Male Extra Review- Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Effectiveness of Male Extra in Supporting Sexual Experience!

Since the beginning of time, men have been wanting to satisfy their partners with an intense zeal and extreme level of erotic sight.

Having sex is a natural phenomenon where women require more vigor than men, from the biological point of view females tends to urge for sex more than men, which is why it is quite difficult to hit their level of satisfaction.

Male Extra ReviewMen with small penis size and very little amount of stamina can leave women unsatisfied and sometimes put their relationship at the stake.

It is the instinctual part of males to allure female with their charm and masculine features, having a large penis is also one of them.

The larger penis you have, the better you can perform well during sex, better performance means higher endurance level while you are deep penetrating which every female loves by the way.

Herbal remedies to treat male sexual performance has always been a part of the medical field.

However in earlier years, many male enhancement products were introduced, some of which were a part of the scam or in short words they didn’t work at all.

Male Extra, is another side of the story which has shown improved results in terms of treating men with small penis size and minimum sexual performance issues.

Below are the Male Extra Review and some piece of vital information which men with similar interests will find useful.

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What Is Male Extra?

Male Extra is an herbal recipe to treat various sexual defects in men such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, small penis and lack of stamina.

The product is the combination of some powerful herbs which have been used since centuries to elevate the size and performance in men.

Specially selected, ingredients in Male Extra are combined to increase the blood supply in the penile area where it results stronger and longer erection.

The amount of blood supply is directly proportional to the level of your erection and performance, which tends to deliver the best kind of Orgasms.

Male Extra can be used to re-defines many aspects of your sexual health such as:

What is Male Extra for?

1. To increase Energy level and Stamina

A stronger erection with no strength is pointless unless you have maximum endurance level and proper strength, chances of leaking too soon gets possible.

Keeping a penis erect also requires inner strength which can put you in a devastating scenario.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) in Male Extra can help you with this.

2. For harder & firmer erection with enhanced blood supply

Male Extra has reportedly included some new premium grade ingredients to improve their formula.

better erection results with Male Extra Pomegranate extract and L-Arginine are incorporated in Male Extra which has significant effect on Nitric Oxide production.

Nitric Oxide is a very potent Vasodilator which opens up the blood vessels, as a result of which more amount of blood is pumped into the penis which induces remarkable erection quality.

This will also affect the thickness and hardness of your penis.

Pomegranate extract with L-Arginine is one of the best combinations you can ever find in any Male Enhancement product.

The use of Pomegranate mixture has been evaluated and studied in many clinical trials where they found out “It can contribute to bringing back your masculinity, i.e. sexual urge and power”.

Male Extra Ingredients with Power!

Not just the sexual power and stamina, Male Extra works from every magnitude to improve your overall physical stamina.

This is because their strength boosting agent “Cordyceps” which in many areas called Asian Fungus.

Male Extra supplement facts

The herb is the most expensive aphrodisiac in the world which takes care of your sexual foreplay and improves your mood throughout the day.

What Makes Male Extra works so efficiently?

Of course the primary ingredients, they are the cornerstone of this miraculous male enhancement treatment.

Let’s discuss each of them.

1. L-Arginine:

It is the main ingredient of Male Extra which is available in a dose of 600 mg (o.6 g) per day.

The main purpose of L-Arginine is to dilate the blood vessels which allows more blood runs towards the penis, give it more pronounced and longer erection than your partner has ever seen.

The stimulation of Nitric Oxide’s production is also another function of L-Arginine which shows great improvement in the stamina of an individual while he is performing sexual intercourse.

2. Ellagic Acid (40% Pomegranate):

Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid 500mgAvailable in the dose of 500 mg. Pomegranate juice is beneficial for patients with a history of cardiovascular events.

It significantly helped them in improving the blood supply and reduce the chance of muscle fatigue.

Besides being an excellent blood modifier, constituents in Pomegranate makes it a remarkable antioxidant, which cleanses your blood in every pump and protects it from the free radicals in our body.

3. Zinc (14 mg):

A natural mineral which has many important functions in the human body.

In men, Zinc tends to increase the production of Testosterone which in case of Zinc deficiency goes to the decline phase.

Testosterone deficiency can affect libido, sexual behavior and erection quality in men since it is the main male hormone.

In a study, subjects who took zinc diet for 5 months had doubled their Testosterone level.

4. Methyl Sulfonyl Methane:

While your body is performing with an extreme amount of energy, it is important that your muscles do not get damaged.

This is where the MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) comes to the fore, the powerful mineral is very much helpful in the new cell development which is a hallmark of a healthy individual.

New cells’ growth can improve the functions of every system in your body, including the reproductive system.

5. Cordyceps:

Cordyceps 25mgMen who do not feel the sexual urge on daily basis, this ingredient can help them change their mood.

The very constituent in Cordyceps (Cordycepic acid) can help you with elevating the sex drive and sexual performance. Subjects with alone cordyceps diet have markedly shown improvement in their sexual behavior.

Each dose of Male Extra contains 25 mg of Cordyceps, which runs the whole day in your system and deliver respective benefits.

6. Niacin- Vitamin B3:

You cannot maintain an erection unless your immune system is strong enough.

Vitamin B3 helps you with the physical weakness as well as improving blood flow to your muscles which makes you physically active and for below muscles, well an enormous erection is achieved.

Chances of fatigues are very less when you take Niacin with a dose 18 mg per day, fortunately, Male Extra has the same amount of Niacin in their formula.

The major focus of Male Extra is on boosting Nitric Oxide and penile blood flow. Altogether, they can equip you with the proper amount of energy with the hard and long penis.

We bet that your partner has never witnessed such kind of zeal and passion in you before.

Another point, Male Extra is an herbal-based dietary supplement, but it cannot be prescribed to the people who are currently diabetic, hypertensive or have any other heart-related issues.

Consultation with your physician is prerequisite before buying Male Extra if you have any conditions mentioned above.

Who should use Male Extra?

Male Extra is designed by a group of sex experts and nutritionist for healthy men improve their sexual performance.

Men who have everything going normal, but gets weakened in bed, to maintain their energy and deliver a burst of sex drive, Male Extra is one of the beneficial therapy.

Male Extra customer reviews

Does it work? Before and After Results of Male Extra

There are about 150,000 satisfied customers of Male Extra.

The maker of Male Extra, however, claims that they have sold about 12 million units. Those people who do not find Male Extra useful for their purposes can also use 2 months money back guarantee offer.

The offer shows that the efficacy and safety domain of Male Extra isn’t a joke.

Are the Results Permanent?

The results of Male Extra are not permanent, it simply enhances your performance and energy for a particular time where you need to perform harder.

Although you can taste the same effects if you take Male Extra on a continuous basis.

The herbal formula has 0 side effects.


  • Improve your sexual performance significantly
  • Erection that lasts for longer
  • Works by increasing blood flow
  • You will satisfy her deeply
  • No side effects


  • Cost is relatively high
  • Available online only
  • Cannot be used by diabetic or hypertensive patients

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Who’s the Manufacturer of Male Extra?

WOLFSON BERG LIMITED, the finest name in the supplement industry is the sole manufacturer of Male Extra.

The company has many facilities which are approved by FDA, even the ingredients being used are of premium quality.

The customer care department is available 24/7 where you can ask any kind of query about the product and the company.

Where to Buy Male Extra?

By clicking here you will be redirected to the official website of Male Extra.

Do not trust any other sources in order to avoid the scammers.

The official page is the only corner you can purchase Male Extra from without any troubles with faster delivery services.

Final Summary

Sometimes, men find it impossible to quench their partner’s sex drive. But if you see it from the biological way, men are designed to satisfy every need of a woman whether if it’s emotional or sexual.

Male Extra 6 months ResultsSexual intimacy is the key to success for every relation and men should grab it properly.

With the help of Male Extra, you will not only show her the level of satisfaction you can bring but you can entirely change the way she thinks of you.

A confident and passionate man is what she’ll get.

Hundreds of Reviews are available online and the majority of them tells you that it is the best Male Enhancement product you’re ever gonna get.

With the money back guarantee, you have nothing to be worried about.