Meal Replacement Shakes: #1 Shocking Review Inside – Legit Or Scam? [2020]

During these days, there is a lot of buzz about weight loss shakes or meal replacement shakes that can be swapped easily with your lunch or any other meal to help you reaching your goal weight.

If you are struggling through your weight loss journey and have already decided to achieve the new YOU in 2019, you must be looking out for various ways and options of losing weight faster.

weight loss shakes

If you are a social media user, you must have noticed the highly raved reviews about meal replacement shakes with jaw-dropping transformations.

If you are still skeptical about using meal replacement shakes during your weight loss journey, this post is just right for you.

While many of us already have heard of using meal replacement shakes as weight loss tool, it is also imperative to know how much they really help in shedding off those kilos.

Losing weight is a real tough game and weight loss or meal replacement shakes are certainly one of the most popular options these days to ease up the journey.

The idea behind the these shakes is to replace a regular meal with a shake.

For example, you can swap your bowl of porridge in breakfast with a glass of meal replacement shake.

Are Meal Replacement Shakes Actually Useful?

The idea behind using Meal Replacement Shakes is to replace one or two regular meals a day with a low-calorie and healthy option to help the chances of over-eating.

Meal Replacement Shakes are very easy to use and an ideal option of those who don’t have time or skills for cooking tasty low-calorie meals.

These shakes are reasonably nutritious and help in weight loss.

However, you cannot only rely on the meal replacement shake to cut off the excess pounds, as you need to eat sensibly all around the clock with your other meals.

Though, these shakes really helps in weight loss, but you need to focus on your diet as well to get faster results.

In this post we will be discussing how meal replacement shakes can aid in weight loss and what things you should consider while including these shakes as a part of your weight loss journey.

2017’s Top 6 Diet Shakes – Meal Replacement Shakes Reviewed

Here are the 6 most popular weight loss shakes and meal replacement supplements, reviewed by science.

  1. Vega One
  2. Isagenix
  3. Shakeology
  4. Organifi
  5. 18 Shake
  6. GNC Total Lean Shake
  7. Ideal Shake
  8. EvoShake

1. Balance out the Nutrition

Being on weight loss journey calls for greater attention towards balancing the daily nutrition. You must be careful while choosing the meal replacement shakes for faster weight loss.

healthy breakfast

Don’t forget to check the nutritional label. Make sure that your meal replacement shake has higher grams of protein than the amount of carbs you are consuming.

This combination of nutrition will help you in making you full for longer, thus preventing your blood sugar from dropping.

If your shake is short on protein, you should balance your daily diet by adding hard boiled eggs, nuts or lean protein.

On the other hand, if you shake is offering less than 10 grams of carbs, you can fulfill your count with a piece of fruit.

2. Use them as your back-up Plan

Meal replacement shakes are an excellent option to help you keep on track, even on the days when you have no time to leave your desk to grab lunch.

take a healthy meal

Instead of having a go-to high calorie meal, you can stay with your diet plan with a healthy and convenient meal replacement shake.

Also, it is a super-easy option and a smart back-up plan on the days when you are in no mood of cooking a healthy meal for you.

3. Power-up your salad

Balanced nutrition and handsome protein intake is the most crucial part of a successful weight loss journey. It is real struggle for many people to get protein in lunch.

use salads

If you take just a veggie salad in your lunch meal, you are really starving yourself.

Salads are easily digestible and you will feel terribly hungry in mid snack-time. However, to avoid these mid-time hunger pangs, you can supplement your salad with the power of protein.

Having a glass of meal replacement shake enriched with protein with a bowl of salad will be an ideal choice for low-calorie diet.

But, you have to make sure that this combo wouldn’t exceed your daily calorie budget. Also, pay attention that your shake won’t exceed the 200 calorie count.

4. Use it as a healthy Snack

Mid-time afternoon hunger is the real killer of your low-calorie dietary routine.

healthy snacks

If you think that your mid-time hunger pangs can cause damage to your weight loss journey, you should definitely try out including meal replacement shakes in your diet.

Meal replacement shake that is rich in protein is an excellent idea to deal with your mid afternoon hunger attack with a smart 200 calorie option.

Having this shake will not only make you full for longer, but will also help in stabilizing your blood sugar levels, which is a key for losing weight efficiently.

5. Power-up your workouts

Low-calorie diets often make you feel lethargic and weak. In usual cases, people don’t feel really charged up for workouts.

 charged up for workouts

If you are facing such scenario, you can have meal replacement shake to fuel up your workout routine with greater energy and power.

The best idea is to use half glass of shake as a pre-workout drink and latter half as a post-workout drink.

In this way, you will be all powered-up with energy and nutrition even after intense exercising session.

Take your meal replacement shake just 30 minutes before your workout to make your fat burning process faster than ever.

6. Satisfy your Sweet tooth

Most of the meal replacement shakes are tasty and nutritious at the same time.

shakes are tasty and nutritious

If you are a big fan of desserts and can’t control your sweet cravings, adding meal replacement shake in your diet is a great idea.

You can easily satisfy your sweet cravings by blending a shake with ice and vanilla extract.

You won’t miss the hint of sweetness while having these meal replacement shakes and your taste buds will be satisfied without making you cross your daily calorie budget.

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Great Advantages that you can enjoy with Meal Replacement Shakes

While there are plenty of good reasons to include meal replacement shakes as a part of your weight loss journey, we are here revealing some clear-cut advantages of using these shakes.

You can easily skin a regular meal in favor of shake without compromising on nutritional values.

Also, the meal replacement shakes are low in calories and a convenient option to consume while helping you achieve your weight loss targets.

Besides all these obvious benefits, following are some major advantages that you can enjoy with these meal replacement shakes.

Weight Loss and Weight Management

drinking meal replacement shakes for weight lossWhether you are on a weight loss journey or maintaining your weight, meal replacement shakes can help you with your goals.

When combined with low-calorie diets, meal replacement shakes can offer you better weight loss results than any other weight loss approach.

You can get amazingly great weight loss results if you include protein shakes as meal replacements, as proteins are considered as a key ingredient to feel fuller, which helps greatly in shedding off those extra pounds.

1. High in Nutrition

It is important to make sure that your weight loss approach must be a healthy one. You should not compromise on nutritional values when it comes to losing weight.

Though, the importance of whole foods cannot be denied, but the addition of meal replacement shakes in your daily diet will help you achieve total nutrition while being restricted to low-calorie diet.

Make sure that you are getting balanced nutrition in terms of proteins, carbs, vitamins and minerals.

Also, the nutrient-packed meal replacement shake will help you greatly in terms of losing weight without sacrificing key nutrients from your daily diet.

2. Convenience

When it comes to weight loss sticking with the diet is the toughest part. Amid our busy lifestyles, it is sometimes difficult for us to manage all the meal options well.

Weight loss journeyIn the super hectic situations we cannot simply deny the advantage of having meal replacement shakes.

When it comes to convenience, meal replacement shakes are a clear winner over full meals.

These shakes are an easiest option to take with you to your workplace, as they are quick and convenient to prepare and drink within just no time.

If you don’t have time to cook and prepare your meal, meal replacement shakes are certainly your perfect go-to choice.

These shakes are packed up with all the essential nutrients that you body needs to fuel up.

Also, they are an ideal choice to swap your meals entirely when you are traveling or in a rush.

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Last Words

If you are wondering whether meal replacement shakes can help you in losing weight faster, the simple answer by WatchOTC report is YES.

meal replacement shakes for weight loss

Having these shakes is not only a smarter option to keep you restricted with your calorie intake, but also an ideal choice when it comes to getting proper nutrition during your weight loss journey.

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