Jeremy Buendia Steroids- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Jeremey Buendia is always competitive, refer to as 3 times Men’s Physique Mr. Olympia champion.

4x Mr. Olympia Physique Champ

“Being a champion is not a great deal or action, it’s all about a state of mind”

“A question you should ask everyday or in each morning, either what to do today or don’t want to do today, the outcome totally depends upon your answer”

As he is an NPC physique champion, the more individual’s are interesting to talk about his muscle.

As usual the debate of being “natty or not” has reached with 3x Olympic men’s physique.

Can it be possible to gain a perfect physique without the use of anabolic steroid?

Where Does Jeremy Buendia Motivation Come From?

The source of motivation comes from the self improvement. I always believe that there is always a path of success in every aspect of life.

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Bodybuilding has provided a track for seeing myself grow and transforming.

The main part of my motivation is fear. Yes, I have a fear of losing. The fear of losing push my body towards the vigorous workouts and sport.

Statistics Of Jeremy Buendia:

  • Height= 5’8’’ (173cm)
  • Off Season weight= 195Ibs (88kg)
  • Competition weight= 165Ibs (75kg)

Is he natural or on the steroids?

Check out some evidence: 

Jeremy Buendia's Body transformation1. Matched With A Natural Bodybuilding Standard:

The guide for a natural bodybuilding shows that it is possible to gain 156Ibs/71 kg of weight and around 5-8% of body fat for the natural one.

So there is no need to surprise because he is just 10 pounds over. 10Ibs is not a big deal when you are working at the time of high school.

2. Gain Time Line:

Buendia has built up his muscle since the time of high school. He made approximately 90% of muscle in teenage.

But he had a body fat around 5% and more.

  • It’s sound amazing how the physique looks when you are working to reduce a body fat.
  • It’s hard to gain for the very first time when you start lifting weight.
  • His defined physique seems like a natural because he began workout from the age of 17.

3. The Family Background Is The Biggest Proof:

How Did You Get Involved In The Bodybuilding Field?

I took steps in the bodybuilding through my father as he was a non-competitive bodybuilder in the 70’s. I grew up by watching him to doing a workout in our home gym.

It was fascinating, a way looked his body defined and straight encourages me to follow in his footsteps.

Throughout my life, seeing a successful brother and father with lifted weight has become a source to peak the Jeremy Buendia interest towards a competitive bodybuilding.

Do Body Features Shows A Sign Of Anabolic Steroid Use?

1. Thinning Of Skin: (Negative)

The thinning of the skin or a paper skin is more commonly found in the juicers.

Buendia does not have that symptom, his muscle look full and covered even does not deplete at the very body fat percentage. He has a great skin without flushed.

2. Enlarged skull: (Negative)

Jeremy Buendia has a regular face, skull size, and a well defined structure.

The use of steroid can cause an enlarged skull and the growth of the skull.

3. Vascularity: (Neutral)

Increased vascularity is the sign of steroid user. Buendia does have extreme vascularity as his veins look like during the competition.

The symptom of increased vascularity can arise when the body fat percentage is low.

4. Dryness: (Negative)

Buendia body has not insanely dry that shows a complete photo shopped or a 3D look.

Usually the cutting steroids are the reason behind extremely dryness.

Jeremy’s Diet:

Jeremy, a professional bodybuilder eats a balanced diet, smaller portion in a day.

The food is consisting of lean proteins, healthy fat content and a complex carbohydrate.

Meal1Meal 2Meal 3Meal 4Meal 5Meal 6
Liquid Egg Whites (1 ¼ Cup)Chicken Breast- 6ozChicken Breast-6ozChicken Breast-6ozSalmon-7ozOats ½ Cup
Oats ¾ CupSweet Potato-6ozSweet Potato-6ozSweet Potato-6ozAvocado- ½Peanut Butter-1 ½ Tbsp
Avocado- ½



Green Beans-4ozGreen Beans-4ozGreen Salad

(Cucumber, Lettuce, And Tomato)


Jeremy Buendia Training Plans:

Jeremy’s Buendia has a favorite training is HITT as compared to the cardio. He prefers to do an intense or a short session instead of sitting on a bike for longer than a 30 minutes.

Jeremy Buendia's Workout training

“I prefer HITT than a normal cardio because I can’t sit up on the cardio equipment, longer than 30 minutes”

The other most favorite is High Intensity Interval Training, He switches a training with cycling or sprinting.

Top on the list,

  1. Bench Press: He likes the bench press as it is a great exercise to build up the upper body and developed thickness.
  2. DB Lateral Raises:  The exercise is most crucial for developing a deletion look, a whole body is covered with a muscle. The pumps are the best part of this exercise.
  3. DB Standing Alternative Bicep Curls: The exercise allows for a better contraction and pump in the biceps.

(Push Day)




(Pull Day Arms)


(Lower Body)


(Upper Body)


(Lower Body)

DumbbellCardioCable Pull DownBack SquatLat Pull DownsSingle Leg Press
DB Shoulder PressCable CrunchesSit-upLeg PressClose Grip Pull DownPower Jump
TricepsClean And PressHammer CurlsLeg CurlStraight Leg LiftsStep Ups
BarbellIncline PressCable TorsoLeg ExtensionPilates Roll UpsDeadlifts

Jermey’s Buendia Competed In The Bodybuilding Federations:

Jeremy Buendia is naturalJermey’s Buendia has also competed in the bodybuilding federations such as the INBF and NPC. He has passed in all tests from these federations.

The standard of these tests are not strict or highly standardized as everyone can easily pass.

Blood tests and urine test cannot differentiate between the natural and the steroid user.

He had begun competing at the age of 17 and won his first bodybuilding competition in the year “2012” at the NPC championships.

Assumption: Natural

Jeremy Buendia does not have any symptoms related to the steroid use.

The family background, strict workout plans and diet plans predict a natural one.

He has a maximum muscle and a defined physique from teenage “17” as he is genetically gifted.