Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Her $25 Earrings From Kohl’s and Looks Absolutely Svelte

Jennifer Lopez breaks the stereotype by wearing $25 earrings from Kohl’s and amazed her fan.

It’s only J. Lo that can appear wearing a $2,835 worth Balmain crop top while stepping out with her beau one day.

And the other day, she can be spotted wearing earrings that worth only $25.

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Jennifer Lopez wears it proudly:

While appearing with her look of the day, the singer-actor-dancer flashed her vibrant piece of jewelry to the cameras.

Jennifer Lopez Kohl's $25 earringsLuckily, at that time, the cameras managed to capture only a glimpse of her complete ensemble, but it doesn’t really matter at all.

Gladly, the sparkling earrings were clear enough to be noticed even in a flash of second.

Getting curious and surprised responses were expected but J.Lo confidently shared and tagged the retailer: Kohl’s.

J.Lo’s partnership with Kohl’s:

This wearing of double-drop jewelry is the outcome of Lopez’s ongoing partnership with Kohl’s.

She has been associated with the retailer since 2011 and is also designing jewelry for them.

Well, that adds another hyphen to her already-broad job title.

Kohl’s collection mainly includes accessories, watches, shoes, caps and apparel.

So, let’s assume that copping J.Lo’s jewelry sensation doesn’t demand some serious long-term budgeting.

Lopez’s choice is on sale now for only $24.70:

Lopez’s earrings are available at a reasonable price of $24.70 only!


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Well, because you don’t have to spend a fortune to look trendy. But you have to grab these beauties quickly, as they have been posted on Instagram shout out and have received almost 800,000 likes – so they might run out of stock anytime.

Jennifer lopez hoop earringsSo, let’s say, all we need is some camera flashlights and Kohl’s earrings to create J.Lo’s magical look!

J.Lo has been spotted wearing Kohl’s jewelry earlier too:

Well surprisingly, this is not the first time J.Lo has been spotted wearing Kohl’s.

The 47 year old star once posted a picture on Instagram in which she flaunted her Kohl’s hoops.

The star looked ethereal with a contoured face and nude makeup.

She was wearing some other accessories too but Kohl’s hoops were the focal point of the picture.

Seems like J.Lo doesn’t mind carrying her brand and posing pictures with them.

No doubt, we can expect this honesty and sincerity from a star like J.Lo only!

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How did fans react to her choice?

Well it is quite difficult to explain any explicit response from her fans, but an implicit reaction can be explained.

Jennifer lopez make up

J.Lo’s picture with Kohl’s earrings posted on Instagram got 800,000 likes exhibit that it is well received by the audience.

We can also assume for a moment that people are happy to see a celebrity endorsing a brand that is within the reach of an average person as well.

Whatever the motive of J.Lo is, her fans seem excited and overwhelmed by this act of hers!

Jennifer Lopez indirectly sends a message:

We can derive multiple meanings from J.Lo’s act, for instance, the most prominent one is; style doesn’t need any long term financial budgeting.

Ok @chrisappleton1 @scottbarnes68 #RandM #anotherdayattheoffice

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You just have to feel good to look good!

J.Lo proved that a few key ensembles can transform your clothing, and take it to the next level.

The star nearly stunned everyone by making a Red Carpet appearance by wearing a pair of earrings that worth only $25 (originally cost $38).

Isn’t she crazy? But once again, no one carries herself better than J.Lo.

So if you fail to find these beauties, then don’t lose hope and stay updated with Kohl’s latest collection, as now this brand has become a celebrity choice after all!

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Was J.Lo expecting a spotlight?

Hollywood celebs sometimes deliberately get into acts that help them capture the headlines.

Jennifer lopez clothes

Let’s assume that J.Lo did the same by wearing jewelry that worth only $25. Isn’t this crazy on her part?

Celebs are well aware of the fact that they hold the power to influence their millions of fans.

So looking at this positively, the star might wanted to set an example for her fans to wear anything that looks good on them, without considering the prices.

Well whatever her motive is, she has captured the spotlight for a while.

Will J.Lo continue to do so?

Jennifer lopez gifIt is really difficult to predict anything at this stage but yes, it is expected to happen in the future as the star is associated with the brand.

But our concern is, did J.Lo wear this piece just because she is the lead designer of the brand, or because she liked them?

Well, whatever her selection will be, Jennifer Lopez will continue to amaze her fans from her fabulous fashion sense and style!

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