Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian Offer to be The Surrogate From Kim’s Third Child

It’s been the third time now that Kim Kardashian has talked about her fertility problems and health issues related to her third pregnancy on her hit TV series keeping up with Kardashians.

And it was then she realized that both her mother Kris and sister Kourtney are ready to offer her surrogacy.

Well, it seems like the reality stars are keen to keep the matter within the family walls and are not welcoming any other person from the outside world.

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A mini-vacation at Palm Strings:

In one of the segments, Kim and Kourtney decided to take their sister Khloé on a ‘mini-vacation’ at Palm Springs.

The trip excluded their kids and rest of the family members. Apparently, the girls did not want any disturbance and wanted to enjoy their ‘us’ time to the fullest.

After having a trip to their grandparents’ home and enjoying lots of champagne, a little surprise awaited the sisters by Mom Kris.

Mom Kris – the Kardashian patriarch offers surrogacy:

Kris Jenner Says She Would Be A Surrogate For Kim KardashianAfter going through a checkup, Kris learnt that none of her eggs are in a healthy condition, yet, the 61 years old loving mother feels that she can surrogate Kim’s third child.

Kim seemed totally stunned by the news and asked her mother if she was talking about her.

To this, Kris confidently replied that if her health allows her, she would do it in a matter of seconds.

During the conversation, the 38 year old Kourtney couldn’t resist and stated that she has already offered the option to Kim!

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Kim’s third pregnancy will be of high risk:

The 36 year old Kim, on various counts has spoken about her pregnancy issues which she faced while giving birth to Saint West.

She didn't want to go through the pregnancy experience again

During her pregnancy, she develops a complication called placenta accreta, which increases the risks of several birth problems for the unborn.

In a situation like this, if she plans her third pregnancy, it will be the riskiest one of all!

Kim’s family support truly depicts how compassionate the Kardashian family is!

How did it actually start?

Off late, Kris Jenner, the evergreen beauty was contacted by a European Aristocrat for something very unusual, but very interesting.  

Kris Jenner & Kourtney Kardashian Both Offer to Be the Surrogate for Kim's Third ChildKris revealed that she received a formal letter from a European elite man who expressed his desire to buy her eggs.

According to him, her genes are perfectly suitable for his ancestry and so, he expects Kris’s support.

The identity of this royal man is still unrevealed to the public.

The letter further said that he and his spouse have tried their best to have their own kids, but have gained no success in this regard.

It is therefore, they decided to avail this opportunity and seek her help. Well, the letter came across as a big surprise for Kris!

However, Kim took it too positively and asked her mother to consider the request.

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Kris met a fertility expert:

Kris decided to give this a ‘thought’ and asked for her doctors’ consent. But unfortunately, the doctors discouraged her as having a good quality egg at this stage in life is not assured.  

Kris Jenner offers to carry daughter

The doctors further said that if she is willing to carry a baby, she should use a fertilized egg.

Kim, whose third pregnancy is expected to be full of risks, asked if she is now willing to surrogate her baby.

To this, her mother replied that if it’s possible for her to deliver a healthy baby, she will do it without giving a second thought.

carry my surrogate babyThough, she is still unsure about the safety and risks involved.

Apart from her mother, Kourtney has also expressed her willingness to surrogate her baby, if Kim feels the need!

To wind up, we can say that Kim wants to keep her surrogacy a family affair and doesn’t want to seek any outside help.

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