Lose Belly Fat Quickly- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Losing weight or just Belly fat can be a troublesome and sometimes it seems almost impossible to get a flat belly without causing any hurdle.

how to lose belly fat quickly

If you are reading this article, you are going to get the answer of this very thing that how you can get a flat belly without much hassle and the process will be quick too.

You are acquainted with the feeling where you are unable to fit into your most likable pair of jeans and the zipper will only get stuck in the half way,

Or worse when a distant relative that you have not seen in ages, suddenly meet you and after just one or two things,

They all of a sudden ask you about your new baby or you get just ashamed of the present state of your stomach fat.

Thus, you just desperately are willing to lose this extra fat.

Every one of us is willing to look smart or at least wants to get rid of this stomach fat.

In fact, Doctors have claimed that alone in America almost 50% adults are the carrier of unattractive and health risk (fat) in their belly area.

Then, what is the secret to lose belly fat for good?

You need to encounter problem through three different angles

  1. Changes in lifestyle
  2. Right changes in your exercise pattern
  3. Workable changes in diet

You are likely to have tried changing your eating or exercise pattern in the past but you did not experience any fruitful results.

The main reason is that for losing fat around waistline plus keeping it off for good needs a little extra but the sure changes in all three respective areas to see fast and right results.

Fat loss rate increases when you make proper changes in your lifestyle, food taking pattern and exercise.

Moreover, these changes are just not the starting but due to these changes when you get a little improvement, then the improvement becomes your motivation too.

calculate caloriesContinue reading to get the better idea that how you will be able to attain a flat belly that you have been willing to get.

Interestingly, there is a popular saying and it sense goes like “whatever you eat, it has the direct impact on your abs”.

Even some experts believe that the waistline size is almost 80% what the eating habits are, and just a mere 20% dependent on your physical activeness and exercise.

It implies the simple technique to reduce stomach fat is to make easy alterations in your drinking and eating patterns.

To see the reduction in belly fat, it is crucial that you take the appropriate amount of apt food.

The most pivotal thing

Calculate your calories

Our stomach already contains the unutilized source of energy in the shape of fat around the belly.

When you intentionally, count calories and you try to reduce the calorie intake as compared to the calories that your body burns every day, your body tends to cover up energy deficit from the stored fat and this is the start of fat burning.

It is an easy calculation that even when you eat just 500 fewer calories than that you burn every day, you are bound to lose almost one pound every week, interesting and the good part is most of the fat will reduce from the abdomen.

Additionally, taking your calorie deficit up to 1000 calories every day and you can even lose around ten pounds of weight every 5 weeks.

To find out the required amount of calories you ought to have to accelerate the weight reduction process, try an online calorie calculator or discuss with your doctor.

Note: Averagely, women for losing weight should eat around 1100-1400 calories where as men should aim for up to 1600-2000 calories.

To confront the belly fat, select the right food

eat the right food

1. Go for carbs (that are slow burning carbs):

High protein diet does not mean only protein diet!

There is a difference, add some carbohydrates that have the low glycemic index to offer. These types of carbohydrates are important, as they are helpful in decreasing belly fat.

The carbs will let you:

  1. Let you feel full for a longer period
  2. Refrain you from craving for non-healthy food items
  3. iii.    Balance out all the right hormones
  4. Maintain the glucose in blood

The best sources for slow carbs like brown basmati rice, vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, capsicum & mushrooms), stone fruits and steel-cut oats.

2. Go for a diet that is high in protein:

As per a reliable research of 2012, Protein consumption and abdominal fat are inversely proportional to each other.

In short, people who consume more protein are less likely to have belly fat or if they have it, the quantity will not be too much.

To experience protein benefits, opt for sources such as Greek Yogurt, lean ground beef, tofu, skim milk, or egg whites.

3. Go Fiber:

Another recent study has confirmed that soluble fiber that actually fights against fat is highly essential, even just a 10-gram consumption every day has the tendency to let people gain less belly fat in comparison to those who do not consume any soluble fiber at all.

4. Cut down Sodium intake:

Too much consumption of salt leads your body to store more water that results in the form of water retention

In addition, the worst part is that your body will hold most of the water in the belly area that gives you assumption as if you have more fat in the stomach area.

Definitely, no one needs that!

Limiting the amount of salt in your eating habits less than 2000mg per day can result instantly in the bloating in the stomach area.

5. Replace Trans fats:

As per scientific studies, Trans fats can lead users to store excess fat and to a significant extent, even more than the monosaturated fats (healthier ones)

To confront stomach fat, replace trans fat with healthy fats, for example, olive oil, nuts, avocado, or coconut oil

Note: even use healthier oils in limited quantities.

6. Avoid Sugar:

Sugar is not good at all; it is harmful in two ways

Excess consumption of sugar is able to disturb your metabolism and eventually you start burning fewer calories than usual.

Sugar intake has a connection to the stored fat that accumulates in the belly area.

Bottom Line: If you are willing to lose fat for real, you have to say goodbye to all those cakes candies and cookies for sure.

7. Go for Vinaigrette:

In some recent studies, the researchers of Japan have found something very interesting

Our favorite vinegar based dressings for salads are great at reducing fat storage in the stomach area.

One or two tablespoons of vinegar tend to help you in accumulating less fat than those who do not consume vinegar.

Bottom Line: Say Ta-ta to the cream based dressings and go for the dressings that have vinegar in them.

Note: Balsamic and apple cider vinegar are two great options to start with

Drink this way to fight back the belly fat:

no caffeine

1. Say no to all carbonated drinks:

Like excessive intake of salt, fizzy or carbonated drinks can also cause your belly to swell with air and puffiness, and can easily give the impression of obesity.

Additionally, it is not a hidden secret anymore; almost all the carbonated drinks contain too much sugar to make them even worse.

Therefore, when you are willing to cut down fat then make it sure that you skip all the fizzy drinks and opt for water.

2. Reduce your Consumption of Alcohol:

Consumption of alcohol lead your liver to concentrate mainly on removing alcohol from your system, it implies that in the presence of alcohol, your liver will not be able to focus on fat burning process.

The best method to tackle this situation is to avoid alcohol completely, but if it is still irresistible, try to go for alternatives that taste 100 times better than this malicious drink.

3. Limit the consumption of Caffeine:

New studies confirm that taking much too caffeine can trigger the imbalance in the hormones that can cause weight gain in the abdominal area.

Furthermore, some drinks do not only contain caffeine but they contain fats and sugars that are unhealthy.

To eliminate or reduce caffeine from your routine, start taking a glass of detoxifying hot water with a freshly squeezed lemon juice in it and have it as a solution for the cravings that you might have to have a hot drink in the morning.

Through Exercise, you can reduce belly fat

daily exercise

As soon as you start eating right, your body system tends to shed that excess belly fat.

Now, you can add the exercise in your routine to stimulate your daily fat burning process further.

Exercise is helpful in burning more calories and it is helpful in reducing fat in the abdominal area.

The great part is there are a few particular exercises and movements that are highly effective in sculpting the body and flatten the belly in a real quick time.

1. Have more workout sessions:

In 2015, the study reconfirms something that active individual have known for centuries, More exercise is equal to more fat loss

They have also found out in the study that females, who tend to work out 300 minutes approximately five times in a week, can lose more weight or body fat in contrast to those who work out just half an hour every day.

If you are in a serious mood of losing body fat then you should opt for one hour of exercise five times in a week.

For the other remaining two days, go for a yoga or low-intensity workout session.

2. The best solution- Cardio:

For years, personal trainers believe that the best possible way to lose belly fat is to do cardio

Particularly, a combination of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and medium-intensity cardio such as jogging and swimming

When any individual performs alternate cardio option with the short rest intervals, it becomes highly effective for overall body and specifically for the belly area.

3. Create an optical illusion:

Start working on the other muscles of your body and you can change the silhouette, it will make your belly appear smaller and you will be burning calories too when you work on other muscles.

Building chest and shoulder muscles can create this illusion that your waist area is small in comparison to them.

Including, squats and weighted lunges in your workout regimen can help you in building the backside that will make your stomach appear smaller.

4. Work on your largest muscles:

Normally, personal trainers recommend working on multiple groups or the moves that concentrate on the largest muscles if the trainee wants to reduce fat in the abdominal area.

You can work on small muscles like calves, triceps but the problem is then you will lose only a small number of calories.

However, the moves that include the large muscles tend to burn almost twice number of calories.

The names of exercises that have large muscle involvement in them are glutes and chest, and thighs

The names of exercises that involve various muscle groups are squats or deadlifts

5. Stop Crunches for the time being:

Crunches and sit-ups help you to develop abdominal muscles that are for now hidden just under the layer of your belly fat.

Definitely, when you want to focus on losing belly fat, you should not think about building abdominal muscles but yes once you have lost the required stomach fat then you can focus on building the six-pack.

Alteration in Lifestyle for Losing Belly Fat:

Good sleep

It is obvious that food and right exercise are essential factors for losing stomach fat,

You know what! You can make a few changes for your health and routine life to lose abdominal fat.

1. Eliminate stress:

Certain hormones in the human body are responsible for causing stress.

Cortisol is one of the hormones that the human body tends to release when it faces stress.

Moreover, as per new research, when your body has cortisol for a longer time, it can raise the ratio of visceral fat.

Maintaining cortisol levels in a healthy range is important, so do whatever it takes to keep you away from stress.

When you experience stress, go for methods like taking deep breaths, yoga, warm bath, or simple meditation to get your body, belly, and mind on the right track.

2. Have a Good sleep:

There is a dangerous connection between sleep deprivation and belly fat.

As per a study when the subjects (participants) did not get the right amount of sleep, their bodies stopped releasing Leptin (an essential chemical in the human body that elevate energy and confront cravings) and begun excess production of Ghrelin (another essential chemical that can change eating pattern or has the tendency to stimulate the appetite).

Bottom Line: getting enough sleep is more necessary than you think!

3. Keep the right body posture:

Anterior pelvic shift is a quite common condition in which your standing position slightly gets changed from a natural way to an unnatural way and as a result, your stomach comes forward as your back gets a little curved.

Just keeping the right posture can even help you out to look three to four pounds slimmer.

4. Impressive Dressing:

Wrong cuts or ill-fitting dressing or clothing can exaggerate your belly.

If you have put on some weight, invest in your clothing and a pair of pants that fits your physique nicely and can give the illusion of small tummy.

If you usually wear dresses then go for empire waists that can accentuate the narrowest part of the body.

A basic rule of thumb, opt for vertical lines and dark circles as they both make your figure looks a little slimmer than light colors and horizontal designs.

5. Balanced hormones:

All the experts are aware that hormonal imbalance is not in favor of your body since it can easily cause belly fat.

Extra insulin can trigger the extra amount of abdominal fat and estrogen (hormone) in the human body.

Getting DHEA (hormone) levels low can also be dangerous, so next time when you go for yearly body examination, ask your doctor to run tests for insulin, DHEA and estrogen and if any of these are imbalanced, then ask the doctor’s advice to get those hormones in the balanced range.

Final words:

Shut your eyes and try to picture yourself in next three months.

lose belly fat fast with these tips

Are you willing to have the same disfigure shape of your body with that muffin top and the love handles, or do you think that you have every reason to enjoy a healthy body in the comfortable clothes of your choice without being concerned about the fitness and overall look issues?

Remember, the choices that you are making today indicate what your shape will be in next three months from now.

The choice is yours! You can keep your routine the same way and you will get a chance to admire your growing abdominal


You can make the healthier choices and can change the results, trust us, it will be better than your expectations.

You are in authority and the choice is all yours

It is your decision, so take it rationally.