John Cena Steroids: Real User Experience Inside! [2020]

Amazing physique of John Cena has led to wide deliberation as whether the professional wrestler and professional athletes are on steroids.

Is John Cena Natural Or On Steroids?

John Felix Anthony Cena was born in West Newbury ( April 23, 1977) and known as the WWE superstar (John Cena). 

Throughout all interviews of John Cena for internet blogs, media outlets ,he strongly refused use of steroids by showing her innocence.

John Cena claimed, his body is a completely natural and never enhanced by any chemicals , he worked on the gym and gave advice or instructions to his trainers over the years.


  • Height = 6ft 1 inch
  • Weight = 114kg
  • Body Fat = 8-9 % approximately

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According to what John Cena is natural?

There are some pretty evidences that shows something against the steroid use.

He is not bigger in size:

John Cena workout routineJohn Cena is not big as compare to those who are the steroid users and has considerable in size.

His body medium in size that predicts a natural physique, natural metabolism, workout trainings and a good diet plans have helped him to achieve this amazing physique.

Steroids users have extreme size of upper body but he is proportionate and does not have balloons like arms, that evidence shows he is not on the steroid.

Less Bulging Veins:

Usually the steroids user have more popping veins to all over especially in upper body.

He does not have more popping veins which explain that he is natural.

HE Passed All Steroids Test For WWE:

In WWE competition ,there is a need to passed some steroid test.

The evidence is not very strong for argument however it needs to be considered.

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According to what John Cena is on steroid?

There are some common signs that displays the use of steroids .

John Cena Muscular body

Larger Muscular:

He lifted weights when he was 12 and he got massive after the age of 18.

The guys who are natural ,have gain amazing size on the first start of weight lifting where as John cena gains huge mass after 6 years lifting of weight.

The immense growth of the muscles is a big indicator of steroid use.

Flushed skin :

One of the side effect of steroid use is flushing of skin. The steroids can rise your body temperature as well as temperature which causes your blood vessels more  visible that gives your body a flushed look.

He does not have massive amount of flushed skin but there is some area around his chest gives a flushed skin that indicates a use of steroid.

This evidence is not very authentic, we seen him with paleness most of the time but may be it is due to the some external factors.

He Has Enlarged and Blockier Skull ?

Use of steroids can promote a  growth of muscles but it does not cause a bone to grow , but it indicates a use of Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

John Cena Talks About His BodybuildingA hormone that is naturally occurring in our body responsible for the growth of individual, bigger muscles and larger bones and gives a squarer appearance.

The users of HGH shows a sign like their skull look bigger( doubled in size) or scarier than the normal.

These all criteria shows that he is the HGH user. The excessive level of HGH may cause growth of bone, tissues and even skull.

He Endured to build up the muscles as he got older:

A basic criteria in the bodybuilding that you add up a mass for about 6 years ,you are training.

As you fulfill your diet plans and right workout demands ,your body begins to develop  more muscles for up to six years.

As aging start it becomes difficult to maintain your muscles and hard to gain the muscles until or unless if you are a steroid user.

The use of steroids can increase your imitation of building muscles for more about six years .

Bloating  ( Steriod Gut ):

John Cena has generally small waist with aesthetic physique and some mild bloating in the stomach area ,this is due to the retention of excess water.

This is a very mild form of steroid gut because of the use of HGH /insulin.

Bloating is very common in those guys who juice and rare in nattys.

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Which Steroids can shows these symptoms:

His appearance more likely to show that he might be on steroids, enlarged skull explain the use of HGH.

WWE Superstar John Cena Squats

He gained extra muscle size may be due to the use of testosterone and dianabol steroids.


Our assumption is purely unpredictable and based on just only outward appearance.

Some outward appearance of John Cena shows that he has been on steroids as a professional athlete.

The use of steroids are common among the athletes and body building field.

Our point is not judging him as he could be natural or he could be on steroids ,we are here to tell you about the facts.

Some evidences that clearly resembles with the steroids users like has some bloating , bigger skull, blockier midsection, blew up after six years and pink colored skin.