Modern Vs Old School Bodybuilders: Find Out Now! [2020]

There is a difference in the late 60’s and 70’s guys as compared to the modern guys.

Do you ever think that how they compare to each other?

Modern bodybuilder vs old school bodybuilding
Old School Bodybuilding vs Modern Bodybuilding

I came here to give you a complete knowledge of an encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding as well as old-school bodybuilding.

Each physique of that time has its own personality and uniqueness.

I definitely give my vote to the old aesthetic as compared to today experiments.

It is interesting for the bodybuilding fans to know about the old-school bodybuilding diet, training methods, and the steroid cycles.

The majority of the bodybuilders, celebrities, and people prefer the old school for a number of qualities and the reasons.

The world of bodybuilding is very old and huge.

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Many individuals are come and go in which some of them have made their name successfully, some left the field in the middle and some gave up the game.

  1. People often forget the beautiful era that has its own uniqueness
  2. The bodybuilding industry has changed for many years.

We could say that is better for some people while some are strongly disagree with these changes.

I think the biggest difference in both of the era is dosages of steroids and training methods. They train very hard.

Their physique pictures were taken from the other sources because they are actually deserving the appreciation, whereas the modern bodybuilders are taking their a lot of pictures and uploaded to the social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

I’m not going to criticize any one of them for taking pictures because it is their right, some have actually incredible physique, but most of them are appearing as a balloon filled up with gas, 3D arms that indicates the practice of nasty compounds or drugs like Synthol and anabolic steroids.

The self-promoted is not considered as a good sign. It is very simple like if you have something that is actually outstanding so, popularity definitely for you.

They respected the other stuff as well, including the bodybuilding.

At that time they have actually a good sense of brotherhood while nowadays everyone believes in their self.

They don’t have fear any little thing that hurt their bodybuilding.

Let’s take a closer to the routine of modern and old-school bodybuilders.

Who Are The Old School Bodybuilders?

For the majority, the old school bodybuilders relate to the look of the 70’s bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is considered as the king of Golden Era.

Legend of Bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger
Old School Bodybuilding

The other old-school bodybuilders are included:

  1. Eugen Sandow (1900)
  2. Reg Park (Era: 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970)
  3. Franco Columbu (Era: 1970, 1980, 1990)
  4. Dave Draper (Era: 1960)
  5. Dorian Yates (Era: 1980, 1990)
  6. Lou Ferrigno (Era: 1970, 1990)
  7. Serge Nubret (Era: 1950, 1960, 1970)
  8. Frank Zane (Era: 1960, 1970, 1980)
  9. Chris Dickerson (Era: 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990)

Dorian, who won Mr. Olympia for five times.

They do not usually have bigger physiques like a beast. Although, they are representing the “X” shape of the body or look which is a dream of the kids and beginners. They do not have the wider waists and huge legs.

The Arnold pictures are used for the comparison with Ronnie Coleman (1990 and 2000) and Steve Reeves (era: 1940, 1950, 1960).

Bold And Honest

They are very bold and talk about the truth.

old school bodybuilding
Old School Muscle

Old school bodybuilders don’t have any fear of their reputation-level and career.

It is assumed that in the Golden Era, steroids were new in a market and everyone has passion or excitement to try the anabolic steroids.

They all can easily get the steroids after getting a prescription from a doctor.

Taking prescription was not so typical or hard at that time and legal considerations of drugs are not at the peak.

There were not so many laws published by act control substances.

Moreover, individuals do not know about the drastic side effects result in the steroid even, they are life-threatening.

The modern bodybuilders are very conscious with their images or reputation and the risk of effecting career badly.

Despite the reputation, there are many strict laws related to steroids are established which is all about the fine and imprisonment.

Some of the Brave men are still there like Calum Von Moger (Arnold 2.0) who admitted the steroid use, but in addition, he has also stated that “taking help from the drugs is not a great conversation for the beginners”.

We should teach the good lesson to our beginners or newbie that natural is far better than many other ways.

Your health should your first priority rest of the other methods.

Aesthetic Physique

One of the biggest pointer or the major difference between the old and modern bodybuilding is aesthetic.

Modern Vs Old School Bodybuilders: Find Out Now! [2020]
Old School Workout

Look at the old school bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger (Era: 1960-2010) and Frank Zane (Era: 1960-1980).

They both have the very aesthetic physique and defined muscle with a tiny waist.

Old school bodybuilding shows big arms, wide shoulders, aesthetic legs, tiny waist, and a good level of health status.

They are free from the unpleasant appearance, such as the gynecomastia and steroid gut.

They had a better balance between the physique and definition.

Their body is not so much lean as compared to the bodybuilders like Helmut Strebl (2000-2010) But, they carried more perfect look for the rest of the year.

While the modern bodybuilding is not ended up with the artificial or bigger look.

You may experience some celebrities or individuals that have an aesthetic shape of the body.

Again, I give an example of Calum Von Moger because he gains popularity due to the physique similar to the Arnold.

Old and Modern School Anabolic Steroids

If we go through the steroid cycle of both modern era and Golden Era so, we find a lot of difference between them.

old vs modern steroids

The old school bodybuilders have incorporated the steroid dosage in a very regulatory or optimized manner.

They do not badly destroy their steroid cycle by overdose of the compounds, however, they do not have enough knowledge about anabolic steroids possible side-effects.

When it comes to the steroid cycle, the main drawback is that they are optimizing their steroid cycle with the overdose of the drugs and compounds and stacking wit HGH and insulin.

Even the level of extremeness goes to the peak and some shocking news come like death.

Something going wrong with the Dallas bodybuilding journey and his steroid cycle is called as the Dallas Mc Carver Death Cycle.

Almost the old school bodybuilders had done anabolic steroid practice, but when it comes to the HGH and insulin so, Dorian Yates was one of the famous bodybuilders who has successfully used the insulin combined with HGH and diuretics and observed the result.

Changes in the facial structure of modern bodybuilder usually the indication of anabolic steroid stacking with HGH and insulin.

Training Methods

workoutsThere is a difference in both of the Golden Era and Modern bodybuilding training methods.

In the old time period, there are not so many equipments are available.

When it is about the machines training so, it seems like that they are training with Barbells and Dumbbells.

The concept of supplements is not so widely spread and they only believe in the hard training.

Nowadays, there are well maintained-gyms are available with a variety of machines, air-conditioned gym, and the facilities


The diet has one of the important effects on the field of bodybuilding for getting the Mr. Olympia title.

old school bodybuilding dietThe old school guys generally do not focus on the counting of meals.

There is a lot of difference between the nutrition of modern and old-school bodybuilding.

In old era, the foods are natural and offer the essential nutrients to the body for performing the functions.

The more advanced the technology, more the quality of food is affected.

Usually, the modern bodybuilder’s diet consists of 6-8 meals per day and they monitor the counting of macro as well.

The old school diet is also won because Arnold won the Mr. Olympia for seven times (7x) and Ronnie Coleman (1990-2000) for 8x.

The Blunders Of Both Era

Whatever the era, blunders are also found.

Andreas Munzer (Era: 1990, 1980) was known for his extremely ripped physique. He had died at a very early age due to the zero percent of fat found in his body.

Andreas Münzer! Old School Bodybuilding

The Kai Greene steroid gut is very famous in the bodybuilding (Era: 2010) and it is a result of stacking of anabolic steroids, HGH, and the insulin.

Many of them are coming with funny shapes like Moustafa Ismail arms, basically, it is the result of Synthol.


Everything is changed in the bodybuilding from the simple equipment of old school time to the High Tech Machines of modern bodybuilding.

The sweating and iron equipment completely turns into an air-conditioned gym, gym-costume, and enjoy a favorite music on your list.

Sum of all, the guys who are lazy probably don’t have a strong passion to follow the Golden Age bodybuilding because it requires the less effort.

Modern Vs Old School Bodybuilders: Find Out Now! [2020]
Kai Greene Gut

Their aim is to get the bigger size and lots of muscles within a short period of time.

It seems like nowadays, bodybuilders are just trying to put their effort on improving the entire body parts at any cost and they are looking for anabolic steroids, a variety of compounds and the SARM’s for getting huge and bigger.

They usually find out the products through labeling and knowledge of diet, supplementation and training methods from the social media.

If you are starting searching so, you may still find a lot of people involves in invasive methods along with the dangers.

The different and unique physiques are coming in both old school and modern school in which some are the result of only hard work and some are blown up with steroids.