Mike O’Hearn Steroids: Amazing Mass & Strength Gains! [2020]

Mike O’Hearn Is The Power Lifter, Tv Star, And Entrepreneur. The Man Is The 4x Mr. Universe And Famous As The Fitness Model Around The Decades.

mike o hearn power bodybuilding

He has a very big heart, as working with raising money and charities for “Good Dog animal rescue center”.

Mike has accomplished the NPC Washington Iron Man 1st In 2015, NPC Idaho Muscle Classic NP In 2015, INBA Natural Universe Bodybuilding Championship 1st In 199, And INBA Natural Universe Bodybuilding Championships 1st In 1997.

Mike is one of the most followed bodybuilders in the world, he has 90,000 of fans on the Facebook.

He was crowned with the Mr. Universe for the four times and fitness model for the seven times.

He also sells the duck eggs at a high cost, thus he is criticized by the name of Mike O’Hearn.

mike o hearn heightThe debate is that he is the juicer or not.

If you have some knowledge about the use of steroids and their signs and symptoms so you can easily identify the difference between the natural and the steroid user.

Here we discussed that he is natural or the juicer.

Our prediction depends upon the physical appearance, routine, gain timeline and various other factors that are responsible for presenting the assumption.

Statistics Of The Mike O’hearn Body:

  • Weight of the body: 245-255 Ibs (In pounds), 111.1-115.7kg  (In Kilograms)
  • Height of the body: 6’3’’ (190.5 cm)
  • Body fat = 4%

Below are details that can let you to predict that Mike O’hearn is natural or on the steroids.

Natural Bodybuilding Standard:

According to the Natty or not standard, the men with 6’ 3’’ height can gain the 204Ibs naturally.

Mike has 245Ibs and there is a difference of 41 Ibs, so you can easily bulk up with 41Ibs through the extreme diet plans and the exercises as well.

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Mike O’hearn Diet Plans:

Mike O’ Hearn diet plan is consisting of the 8 meals per day.

mike o hearn diet

His plan is listed with the 8 meals in which the first four meal plan is added with a 30g of protein source and  50g of carbohydrates to fat.

The other remaining meals are included with the carbohydrates and vegetables.

Mike has very strict diet plans throughout the year. He used to for changing the eat treat during the off-season in order to overcome the deficiency.

Nutrition in the first, recovery at the second position and the third one is about the training. If you hear something different, so they are trying for selling their product.

My diet is great for me as It works best as compare to the other. My suggestion for my all viewers is that you should try a different meal that works a lot. If you eat the strict diet around the year so it becomes complicated for your body to overcome the deficiency of the nutrients.

Mike has changed the diet plans and the workout routine for the many times.

Mike O’hearn Workout Training:

Mike has the inspiration of Power lifting through his family.

mike o hearn workout routineHis workouts are generally included in the heavy compound exercise and a lot of intense workouts.

He followed the very old school training as Lift Heavy For Big like the movements of deadlift,  bench press, and squad workouts.

Mike incorporates a huge volume in the workout as reps and sets.

Most of the individuals are grown by using the reps and sets.

Mike has a 12 week program that is enough for making you strong and huge.

Days Workout
MondayChest, cardio, and Abs
TuesdayLegs, Cardio, and Abs
WednesdayShoulders, cardio and Abs
ThursdayArms, cardio, and Abs
FridayBack, cardio, and Abs

Weekly Distribution Of The Core Lifts And The Cardio:

Core Lifts: Incline, Squat, And Deadlift
Weeks 1-4 (70%)5 sets of 4 reps
Weeks 5-8 (80%)5 sets of 3 reps
Weeks 9-12 (90%)5 sets of 2 reps
Weeks 1-430 minutes on 4 days of week
Weeks 5-845 minutes on 5 days of week
Wees 9-121 hour for 6 days in a week.

Mike O’hearn Physical Appearance:

mike o hearn steroids

Is There Any Symptom Of Steroid Use?

Mike O’hearn has not spotted with any one of the signs of steroid use such as balding, acne, gynecomastia, bloated or steroid gut, flushed skin, balloon like arms and increased vascularity.

1. Hair:

Mike’s has a good head of hair. The juicers are more likely experienced with the sign of balding.

2. Water Bloating And Small Traps:

He is not spotted with a water bloating and steroid gut. He has a small trap, those who take the steroids are observed with a water bloating and big traps.

3. Vascularity:

Reduction of vascularity is due to the aging and use of steroid.

Aging can cause the thinning of the skin and the use of steroids can decrease the vascularity.

Mike O’hearn Is The Best Genetically Freak:

Mike O’hearn is genetically freaking naturally at the age of 14 years old.

His pictures at 14 years old look bigger.

His Ab poses in a picture show a skinny picture without a body fat.

There are many people who are born with a muscle building genetic.

Phil Heath is one of the examples in the natty world.

Mike Passed The Drug Tests From The Bodybuilding Federations:

He had passed the several drug tests during the competed as Natural Mr. Universe.

Mike o hearn is naturalThe tests performed by these federations are simple such as the polygraph, blood tests and urine test which can be conducted at any random time throughout the year.

These tests have not the ability to detect whether the person is naturally or on the steroids,  so there is an option available to beat the test reports by stop taking the steroids.

But the random elements make these tests are effective because there is a risk to identify as a steroid user.

Mike has won the 4 titles on these tests.


All the above evidences indicate that he is natural.

He is not spotted with any symptoms of the steroid.

It is possible to like the Mike O’hearn through dedication and the hard working.