Met Gala Red Carpet 2017

The event was an invitation-only campaign that was planned to help the museum’s Costume Institute. It was also a launch get-together for its spring collection.

While it is too fascinating to see your favorite celebs parading in designer dresses on red carpet, but a little context goes way too long.

Here are some important things you need to know about this fashion party:

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Is it always a great deal?

For the Costume Institute, yes, it is a big deal.

Reason being, it is the only curatorial team of Met Gala that self-finance its activities, and for them, this event is the biggest fundraiser.

Once, it was named as ‘Party of the Year’ but it seldom justifies the tag until recently.

Until 1971, the event was held off-site at the Rainbow Room or Waldorf Astoria.

Guests were mainly from NYC-society type and were entertained by skits and a parade of models in historic costumes. Guests were indulged in fine dining too.

Things changed when Diana Vreeland – former editor Vogue came onboard:

In 1972, when former Vogue editor Diana Freeland came on onboard as a consultant, she added glamour to the Costume Institute.

She hosted some of the most glamorous and ambitious events in its history, and utilize this gala as a forum to introduce them.

Her events and themes were eccentric, where each and every detail was taken care of. And with time, the gala emerged as a forum where fashion came into existence with full force.

It became a launch pad for several fashion brands.

Met Gala with Anna Wintour – Current Vogue’s editor:

Anna Wintour In 1999, when Anna Wintour joined as the Vogue’s chairperson, she shifted the focus of the event to celebrities.

She appointed A-List stars as honorary and co-chairs such as Beyoncé, Tom Brady and Sarah Parker.

Celebs from Lil Kim to Kardashian-Jenner family were also invited to grab attention.

The role played by Vogue’s team in organizing, planning and execution of the event was the main highlight of the documentary ‘The First Monday in May’.

Met Gala 2017 – What is the event about this year?

This year’s event has been dedicated to Rei Kawakubo – 74 year old Japanese fashion designer.

Rei Kawakubo red carpet met gala 2017

She is one of the most iconic and revered figures of fashion world.

Founder of Comme des Garçons, Kewakubo was the member of Japanese radical designers that debuted in Paris – 1980.

Since decades, Kawakubo has become an inspiration for many creators of fashion world.

Edward Enninful, the then soon-to-be-editor of British Vogue wrote that Rei has proved that despite of being an external one, you can be influential if you just follow your instincts.

The event was dedicated to her daring designs for Tokyo’s fashion line Comme Des Garçons, which is now in exhibition at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Some jaw-dropping moments from the event:

Celine Dion hotter than ever: After struggling from back-to-back tragedies in her life, death of her husband and brother in 2016, the superstar has emerged as a much stronger person and this was quite evident in her Met Gala appearance.

Costume Institute Gala

Stylish Law Roach has helped her to become adventurous with her clothing.

With her first-ever Gala appearance, Dion wins heart with her Versace costume, proving that it’s never too late to be a fashion icon.

Rihanna steals everyone’s thunder: Rihanna stole the show by donning Line’s Fall Collection – 2016, covered with colorful petals.

Rihana at met gala 2017

This unique dress paired with sexy strapped sandals could never have been carried better than ‘Work’ singer.

Star-dotted bathroom selfie: No party is complete until Kardashian-Jenner family poses for a selfie, and same goes for the Gala too.

kim kardashian met gala 2017

A selfie taken by Kylie in ladies room attracted a crew of stars. Some of the famous ones were sisters Kim and Kendall, Paris Jackson, Diddy and Frank Ocean. It seems like the stars enjoyed taking selfie with Kylie.

Diddy taking a mini break: Fashion Galas can be quite boring and repetitive for men’s clothing.

But Diddy proved it wrong, as he was captured making the pose-of-the-night by resting on the stairs while her GF Cassie posed for cameras at a distance.

Diddy met gala 2017

He seemed one of the chilliest people on the event, and when asked, he tweeted ‘I was getting tired’.

The missing theme: Like each year, some stars seem to violate the theme.

Selena Gomez at met gala 2017

While stars like Rihanna and Diddy were found experimenting with the unconventional fashion, some prominent spoilers of the event were Selena Gomez and Jennifer Connelly.

So, what can be the excuse?

Well, seems like these stars have missed the details in memo.

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Disastrous duffs – Some worst dressed celebs:

Kendall Jenner: While all her peers preferred to try some risky unconventional outfits, Kendall and her sister Kylie stick to their naked-themed formal wear.

Kendall Jenner at met gala 2017

We believe that the fashion police are not happy with their attire and have titled them amongst the worst celebs of the evening!

Gigi Hadid: Bella Hadid was appraised by the critics for her Alexander Wang jumpsuit, while her sister Gigi failed to impress the audience at the event.

gig hadid at met gala

Her Tommy Hilfiger ensemble that comprises a half-flared dress and fishnets did not hit the mark.

Wiz Khalifa: The rapper is usually seen smoking some illegal substance with some dubious outfits on red carpet events, and Met Gala is no exception.

Met Gala Red Carpet 2017 Wiz Khalifa

Wiz’s white suit stitched with childish piping is itself, a crime without any usage of illegal substance!

Mandy Moore: ‘A walk to remember’ star failed to impress the audience with her Michael Kors dress that has asymmetric sleeves and black gloves.

Met Gala Red Carpet 2017 Mandy Moore

It seems like Mandy tried to add only a touch-up of the theme!

Met Gala 2017 – At a glance:

The glitz and glam of Met Gala hooked up its audience till the end, though some stars appeared indifferent towards the theme.

But, let’s keep some facts straight that the event had some celebs that appeared with some mind blowing fashion outfits and that make the event exceptional!

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