Masteron: Does It Really Work or SCAM? Crazy Results [2020]

It is a popular anabolic steroid procured from dihydrotestosterone. The usage of this substance is very common as bodybuilders find it extremely effective for the hardening and cutting purpose.

masteron review

The anabolic steroid can also work as an aromatase inhibitor, and so it can considered for the finishing purpose as well.

In spite of the fact that Masteron is quite powerful and strong, yet, stacking it with other anabolic substances can give more dramatic and serious results to the users.

Experts believe Masteron combines well with aromatizing substances, as these agents can best compliment its effects in preventing water weight.

The injectable steroid has several other names including:

  • Drostanolone Enanthate.
  • Drostanolone
  • Drostanolone Propionate.

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The anabolic compound was produced in the late 1950’s, by a leading pharmaceutical company called, Syntex Pharmaceuticals.

masteron legal anabolic steroidsMasteron was initially launched in 1970 by the name Masteril. After obtaining a license, the steroid was renamed as Drolban.

Originally, the formula was produced to treat breast cancer; however bodybuilders found its cutting properties quite fruitful for their goals.

Today, the compound is wholly used by bodybuilders, in the form of masteron enanthate.  

Bodybuilders, using Masteron for the hardening purpose, will find it exemplary, but if you yearn for some massive gains, then Masteron might not turn out to be a great aid, on its own.


It is an androgen hormone and a sex steroid that is synthesized by a very essential enzyme in our body.

This synthesizing process is what results in producing the masculine features in men.

Out of the 100% of testosterone generated in a man’s body, 5% is transformed into dihydrotestosterone. This means a boost in testosterone is a boost in dihydrotestosterone conversion.

As the steroid is obtained from dihydrotestosterone, therefore, users can anticipate an upgrading in DHT levels. And because dihydrotestosterone does not alter into estrogen, therefore, users are free from the estrogen-increasing threat with Masteron!


It is a very imperative protein produced by our liver. The protein binds to the sex steroids (dihydrotestosterone, estrogen and testosterone) and makes them dormant. 

Masteron bodybuilding steroids

To turn big, your body needs ‘free’ testosterone, hormones that are active and free to perform. Therefore, you need to take measures that can help you surge the level of free testosterone.

Since, Masteron is obtained from dihydrotestosterone, therefore, it encompasses the ability to bind to this particular protein, sex hormone binding globulin.

In a situation like this, the level of free testosterone rise, and the testosterone-related benefits start to yield.

As we know, testosterone can help men in many regards. For example:

  • Grow muscles and increase size.
  • Increase sex drive.
  • Help with prolonged and hardcore erections.
  • Improve stamina.
  • Boost mood and improve sleep.
  • Upgrades your physical and mental health.

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The formula has been primarily invented to treat breast cancer (that has progressed to an advanced level). Since it encloses anti-estrogen properties, therefore, Masteron has greatly helped women fighting against this fatal disease.

Today, Masteron is seldom incorporated in the treatment, because of other medical options that have been introduced lately.


masteron anabolic steroidsAs said, masteron does not cause estrogen conversion, thereby, men need not to worry about the complications that are normally related to it.

One good example is gynecomastia that is generally known by the name, moobs or man boobs. So, unlike other anabolic compounds, masteron does not lead to gynecomastia, but surprisingly, reduce estrogen levels.

This is because the compound possesses aromatase inhibitors-like powers.

But in spite of all this, we cannot say that a user is completely protected and has no risk at all. The agent is associated with DHT related complications and one common risk pertaining to its use is hair thinning.

Of course, since Masteron is eventually an anabolic steroid, therefore, it is somewhat harsh for your liver and kidneys. And dealing with such suppressing agents involves post cycle therapy.


As Masteron is obtained from dihydrotestosterone, therefore, women are strictly discouraged from its use. The compound can cause virilization in females.

Apart from women, masteron must also be avoided by the patients of kidney and liver. In fact, anabolic steroids, on a whole, are completely hazardous for people with health related conditions.

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Masteron was once an effective treatment for breast cancer, but the story of this steroid dramatically altered with the passage of time.

Masteron before and after

Today, it is utterly considered for the bodybuilding cycles and preparation of contests.

Its powerful anti-estrogen properties are good enough to fetch the attention of bodybuilders who need some hardening and cutting of muscles!