Jon Jones Test Positive For Turinabol

In the athletic world, steroids consumption and abuse do not sound new to the ears.

Time and again, many names have made huge controversies over the use of illegal substances followed by conviction and strict punishments for the acts.

UFC’s Jon Jones tested positive for steroids

This time it was Jon Jones, a name that needs no introduction for the diehard followers of UFC.

Jon Jones, the man who has significant achievements under his belt turned out to be great a disappointment for his fans after being tested positive for anabolic steroids.

According to the sources, the two-time Light Heavyweight Champion of the UFC has withdrawn from his title as a penalty for breaching the UFC’s anti-steroid rules.

On top of that, the outcome of the fight has been declared to ‘no contest’ and the belt has been returned to his rival.

The sources further confirmed that the test was conducted prior to his UFC 214 fight with Daniel Cormier to which the mixed martial artist triumphed over the former Olympian wrestler and won UFC light heavyweight title for the second time.

As revealed by his reports, Jones was on Turinabol that is a synthetic steroid hormone in nature.

The substance is generally considered as a performance enhancer for it has the ability to increase bone strength to a greater level.

It is interesting to note that the use of Turinabol, the anabolic androgenic steroid has been particularly common amongst the athletic group.

Likewise, Jon’s involvement in steroids did not come out unexpected.

As a matter of fact, his name was already drawn in the past when he did not pass a test by USADA, considering which; many believed that he may face a 4 year ban this time.

Basically, the 30 years old served a year suspension owing to violating the anti-drug rules before UFC 200 and so, it was his return to the ring with Cormier.

Jones 2 Headlines UFC 200

However, things turn unfavorable for him soon after his results came ‘unclean’!

The substances found in his samples were letrozole and clomiphene, which indicate that Jon was on steroids at the time of his fight.

Similar to Turinabol, letrozole and clomiphene are considered dangerous for human health and hence, their usage is prohibited for people in general.

Letrozole is a very strong AI possessing anti-estrogen properties.

While the steroid is a proven drug for women with breast cancer, it can augment the making of testosterone by boosting two essential hormones, FSH and LH in men.

At times, patients with low testosterone are treated through a drug like this, yet, the consumption of Letrozole is not considered safe by and large.

Jon Jones lands an elbow hit as Daniel CormierOn the other hand, clomiphene is another illegal agent the purchase and use of which is considered a crime.

Clomiphene was introduced to help women conceive as it holds the power to address problems related to fertility.

And as all the anabolic steroids are misused for mass and strength gaining purposes, likewise, Clomiphene is commonly used by men in sports.

Essentially, the drug leaves a very major influence on the production of testosterone, which of course, is heavily favorable for men in need of extra power inside and outside the field.

Even though, Jon was tested positive each time, yet, he and his team members have always responded in denial.

According to them, the fighter had consumed some tainted sex pill that has led to such changes in his tests.

On the other hand, Jones too, has always remained firm on his statements when questioned or targeted for his defiance behaviors.

Daniel Cormier defends as Jon Jones movesOf late, while one of his fans pleaded him to speak the truth on a social media platform, the fighter swore on his family asserting to be always straight and ingenuous about himself.

Well, considering all the other ‘non-steroidal’ controversies surrounding the vigorous and enthusiastic Jon, we do not feel convinced with his words!

As of now, he has stripped of his title and we are sure of that!