Proven Ways to Expedite Metabolism

boost metabolism and lose weight

The rate at which your body loses weight is determined by a number of factors. To count a few, your diet, the amount of physical activity and more importantly, your body’s metabolism. Metabolism, is characterized by our body’s ability to deal with calories and fats.

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Metabolism plays a very vital role in the weight cutting process. After diet, it is one important factor that simply determines how well and how fast you will lose. Normally, people with a fast metabolism have healthy weights, no matter how unhealthy they eat and no matter how lazy they move!

An active metabolism is more like a blessing for weight conscious people. On the contrary, people with a slow metabolism are likely to gain more weight and face difficulty at the time of weight cutting.

How fast our metabolism works is dependent upon certain factors, for example, gender, genetics, health, age etc, but luckily, a healthy lifestyle can contribute to a can active metabolism, overall. That’s right, just by taking quality sleep and adding some proven metabolic foods in your diets; you can simply make the impossible, very much possible.

Apart from this, there are many proven and effective techniques that can help in speeding up a sluggish metabolism. With these, you can simply give the needed push to your weight loss results. So, willing to know some proven ways to rev up a metabolism? If yes, then have a look below:


As per a study, those who sleep in a cool temperature produce more brown fat. Basically, it tends to be a kind of fat that aids in speeding up a slow metabolism. Apart from speeding metabolism, brown fat also helps in the annihilation of other body fat.

Basically, the study took a sample of 5 men who were asked to sleep in climate controlled rooms for some months. Report suggests that after a month of trial, these participants were examined to produce double the amount of brown fat their body was producing before the research.

Not just this, it was also examined that their body’s tendency to burn fat improved to a considerable level. Not just this, researchers also reported a significant improvement in their glucose metabolism. Considering the findings, saying this would not be wrong that the same level of weight loss results is hard to expect from those rigorous diets.

Bottom line: sleeping in a cool temperature can aid in igniting the metabolic rate. Staying in a cool environment may also result in stimulating your metabolism.


There are some studies that show caffeine to be a contributor to weight loss. According to these, the intake of caffeine can aid in revving up a metabolism. Not just this, studies also suggest that it can lower the chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

Research has found that caffeine can aid in the breaking down of fat present in the body. However, this does not give you a free hand to consume as much as caffeine to produce weight loss effects. Consuming too much of it can cause nausea, nervousness and sleeping difficulties. Besides, many coffee beverages tend to be rich in sugar and fat, which may increase your likelihood of gaining more weight.

Bottom line: studies have shown that the caffeine content present in teas and coffees can give the needed boost to your metabolism. However, too much of caffeine can cause nausea and sleeping difficulties.

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There are hundreds of studies that show stress as the main contributor of several medical concerns. However, when it comes to weight gain, stress seems to play a vital role. Stress is not just associated with binge eating, however is also known to regulate the production of a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol can make your metabolism sluggish and weak. Obesity, is the result in the long run! Thus, to keep your metabolism healthy and going, you need to ensure that you take every possible mean to deal with stress!

Bottom Line: Stress can ignite the production of a hormone which is responsible for worsening metabolism.


Your body needs rest for all good reasons. And when it comes to weight loss, sleeping well can turn out to be the game changer for you! Research says that people who do not sleep well are more likely to have a slow metabolism than those who do. Not just a poor quality sleep affects your metabolism, however, it leads to stress which then encourages your brain to produce more cortisol. Thus, a sleep of 7 consistent hours is extremely important for the wellbeing of our health. So, next time when your weight loss efforts fail to turn fruitful, check out your sleeping habits!

Bottom Line: Poor quality sleep can wreck your metabolism. Thus, sleep well to keep it healthy and active.


No matter what physical activity you indulge your body in, you are speeding your metabolism! No matter if its walking, cooking or something as cool as swimming! However, the best type of exercise proven to ignite the metabolic rate is strength training exercise. Basically, strength training exercise helps to promote muscle mass, which is highly ideal to consume more of our body’s energy. With this, our body is forced to use calories just to keep up with the demand of energy! Consider lifting weight to experience better results!

Bottom Line: Strength training exercises can aid in boosting a slow metabolism!

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Yes, the need is to add spices in your food. Spicy chilies contain a very significant molecule proven to fire up the metabolism. Researchers also suggest that a chemical known as isothiocyanates can aid in the production of brown fat and more importantly, revving up the metabolic activities. The chemical is commonly found in pungent foods.

So, these were some proven techniques to intensify the functioning of metabolism for faster and effective fat burning! Isn’t these easy and simple to perform?

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