Meghan Trainor Weight Loss: Real Or Fake? SHOCKING Pics Inside! [2020]

Meghan Trainor has underwent an amazing weight loss and she loves to show off her slim waist in a glittery top and a pair of blue jeans with almost 9 million of followers on the Instagram.

It looks, her hard work is finally paying off!

Meghan Trainor before and after weight loss
Meghan Trainor before and after

She has blown the everyone mind with her unrecognizable look, almost hundred of comments on Instagram related to “You look great and become a source of inspiration”.

Meghan has revealed how she gets an amazing look with her boyfriend.

Meghan has famous for “All About That Bass”, “No”, and “Lips Are Movin

Meghan Trainor dietTrainor is going to be a very busy woman this year because she becomes a judge on the reality competition of singing and planning for the wedding.

She is  getting engaged and becoming a judge on “The four: Battle for Stardom”

E! news talked pop star at the Fox Winter TCA red carpet on Thursday.

In the interview with Entertainment Tonight, she showed some snaps of her body transformation.

Meghan said that “I’m engaged!” and my fiance Daryl Sabara is right there and he is so cute and made my dreams come true which make me feel like a princess and I’m so happy.

The newly engaged couple also started planning for the big day.

Everyone gets excited to know when the couple gets to set their big day.

I’m going to enjoy for a long time and work out perfectly.

Meghan already takes a white dress and described that it’s gorgeous.

“One day we all have the kids and I want to be healthy for my kids”.

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The Trainor Parody Video

The fitness resolution is combined with a beautiful parody video “Lips Are Movin”, this was made by comedian Rebecca Zamolo with her best bud friends.

This video definitely kicks off your calorie burn.

Meghan Trainor Statistics

  • Full name: Meghan Elizabeth Trainor
  • Previous weight: 175lbs
  • Current weight: 150lbs
  • Total losing weight: 25lbs
  • The height of the body: 5’5’’

Body Measurement

  • Chest-waist-hips: 39-29-39
  • The overall measurement shows that her size is 10.
  • She reached to average female weight in the United States.
  • Her waist reaches to smaller size, voluptuous legs, thin and defined face.

The Social Media Trolls

Meghan told the Sun’s Fabulous magazine last year when she was harassed by the social media trolls.

She talked that she was criticized by some of the bullies as “Fat Whale” after receiving the Grammy Awards in 2016.

These people can be stony, and I don’t read online comments because they may be very hurtful.

I received the feedback from fans who are probably insecure about their weight and did not leave the house I was comfortable with my body.

It is terrifying to say in front of the world that I’m little curvy and I love that and I was not feeling well while writing the song.

I wished to hear on the radio because it could help me to hide insecurities related to the body.

Meghan trainer joining Sean Combs, Chalie judges, and Dj Khaled as judges on the new Fox series, hosted by Fergie.

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How She Lost 25 Pounds- Diet And Workout

First, she managed the healthier lifestyle.

She has focused on healthy and keeping a healthy weight followed by a workout routine.

Meghan Trainor weight

Meghan Trainor talked her weight loss around 20 pounds and wedding.

She revealed that how she lost 25 pounds in the healthy way.

Trainor followed a low-calorie diet and spinning exercises.

Favorite diet food is unknown.

“I ate pizza yesterday and eating Chinese food today, which is great, people told me that I have lost weight, but maybe It is due to standing or dancing all day”.

Low-Calorie Diet

The low-calorie diet is between the 900-1,500 calories per day.

Sometimes, it is suitable for short-term weight loss.

The low-calorie diets included various types of diet such as grapefruit diet also called as the Hollywood diet.


The 23-year-old star explained that I work out so hard, I have been focusing on my physical health as well as mental health with my boyfriend, we eat healthy or delicious, and work out every day.

Meghan Trainor workout and dietHe taught me that how can you feel better by eating a healthy diet and through exercises.

Meghan said: After my second surgery, I went to feel dark, but he was like, do you want to do work out? And I was like No, but now I’m obsessed with it and I never felt better before.

I love one workout of Shaun T’s fitness programs, and I bought a DVD for these purposes.

She said I lost the weight through Shaun T’s fitness DVDs.

Spinning Exercises

Spinning exercises are good to improve the shape, burn out the more calories, improves cardio health, strengthen, enhance muscle strength, and build up the lean muscle.


The singer star has had some vocal cord surgeries issues we are more excited to see her come back look at 2018.

No doubt, the star looked happier and healthy in the new photos which she shared on the social media, a few months ago.

Recently, Meghan Trainor admitted that she never felt happier or sexier in her entire life

I never felt so pretty and sexy in my life and captioned a post with “Thank you so much”.

There are many fans who support the star on her weight loss when she has revealed how many pounds she dropped.