Lose Weight: Top [7] Tips to Burn Fat Easily in 2019!

Introducing these 7 lose weight tips in your life can bring the right changes in your energy levels, lifestyles and in your overall weight status.

Many people consider that losing weight is not an easy thing and for some, it is more difficult than for the others.

lose weight or gain weight? what is your goal

If you are obese and looking for the apt solution, you must have got several different lose weight tips, guides, videos, or tricks that usually promise a sure amount of weight loss, in a particular time.

However, they produce no real results.

Weight loss is possible. Getting your desired body is possible; you can attain that desired body type in a much healthy way.

You just need to understand that how things work.

Weight gain vs. weight loss

This article is going to cater all the necessary details as well as all the tips and tricks that have potential to be helpful for any individual who is willing to lose weight in a healthy way.

What are Calories?

Calories are the units in which we measure energy.

Well, there are different definitions that are correct but mainly they come in two types.

  1. Gram calorie or the small calorie: is the probable amount of energy that raises the temperature of water (1 gram) by 1 Degree Celsius at a pressure of one atmosphere.
  2. Kilogram calorie or the large calorie, it has another name as well “food calorie”, It is par to 1000 small calories (Kcal)
Calorie Facts:

lose weight and burn calories fastWhen the human body introduces itself to the food, basically, it takes a precise number of calories.

Calories work like a fuel for the human body, help the human body to hold and utilize the energy in the entire day to perform different daily tasks.

These calories provide energy when the human body burns them.

  • When the human body takes more calories than the body requires, those extra calories turn into body fat and the human body stores them.
  • When the human body takes fewer calories than the actual requirement, or burn more calories during exercise sessions than the human body has consumed, the body tends to start utilizing stored fat as a source of energy to manage the shortfall if there is any

Thus, it ends up in losing fat and in other words weight loss.


More weight loss means more calorie deficit

3,500 calories = 1 pound body fat

Seven Top Tips to torch stored fat and lose weight in quick succession

These 7 lose weight tips are effective, as people have been using these tips for several decades and some of them even for centuries to lose weight.

1. Water: one mantra to achieve two targets

  • Increase Metabolism
  • Suppress the appetite naturally

drinking waterCold water has potential to act as an appetite suppressant especially when you drink it just prior to your meals.

It contracts the stomach lining and it leads to having less amount of food.

Go for at least 500ml of water before having any meal.

When the human body is fully hydrated, it accelerates overall metabolic rate. It is helpful in calorie burn and improvement of energy levels.

As per the study, taking at least 1500 ml of water can lead you to eat up to 270 fewer calories each day, and burn a few extra calories due to elevated metabolic activity.

Two hundred and ninety-three fewer calories every day means 2,051 fewer calories every seven days.

2. Consider this simple calculation!

Keep a check on the consumption of calories to generate a deficit of calories:

calculate caloriesIt is a no brainer; too much eating can lead you to gain excess weight!

The first step toward losing weight is supposed to be refraining extra weight and it is only possible

When we are aware that how calories in the reality we are consuming.

Tracking your calorie consumption needs you to understand your daily requirements and how much calories you can actually cut down without causing any health concern for yourself.

Required calories: For a male, it is up to 2000 calories where as for a female, it is around 1500 calories per day

Note: these requirements may vary as per the activity level of any individual.

The number of calories an individual can cut down: it is up to 500 calories as 500 calories cut down means a complete pound in one week’s time.

Eating less than 75% of the calorie requirement can take your body into starvation mode and trust us; it is completely a new chain reaction of troubles and not healthy at all.

It simply means that you will cause yourself more harm than good.

Steady progress is a much better option than going greedy over your progress and ruining everything.

Even this simple deficit of 500 calories per day has the power to help you out to lose up to 3-5 pounds every week,

Bottom Line: Just stay positive and keep yourself persistent!

3. Spicy food is simply the best for taking metabolism at its peak:

For the last couple of years, several researchers have found that spices have an eccentric relation with the weight loss.

eat spicy foods for weight lossSpices for instance black pepper, red chili, garlic, or ginger are good to elevate the basal metabolic rate.

They can raise the human body temperature that means the burn of more calories.

Burning Extra Calorie = more weight loss

Moreover, these spicy foods are also good for enhancing libido, which is good and it is a kind of cardio workout itself.

It is a truth; spicy food is good for weight loss. However, it does not mean you can take it mindlessly.

Everything is good with moderation as balance is the key to any success.

Therefore, when you happen to add spicy food + exercise + good water intake + right sleeping pattern your metabolism is bound to improve and at the phenomenal level and all these things are also great at boosting your immune system as well and let you see a small number on the weighing scale.

Furthermore, spicy food can also subside some medical health concerns as they can boost the immune system.

Even Capsaicin, an element present in chili peppers is a natural appetite suppressant.

4. Burn stored Calories with the Cardio Exercise:

cardio exerciseKeeping a check on your intake is fruitful and you will lose weight but do you know, you can take your weight loss journey to a next level if you happen to introduce cardio workout in it?

You can burn more calories through cardio instead relying on the reduction of calories only, as it can be helpful in melting away the reserves of fat in your body.

All the exercises that raise your heart rate come in the category of cardio exercises.

Cardio workouts allow your whole body movement, involving every single muscle that is present in your body.

In addition, these exercises are also good to improve your cardiovascular function. The cardiovascular function has primary importance in transporting oxygen throughout your body to every cell of the muscles and eventually, it improves the fat burning ability of every cell.

Cardio workouts encourage you to work on every part of your body, you happen to burn fat in every area and it brings you in shape fast.

Here is a quick list that you can go through, to start a cardio vascular workout.

  • Walking: 160-300 calories per hour
  • Running: 500-1000 calories per hour
  • Cycling: 350-850 calories per hour
  • Rowing: 300-1000 calories per hour
  • Jumping: 300-700 calories per hour

Note: it is just a rough estimate, as the calorie burn depends upon the weight of an individual.

There is a variety of websites and apps through which you can take an estimated number of calorie burn depends upon your body weight in kg or pounds.

5. Appetite suppressants that work naturally:

Most of us are the culprit of over eating.

suppress appetiteIt is something that we do not do intentionally but in fact, our minds get the message after 20 minutes that the stomach is full and we do not need any extra food.

That is why at some point; we all have done some over eating.

A few types of food items act as the appetite suppressant and they help our bodies out to soothe the cravings for any extra food that is not necessary.

Your body avoids intake of extra calories that will reduce your total calorie intake without putting any extra effort.

When you have less of serotonin in your brain, you are likely to eat more but when your body already has the right amount of serotonin in your brain, the overeating part will not happen.

Your body will eat fewer calories and it will lead you to the calorie deficit. Your body will start burning more calories to cover up the calorie deficit.

Interesting part is that appetite suppressants work best when people take them in the beginning of weight loss journey because of their usage, your body gets closer to the right BMI level of yours

Then gradually, they will start losing their effectiveness as your body starts accepting their effects and they will become less effective for you so using them for initial two months is your best bet.

Important point:

Appetite Suppressants are not good for the long-term strategy for losing weight. It is a tool that you can use but do not use it excessively.

Some of the common appetite suppressant on the market:

  • Coffee
  • Vegetable soup
  • Green Tea
  • Avocados
  • Apples

6. Say no to Junk Food:

stop taking junk foodsJunk food items are not only tasty but they are usually inexpensive too and just because they are easy on the pocket, often enough we end up buying them (well, they are delicious too, no doubt).

However, they can be anything but healthy!

They are simply dead bodies of essential food items and they are not able to bring any sort of benefit for your body.

The worst part is even after consuming 1500-2000 calories of a junk food, you may still end up feeling hungry.

They are responsible to slow down your metabolism too.

This entire thing just simply adds more fat to your body without supplying you any sort of energy source.

Mind it; you require calories for energy and the essential nutrition to perform other key functions of the body

When your body cannot get the vital elements to run different tasks around the body then what is the good of eating?

Making Junk food part of your life = gaining weight all the time

If you are willing to lose weight, in the fraction of the second, put away all the junk food away.

Here is a quick list of some of the America’s favorite junk food items

  • Burger King: Angry Whopper- 1,040 calories
  • Subway: Footlong Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki on Italian- 710 calories
  • McDonald’s: Angus Bacon and Cheese-790 Calories
  • Taco Bell: Nachos fully loaded, 481.0grams- 1,390 calories
  • KFC: Crispy Twister, 1.0 sandwich- 630 calories

Bottom Line: Junk food is simply waste and nothing else!

7. Strength Training for the quick out comes:

strength training exercisesCardio is great at reducing the size of your waist but strength training is great for doing the same for all the parts of your body as well as for every muscle of it.

All the builders have large diets so they can maintain large muscle gain.

Think about it this way,

Large muscles = more calories

During cardio, your body tends to burn more calories.

Several studies indicate, strength training elevates your metabolic activity even post workout up to 36 hours.

Like Cardio, strength training is also great at providing you tremendous calorie loss and making your body lean and good looking.

When your body loses weight but there is no support in the form of strength training you will remain with the extra skin, strength training is able to tighten up the skin.

Strength training is associated with resistance training.

The procedure is bound to accelerate your metabolism simultaneously decreasing the anxiety.

Even there are people who rely on strength training just get a relief from their mental issues and make their overall lifestyle better.

Using strength training, balanced nutrition diet and cardio training with a proper check on your food intake is a perfect recipe for losing the maximum amount of weight and make your life style a better version of it.