Lazar Angelov Steroids: Does It Really Work? INSANE Results [2020]

Lazar, Bulgarian Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer And The Pro Basketball Player To The Army For A Short Period Of The Time.

The 32 years old is famous in the social media due to the natural bodybuilding physique.

Lazar Angelov steroids

Due to the years of hard working and dedications, he sets an example and made a long lasting career in the modeling and the world of fitness.

He always on the top of many games no matter whether the situation is tough.

Despite the defined physique, Lazar Angelov also involves in achieving the other goals through the online personal training.

When you really want something with your deepest hard so nothing can stop you from achieving it.

Statistics Of Lazar Angelov:

  • Weight of body:  205-215lbs in pounds (88.5-93.0 kg in kilograms)
  • Height of the body: 5’9’’ (175 cm)
  • Percentage of body fat: 5%

Lazar Angelov before afterLazar fluctuates in between the bulking and cutting. He was experiencing with the bulking during the winter season.

When 10-12% of body fat, Lazar tried for lift heavy weight for increasing the muscle mass and a few pounds.

He said: Every year I’m trying to gain more quality muscle mass.

Bulking is easy for the beginners and they gain fast because their muscles are able to take any type of pressure as a stress.

It becomes very hard and typical to gain the muscle mass without taking steroids, if the person reached to his genetic potential

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Does Lazar Angelov Take Help Of Steroids

Due to the defined physique, there is a question begins that he is a natural or taking steroid.

Let us continue to move this question for addressing the answer.

Lazar Angelov bodybuilding

Is There Any Symptoms Of The Steroid Use?

1. Body Composition:

You can easily identify the steroid user through his appearance of the body in a simple way.

So, upon observation, we did not find any one of the sign or symptom results in the use of steroid.

Lazar does not identify with the steroid gut, bloating, flushed skin and the gynecomastia.

There is not a 3D look and balloon like arms.

Though we can say that Lazar is natty according to the physical appearance.

2. Lazar’s Angelov Transformation Timeline:

Despite the signs of steroid use, gains timeline is another way to distinguish between the natural and the juicer.

Lazar Angelov undergoes his transformation around 10 years.

He started lifting weights from the age of 10 to 12 years.

Lazar had probably the experience of lifting weight around seven to eight years of the weight training.

He also claims to be natural on his website as he achieved the gains without taking steroids and never will be the steroids.

3. Natural Bodybuilding Standard:

There are many factors are responsible which can identify the how can you big naturally such as the chemistry of the body, response to the training, nutrition and the overall health.

  • Lazar has the 88kg of weight and 5’9’’ of the height.
  • The natural one can easily bulk up to 74 kg with this above mentioned height.
  • There is only a difference of 10 to 14 kg.

Through hard training and strict motivations, we can easily bulk up to more kilograms as compared to the natural standard.

4. Bodybuilding Federations Test:

Lazar did not compete in any of the famous or the well known bodybuilding competitions yet such as IFBB, so we can’t take a look whether he is passed or failed in the drug and medical tests.

But this is not a crucial matter for the detection because these tests do not have the ability to identify the natural one and the juicers.

These tests are included in the blood and urine tests which can easily cheat through stop taking the steroids before a week to the competition.

Lazar Angelov V/S Frank Zane:

If we are going to move for the comparison of Lazar Angelov and the Frank Zane, so what can we find?

Lazar Angelov fitness modelFrank Zane is a very popular bodybuilder and has won Mr. Olympia three times.

There is a difference of around 10lbs in both of the physique because Lazar is 2 inches taller than the Frank Zane.

The lean body mass of  Angelov is 185.25Ibs and 175.75lbs of Frank Zane.

If Lazar did not compete for any one of the tests, so we can look the statistics of the IFBB professionals.

Jeff Seid is an example of the amazing gains due to the response of lifting the weight.

Lazar Angelov Daily Diet:

The diet plan is low in the carbohydrates in a year.

Lazar Angelov diet

He likes to keep the high content of the fat in a diet involving the saturated and unsaturated.

Lazar said, this proportion can help to improve my testosterone level in the body that can play rule to burn the fat content and increase the muscle mass.

His diet previously based on the Ketogenic method, but due to the effects of the reduction in a muscle mass with the body fat also, he prefers the diet which is low in carbohydrates now.

                                  Daily Diet
Meal 1Eggs, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal And Grape Fruit
Meal 2Broccoli, Chicken And Rice
Meal 3Tuna Fish, Avocado And Pasta
Meal 4Chicken, Rice And Salad
Meal 5Green Salad And Salmon
Meal 6Broccoli And Cottage Cheese

Lazar Angelov Training Guide:

Achieving your dreams and goals is not so easy task, it requires a lot of dedication and hard working in reality.

Lazar Angelov workout

Lazar training loads with a heavy training with a high intensity.

In my opinion, there should be a use of heavy weights for maintaining the proper density of the muscle.

First, you should understand about knowing the target area that works best for you.

His training includes the basic exercises such as the bench press, deadlift and squat.

Lazar prefers for making the difference in each time for the new responses.

“My single day of life goes just for finding out the results of efforts and what is actually needed”

I have seen a lot of personal trainers that are constantly changing their workout schedule in order to put the stress in a different way.

Lazar opinion is making the small difference in the methods an technique can maintain the basic principle of the bodybuilding such as the muscle hypertrophy and the compound exercises.

        Workout Training
DaysTarget Area
Day 1Chest/Abs
Day 2Back/Triceps
Day 3Delts/Forearms/Abs
Day 4Triceps/Biceps
Day 5Legs/Abs
Day 6Rest Days
Day 7Rest Days

I don’t do a cardio exercise for a long period of the time because it causes the loss of muscle mass. I also try to avoid the HITT for arm movement because it also causes the loss of muscle mass.


We are going to state our verdict with respect to the pieces of evidence.

Lazar Angelov Natural bodybuildingLazar did not identify with any one of the symptoms of steroid use.

He has the average size of muscle and does not look like a photoshopped.

Lazar Angelov must the natural one being with the strict diet plans and workout training.

Definitely, he has the greatest ABS in the world.

His transformation is the example that you can jack with your willing and hard work. No matter you have the average genetics and the average physique.