Kylie Jenner Goes Off-Pants and Wore Purple Thigh-High Boots

There is an old saying, ‘no pants, no shirts, no service,’ and it seems that the Kardashian-Jenner family has taken the saying too seriously.

Well this might be the possible reason that they appear on events by wearing shoes and shirts and abandoned pants.

Kylie Jenner, 19, left no stone unturned to follow her family’s tradition by ditching pants on Tuesday, as the star appeared in thigh-high purple boots at PrettyLittleThing Campaign Launch in LA. And, unsurprisingly, her boots became the showstopper.

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First look with purple boots on Instagram:

This mini-Jenner is popular for her appealing, attention-catching looks, so it’s not a big surprise that the star caught all the flashlights on the event along with her pal Stassie – Anastasia Karanikolau.

Kylie-signature expression

Naturally, Kylie uploaded her first look with these not-so-common boots on Instagram, with a shot of herself in a car, posing the Kylie-signature expression.

Or you can interpret this Instagram’s post as per your discretion.

The star immediately grabbed attention of fashion police and has been receiving mix reviews since then.

But, let’s assume, to what extent does the Kylie-Jenner family actually concerned about the criticism?

The Upcoming Show – Life of Kylie:

This super fashionable appearance comes days after E! announced that Kylie is starting her own reality show, Life of Kylie as a spinoff of Keeping Up With Kardashians.

The show is expected to be premiered in the upcoming summer.

This 8-episode, half an hour show, will display the teen’s personal life, following her as she spends her time with her family and friends.

The show will entertain its audience by displaying her life as an entrepreneur, fashion-icon, TV star, designer, author, and founder of Kylie Cosmetics, as reported by a latest press release on the upcoming show.

As per an inner source, the family is very excited with the spinoff.

What fashion police has to say about Kylie’s latest appearance?

Ever since Kylie has made her first appearance, she has been receiving mix reviews about her fashion sense. But let’s say, most of these are of a positive nature.

Kylie posted a snap of herself

A source told that Kylie and Kendall are the next generation. It is them, Kylie, 19, and Kendall, 21, that have kept the family relevant.

So, this means, the entire Kardashian-Jenner family’s popularity is based on these two sisters.

Well that might not be true. We wonder what Kim has to say about this!

Another source reported that Kylie’s latest appearance with Purple Boots made her grab too much attention lately.

But of course, there is some jealousy involved because of the immense popularity she has received so far.

Kylie liked to keep it different:

Kylie says her ‘chunky’ bum is due to good angles and weight gainKylie was spotted in an over-length white t-shirt and bright purple boots in place of pants this Tuesday at an event.

Well, we need to admit that the star seems super-sexy and confident with this not-so-common avatar.

Surprisingly, her boots actually acted as a pant, as it covers half of her thighs.

It seems she has joined the no-pants club just like her sister Kendall.

OK, let’s say going pants-less is not a piece of cake for everyone. But seeing Kylie so fearless with her fashion choices has actually driven everyone crazy.

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The fearless Kylie:

Wearing an oversized t-shirt without any pants is a choice that fewer celebs can dare to do. Or let’s put it that way, it might not suit everyone.

Kylie Jenner Goes Off-Pants and Wore Purple Thigh-High Boots

So, that was a bold move on her part.

And this is not the first time; she has been spotted wearing this attire.

She recently wore an oversized red t-shirt with long black boots. And, we will say that no one can carry off-pants better than Kylie.

Kylie Jenner shows off her killer figureWhen it comes to making fashion choices, Kylie likes to get bold and fearless!

What her fans have to say about it?

Well, it is hard to find Kylie’s fans that are not happy with any of her fashion choices.

Her style goes immediately viral inspiring millions of fans worldwide.

And same goes with her latest appearance, where the star was applauded for her fearless appearance.

The confidence she showed is unparalleled.

Well Kylie, hopefully your fans see you in another mind-blowing fashion choice, soon.

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Kylie’s off-pants look – At a glance:

In the end we have to admit, Kylie has grabbed the spotlight with her off-pants look and became the showstopper of the event.

Since then, she has been spotted following this trend very often. We might wonder how her fans react to it.

Or let’s say, this off-pant look starts to become a mania amongst the teens.

It might sound weird, but who hasn’t remembered the famous ‘Kylie’s Lip Challenge’ tried by thousands of fans worldwide.

Kylie Jenner leaves fans shocked

So, let us keep our fingers crossed over this fashion trend!

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