare because they feel, they will surely get the bad number but here the dieters are actually making a bad choice because if you are not aware where your weight is lying (on which number to be precise) how will you possibly get rid of it?

Easy snack swap…

This is the point where you need to change the perception, look the scale through a different perspective, your scale is not an issue for you but your excess weight is!

Now, take a look at the number of your current weight, do not panic, it is just a number and it will surely get down if you just learn to be persistent. Be normal, enter your current weight number on the weight loss site and that’s it, take it as a routine task.

You are willing to lose a large number in terms of pounds, Do remember, losing too much weight cannot be done over night, you are bound to set small targets for yourself. To keep you on the track, for staying motivated and of course, for losing that excess weight in reality.

Tricks for using the scale for losing excess pounds:

  • Put the scale in your access, do not hide it in the dark, on the last shelf of your closet or somewhere you cannot see it.
  • Weigh yourself on a reasonable regular interval. Your weight tends to fluctuate a little in every few hours that is why checking weight once in a week is a good idea so, you can also experience a significant change and be proud of it as checking weight very frequently will not let you experience mind focus.
  • Log your exercise and food intake on daily basis or may be twice in a day (only if you can manage this much) otherwise entering food once in a day is good enough.
  • Fix a time of a day and without introducing any variations, weigh in and enter the number on the site as a routine task without being overwhelmed about it.

4. Maintain a diet diary:

According to an American Journal, in a study of around 1,700 subjects (participants), it was observed that people who tend to maintain their food dairies increased the (possibility of losing weight twice as compared to those who tried to lose weight without keeping a food diary).

It is up to the individual’s preference that how many times they want to record their food intake but twice or thrice in a day simply imply that it is easy to stay on the track.

Tricks to update a Weight-Loss Diary:

Fortunately, we have several options of websites that are quite user-friendly, so today; it is easy to keep a record.

  • Just create an account with any Weight Loss site and then you are just one step behind to log daily.
  • Enter your food and exercise in a quick succession, so it will not seem you as a long & dragging chore, you will be able to squeeze in this task in your busy life style and you can do it willingly on daily basis.
  • Keep your record easy and straight
  • Click, Click and Waa-Laaah again click and congratulations, you have completed your diet dairy entry, well joking apart, entering food has become almost painless and easy just. Try it to believe it.

5. Limit your portion Size:

The majority of people who have been successful in losing weight are those gradually lessen their meal sizes, so do not you think; it is a good idea to start with?

Tricks to maintain limited portion size:

  • Using small bowls and plates can be quite helpful because your mind gets the message late that you are full and most probably the amount you eat it is not what your body really wants.
  • In a restaurant, be cautious how much you are serving yourself. It is highly likable that in the temptation of good presentation and delicious smell, you eat more than what you really require.
  • Sharing is caring but sharing can also save you from eating excessively. How? Usually, a restaurant serving sizes are larger than normal serving, so share the serving portion with others and not only spend quality time but also enjoy a healthy choice that you will definitely appreciate later.
  • You are at a buffet, a large variety of food is at the display, tap yourself and avoid this overly delicious trap, take your plate and opt for a salad that is either without dressing or if it has a dressing then the ingredients are supposed to be healthy options, after finishing your salad , go for a dish of veggies (any good taste yet healthy recipe is okay), keep the protein or favorite food item for the last part of the meal where your tummy is almost full and now you can reward yourself with your favorite dish without bearing any guilt.

Bonus Tip:

Have a companion, don’t do it alone:

Guide to Making Weight Watchers Work for You

Here is a bonus tip!

Following the weight loss regimen is not an easy one,

What are the drawbacks when you do it alone?

  • Progress can be quite slow
  • It is not easy to be positive at times
  • Sometimes, it feels so lonely
  • You are so obsessed with food temptations
  • At times, you are like; no more food choices are at your disposal.

So to overcome all these feelings and stages, it is better to have a companion with you.

Where to find a Diet companion?

Apparently, it can be anyone, from your family, friends, neighbors, acquaintance or coworkers. Look around and the chances are that you will find more than one!

Sharing and discussing make it always easy, maybe discussing your thoughts and ideas with every single being on this planet is not that is required but having one or two people who are aware of your struggles, let you feel more energetic and motivated.

However, if you fail to find one in your real life, you may find someone online since almost all weight loss websites offer virtual social connectivity and support.

Final Thought:

So, we have talked how these tips will be applicable to optimize your results with weight watchers or any other diet program of its kind.