Man Accused and Charged With $20K For Stalking The American Singer – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift seems to be in the news all the time, and why not, people love her and are keen to know every bit about her ongoing.

But some people surely do not understand the word ‘limit’ and feel no shame in spying their favorite celebrities all the time.

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This time, the act of stalking has reached to a whole new level.

Mohammed Jaffar, the 29 years old man has left no stone unturned to cause great discomfort for the American singer, Taylor Swift.

The man has been alleged to lurk outside the singer’s apartment and making constant attempts to create a direct contact with her.

This extreme act that lasted for a period of three months compelled the law enforcement agencies to take a serious action against Jaffar.

According to the sources, the stalker has been charged with $20k for his unlawful behavior against the I don’t want to live forever singer.

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Even though, the accused did not show up on the Tuesday’s hearing, he is expected to attend the next hearing scheduled on June 12.

Taylor Swift covering Alan Jackson'sHis inappropriate acts were not limited to stalking and lurking for the pop star, he was further charged for contacting her management company some 59 times.

The man has also been tagging the 27 years old celebrity in several inappropriate social media posts.

Interestingly, Taylor swift, who once dated Tom Hiddleston has found a new love interest in Joe Alwyn.

Even though, we can smell the love brewing between the two, the superstar is in no mood to spill the beans on her relationship with him.

As of now, we are just expecting the culprit, Mohammed Jaffar to pay for his actions, or say, have a taste of his medicine!

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