Kali Muscle Steroids- Review of Benefits, Effects and Dosage

Kali muscle, 41 years old has a million of fans on the social media, 1 million of subscribers on YouTube, 1.8 million of followers on Facebook.

Kali Muscle Steroids

Kali Muscle has famous due to the acting and have the excellent muscles. He was born in California 1975) and overwhelmed with crime and poverty.

Due to financial issues and the poverty since childhood, he turned into a robbery for the solution. Kali has found in robbery or the criminal cases thus spent about 7 years in Prison.

Despite from all the hurdles, he did not drop his passion in the bodybuilding.

You can see Kali muscle video on the social media, where he discussed about his stories behind bars.

Statistics Of Kali Muscle: 

  • Weight of the body: 235-250Ibs (In pounds),  106.6-111.1 kg (In kilograms)
  • Height of the body:  5’9’’
  • Body fat: 5-8%

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Comparison Of Kali Muscle With Arnold Schwarzenegger And Serge Nubret:

Arnold Schwarzenegger was 6’2 and 230Ibs and Serge Nubret with 6’ of height and 200 Ibs, both are considered as the super in the bodybuilding world are admitted to using of steroids Whereas Kali muscle has 250Ibs and claimed to 100% natural, it makes me wonder.

Kali Muscle Distracted The Use Of Steroids:

Kali clearly neglects the use of steroids in the video and he did not know about D-Bol when someone asked about. He has given the same response to every question.

The answer mostly in “No” and said none of the black man prefers the steroid use.

The Diet Plans And Workout’s Of Kali Muscle:

He claimed the consumption of 4,000 calories per day, which includes the more amount of tuna and ramen.

Kali diet’s is not too much complicated but the calories are too much restricted. The genetic freaks and hour of exercise gives me a bigger look and lean muscles.

He just admitted the use of food supplements like fish oils, proteins and other products.

Is Kali muscle natural?

Here are some evidences are discussed that shows he has probably taking some help of steroids.

Kali Muscle natural body

My Whole article is based on the evidences as it is not guaranteed to 100% correct. I don’t judge the peoples who take steroids or not as it depends upon their choices.

1. The Rapid Transformation (The Gain Timeline):

Kelly Muscle underwent the rapid transformation over the years. As you can see his pictures in 2009 in which he had a small waist, maximum look, no increased vascularity and body resembles to natty one.

Kali has rapidly transformed in 2015, it seems like that he was on the drug between this time period. He builds up the muscles to maximum whereas, a natural bodybuilder required 8 years of training for looking bigger and get an incredible physique.

2. Hypertension:

The Kali muscle showed out of breath or gasp for air in some of his videos between talking. Generally individual’s are suffering from “ out of breath condition”  due to the high blood pressure. This sign is a symptom of steroid users because steroids work as increase the circulation of oxygen in an entire body means the body turns to work hard.

3. The Synthetic Look:

The Kali Muscle body looks like a synthetic as the muscles do not look solid and has a balloon like arms. The bigger size of shoulders, wide waistline, HGH gut, bloated stomach, steroid gut and has increased vascularity.

4. Increased in vascularity:

Increased in vascularity is a sign of steroid users and most important sign through which we can differentiate into the natty one and drugs user. You can see a picture of Kali muscle, which shows popping of veins in all over the body.

The steroids that are most likely taken by the Kali muscle is Insulin and HGH in combination.

  1. Insulin:  The most popular and well known steroid in the bodybuilding which enhances the level of an insulin in the body. The insulin is a powerful hormone that is mostly used by the diabetes patients, but it also has great effect on the bodybuilders and athletes regarding to their performance. High levels  of insulin in the body directly increase the supply of nutrient and blood circulation in an entire body.
  2. HGH: The HGH steroid is responsible to cut down the fat from the body and build up the muscles. They are used in combination because the HGH prevent from from the insulin by causing the efficient amount of an insulin to the body upon need and promotes the amount of lean muscle.

5. HGH Gut And Bloated Stomach:

The bloated stomach and HGH Gut is another sign of juicers. The Kali muscle has a small size waist in 2007 but from the year his pictures shown bloated stomach. The use of steroids can increase the size of muscle as well as an internal organ of the body including the liver, heart and an intestine.

The HGH gut is defined as the development of an enlarged body, floated belly and wide waist in the bodybuilders and athlete’s.

IFBB Pro Bodybuilders:

Kali Muscle natural or steroidsKali muscle has participated in different National physique committee bodybuilding shows and competed as IFBB pro bodybuilders, but there is nothing a big deal to pass from the IFBB, because there is no detailed information about the drug are mentioned on the NPC website.

The INBA/BNBF federations, in which there is a random medical test are conducted like a test of lie detectors, blood tests, urine test and the random testing that cannot identify the natural one and the steroid user.


We are not sure about the Kali Muscle reality, but in my assumption Kali is probably taking the steroid because he matched with all the evidences of steroid users.