Marc Fitt Steroids: SHOCKING Transformation With Pics! [2019]

If you are familiar with the fitness industry so you are probably wondering at some point whether Marc Fitt is on steroids or natural?

I will try to give an answer to the above question in this blog,

Marc Fitt Steroids Or Natural Bodybuilder

Marc Fitt is the Canadian Fitness model, entrepreneur and earned a lot from the multiple endorsements supplement.

He a great passionate and dedicated motivator to all of his fans.

He is the CEO of the company and works in the different charitable organizations.

Marc has gathered a large number of viewers and the fans towards the training and motivational videos. He has created the own line of awareness online.

The fitness era is the year 2010.


Marc Fitt achieves multiple nutrition scholarships because he has a unique physique as compared to the other fitness models.

Marc developed each and everything through successful way and also designed a successful workout guide plan.

He is a true example of: Hard work pays off

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The Fitness Journey

Marc was born on the 10th September. In the beginning, he is not a real fan of the exercises and athletic physique.

Later on, Marc had moved to the gym to boost up his confidence during the teen years.

After completing the first session, Marc got the point that he has a real talent for the training and to achieve the best result.

When he was only 20 years old, he joined the police academy as well as a training institute to give his best in all aspects.

He spent his time on the endurance and strength training.

In the mid of the session, he developed the good shape of his body and 15% of body fat.

As achieving the fitness goals, he never quit the workouts and philosophy to gain incredible physique and strength.

Who Is The Idol And Influences Of Marc Fitt?

When he started his career in the fitness, so he follows the famous bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Phil Heath.

Marc never made plans for competitive bodybuilding, but it is necessary to learn from the others that have an amazing physique and they know very well.

He likes one of the Michael Jackson quotes very much

If you want to remain greater all the time, then learn from the greatest.

Marc remembers this quotation all the time and printed in different ways.

Does Marc Fitt Take Help From The Anabolic Steroids?

If we relate the anabolic steroid consumption in the different fields so, fitness model is one of the areas where everyone tries the anabolic steroids to get achievements because the every fitness models are willing to sign a contract.

Marc Fitt Body transformation
Marc Fitt Transformation Results

Without taking help of the drugs, it is impossible to remain competitive in the field.

Marc Fitt Statistics
  • Height Of The Body: 5’10’’ 
  • Weight Of The Body: 175-185lbs (79.4-83.9kg)
  • Date Of Birth: 1990

The natural range for 5’10’’ height of a man is 170lbs or 77kg. There is a difference of almost 10 to 15lbs.

If we think generally, the bodybuilder can gain the muscle mass naturally.

The Marc Fitt has extended his natural limit of gaining at the age of 22 to 23 years old which sounds unpredictable.

However, it is possible for the natural bodybuilders as well.

The Photoshop Look

If we experience his look so, he is larger than life and it is common in the fitness model.

Marc Fitt Model
Marc Fitt Fitness Model

This sign attracts the people’s attention regarding physique.

The Photoshop looks of Marc raise the question whether he took help from the steroids or is he really natural?

Is it possible for a genetically freak individuals to build up the 100% muscle mass without using any kind of drugs?

Maybe there are some individuals who can achieve the similar physique like Marc through natural processes.

The heavy muscle like a balloon, dry shaped, and the 3D characteristic is a sign of fake bodybuilders.

The natural bodybuilders look very amazing after building some muscle mass.

The pictures of Marc without Pump looking natural. The physique is usually a smaller and definitions are not more 3D.

According to some sources, Marc is in the off cycle in recent pictures.

It’s funny that all of this achieve through vegetable diet.

No matter, how hard you work and what type of diet you are following, this type of aesthetics is a result of the steroids such as Clenbuterol And Dbol.

Marc Fitt Claimed As Natural

According to the Nattyornot, they received a letter from Marc Fitt in which they claimed as a natural.

Marc Fitt Before and After Transformation
Marc Fitt Before and After

I’m Marc Fitt and I write about my topic,

I saw in one of the published articles on the blog.

Without any negative implications, it is not good to attack my image.

I can guarantee that I’m completely natural. I have achieved all of this after 19 years of playing hockey functional training and 5 years of weightlifting.

I have done almost every kind of efforts to show a success and the fitness career.

Your article is something that shows I have taken the drugs, but the reality is:

I’m willing to pass any kind of the drug test like blood, urine, and a lie detector.

I’m writing this email that respectfully that you should modify the changes in your article

I never take any illegal drugs and steroid throughout my life.

Marc Fitt Workout

Marc workout routine consists of 6 days per weeks.

He always gets the best result by giving the muscles to recover before starting the next session in the gym.

Marc Fitt Heavy weight Workout
Marc Fitt Workout

Marc Fitt training has generally included the workouts that target all of the muscle groups more commonly, isolation exercises.

The duration of the overall regimen is about 90 minutes to 2 hours of the time period.

Instead of various sets of workout, he prefers flexible programs.

These types of training allow him to ready for any fitness modeling.

The most favorite part of his training is focused on the high volume training.

The rest time period between the workouts is relatively short around 45 to 90 seconds.

The rest during the exercises is more important to allow the muscle growth rapidly.

Monday For Quads, Tuesday For Chest, Wednesday For Back, Thursday For Hamstrings, Friday For Shoulders, Saturday For Biceps Or Triceps, And Sunday Is Rest Day.

The Marc’s Top Exercises

He has 3 top exercises which are:

  1. Barbell curls
  2. Dumbbell Arnold press
  3. Inclined dumbbell press

The Cardio

The incorporation of cardio is less in his training.

The high repetitions are more important to increase endurance levels.

The interval training is designed for cutting to burn up the calorie as compared to the standard steady state cardio.

Marc Fitt Nutrition

Marc pays attention to the nutrition.

Marc Fitt Balanced Diet
Marc Fitt Diet and Nutrition

The balanced diet depends upon the goals.

He sticks toward to the low carbohydrate diet and high protein foods. The gap between meals is around 2-3 hours.

The standard meal of Marc Fitt is an olive oil containing the chicken and vegetables.

The 3 whole wheat crepes with a lot of fruits. It is most important to have a cheat meal just before 3 hours of workout.

I definitely burn the cheat meal during my whole day of the time period.

Marc’s Diet Plan
Meals      Diet
Meal 1 1 Banana, 60g Rolled Oats, 8 Egg Whites, 2 Omega-3 Tablets, 1 Vitamin B Tablet, 1 Scoop Whey Protein, 2 Multivitamins, And 5g Of Glutamine
Meal 2 1 Apple, 2 Scoops Whey Protein, 2 Almonds, And 1 Chicken Breast
Meal 3 2 Chicken Breasts, 1-2 Multivitamins, 1 Cup Green Vegetables, And 2-3 Omega Tablets.
Meal 4 60g Of Oats, 15g Raw Honey, And 1 Scoop Whey Protein
Meal 5 15g Of BCAA, And ½ Scoop Pre-Workout
Meal 6 5g Creatine, 5g BCAA, 5g Glutamine, 2 Scoops Whey Protein, And 60g Dextrose
Meal 7 2-3 Tablets Of Omega, 1.5 Chicken Breasts, And 1 Cup Of Green Vegetables
Meal 8 30g Casein Protein, 4 Egg Whites, 5g Of Glutamine, And 3 Caps Of ZMA

Marc Fitt steroids

We don’t know the actual situation and what kind of steroids that he actually used.

But if we look at his physique so, it is more likely that he took some help from the cutting steroid like Winstrol for developing six Abs.


Marc Fitt is an energetic and passionate individual who shows the genuine care for his fans.

Marc Fitt steroids or natural
Marc Fitt Steroids or Natural Bodybuilder

His humorous is very popular on the social media posts. He is one of the most recognized fitness models online.

Marc Fitt is an inspiration source for those who want to achieve the results through hard working and the dedication.

He is a true example of the fittest individual to achieve the greatness of his life.

With the right attitude and mindset of Marc, you can convert your goals into the reality.

It’s hard to predict the actual situation, but it seems like that Marc may be half natural, during off-cycle, and took steroid dosage in moderate amount.