Justin Beiber Ruthlessly Insulted a Fan When She asked For a Picture

The tantrum showing pop icon Justin Bieber has come under intense criticism once again for being brutal to one of his fans.

As reported by Herald Sun, Justin was on an official tour to Melbourne when he came across an over-passionate fan, Sabah Helal.

Helal, 20, seemingly made an utter mistake by requesting the Baby singer for a photo, when he bashed her for invading his privacy.

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Was Biebs actually that bad with her?

Now you might be wondering it was okay for the sorry star to act this way.

Sure that’s a bit cruel but Biebs has to deal with the pressure of stardom, talent and a lot more on his court, so it is absolutely acceptable to act like a prick with his fans.

Unfortunately, instead of moving ahead in a situation like that, Justin added fuel to the fire by making a derogatory statement to his fan.

This latest incident of star-fan led the pop star to face some serious bashing.

What was the reaction from the other end?

Sabah’s mother, Houda Bennaou, labelled Bieber’s behavior as ‘disgusting’.

She believed that it was very mean on his part to behave with a fan who was super excited to see him but he chose to humiliate her daughter.

She further added that a response like that can shatter a fan’s self-confidence.

One of Justin’s fans sadly tweeted his humiliating response while his fans surrounded him to greet.

She wrote that he called his fans ‘disrespectful’ too.

Justin’s latest wrath and fury broke his fans’ heart and the star had to face some serious backlash from the critics.

What exactly social media has to say about Justin’s latest wrath?

The pop star has received mixed responses on social media regarding the incident.

justin bieber aaron carter

Some of the respondents wrote in favor while others criticized and called him unreasonable.

A fan wrote that it was completely Okay to show such attitude to his fans.

He believed that he too needed some privacy and if a girl tried to invade that, then facing a rude response is absolutely normal.

Another annoyed fan wrote that it was too mean of him to respond to his fans like that.

Justin Bieber in AustraliaHe should learn to handle the pressure of stardom and not to disrespect any of his fans in future.

He got famous because his fans!

An angry fan added that it is they who give money for his lavish lifestyle.

But showing a nasty attitude to them is totally not acceptable.

Well, seems like Biebs has totally aggravated his fans with his latest fan-statement.

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What was Bieber’s behavior after the star-fan encounter?

Bieber was observed shoving his hands in his pocket, in the first few songs of Melbourne’s performance.

Justin Beiber mobbed in london

Rest of the time he kept singing without any abnormal behavior being noticed on his part. It seems Biebs does not have the slightest regret of his nasty behavior.

But Mr. Bieber, unfortunately, your fans do not seem to be ‘fine’ with it!

Has Bieber always the same with his fans?

Well ironically, Bieber seems to be in news because of his continuous hatred he always shows towards his fans.

On multiple occasions, the star got into a dispute with his fans.

Justin Beiber cancels tourFew years back, Bieber came under great fire after calling a fan ‘beached whale’, in Australia.

The incident happened at a hotel when Justin saw four girls in bikinis on pool side.

The star then asked one of the girls as if she was Hawaiian or something, to which she replied she was not.

The girl is described as good looking with an estimated size 14.

He then called the sun bather a ‘beached whale’ to which she replied ‘are you serious’.

He further insulted her by asking her to join the reality show, The Biggest Loser.

The girl at the hotel reported about the star’s verbal abuse and the intensity of his remarks brought her nearly to tears.

Sadly, Mr. Bieber’s hatred towards his fans seems like eternal!

Celeb-fan relationship: At a glance

Stars’ hateful remarks towards their fans are something normal in celeb world and same goes with Bieber-Helal case.

Justin beiber insultBut the story opens up a topic for fresh argument as whether it was a spontaneous reaction by the star or just another publicity stunt.

Believe it or not, Bieber has always managed to capture the limelight because of his eternal hatred towards his fans.

But Mr. Bieber, this attitude might land you up in a big trouble, someday!

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