Monique Weight Loss: Shocking Facts Revealed Inside! [2020]

Monique, the Academy Award winning star annunciate her impressive weight loss, having lost 100 pounds. The star has been working constantly on her fitness training and showing her videos on workout session on social media to her viewers.

Mo’Nique lost 100 lbs of weightMo’Nique has an  amazing career in acting and famous as the comedian. She always works overwhelmed  with her excess weight, although she has been always in proud with her bigger size and used as to fame.

Mo’Nique has really embraced and felt guilt about her obesity in the past as she published many books with the title of “Skinny women are evil: notes of a big girl in a small minded world” and skinny cooks can’t be trusted.

Mo’Nique never has a physique like models. Since, she has won the Oscar for Precious movie (2009), has caught up in fame in all over the world, even in Hollywood and wants to inspire all of the obese women to live a beneficial style.

She also told in DR. Oz show that how can I overcome my emotional eating because food is just like my friend since I was 7 years old.

In 2015, she is motivated towards the healthy lifestyle, weight loss plans and family life. Though she has most of the weight loss stories all the time,  but in the year of 2015, Monique reached her weight loss goals successfully.

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How Monique Is Motivated For Losing The Weight:

People always ask that what thing motivates you in losing weight. She always replied that I had to do this for my husband and children.

Mo'Nique at 82nd Academy AwardsShe credits her family, especially husband together with children and all those things which can jacked burn up at the hard time being committed.

I remembered when my Husband said to me that is too much baby, which is not healthy for you. I want to live with you for a whole life.

That moment, I felt guilty or shame because I had never felt love like that before.

I have a son who is 23 years old, but I also have a son who is only 9 years old. I want to play with their children as a grandmother. I never want to be a burden on my family.

So Mo’Nique has decided to fit or save her life.

She said that, looks so simple whether my legs and butt among my all physique are fired up.

How The Star Has Transformed From Size Of 20 To The Size Of 14: (Mo’Niques in bikini and swimsuits shows off her 100 pound of weight loss)

You can follow her weight loss plans and inspirational quotes from the social media where she is constantly posting the pictures during the workout or from this article.

The content is completely addressed her journey of weight loss. 

The question arises that how she lost her big amount of weight in a short period of time. This is actually due to the Balanced diet, Intense workout trainings, weight loss pills and Personal trainer.

She has admitted to becoming a gym rat and relying only on the clean diets. According to Monique’s the clean food along with more nutritional value changed her life by keeping the highest level of energy.

Mo’Nique Workout Plan:

She wakes up at 5:30 a.m. and go out to a gym and worked with her trainer.  The workouts with increased intensity and frequency, which was started for three times in a week, two years ago.

Mo’Nique Workout plan for weight loss

Mo’Nique lifts weight, hikes, boxes, does yoga, weight training, pull-ups to pushups, sprinting to football drills and all the workouts in the gym. At the end of the day she keeps herself on the working as a gym rat.

She moves on the floor where she can find any space and spent the rest of the time, usually on the dance floor for her family.

Weight training and cardiovascular exercises:

I have done the compound exercises for 2 times in a week for the time duration of 60 minutes. When my kids ridden bicycles, I jog outdoors on the warm days for 30-60 minutes in 4 days per week.

The cardio exercises are performed usually by walking on the hills and mountains. The exercises also include in the plenty of jumping, doing calisthenics and dancing.

She said for the first time in a life I can walk up or down from the stairs without running out of breath. The fitness regimen just not only includes in the cardio exercises or weight training, it also incorporated with strength training.

During my workouts my baby was down and said to me, your tummy is too much soft that makes me feel good.

Mo’Nique Diet Plan:

  • Breakfast:
    She begins her day with full of energy by taking almonds, walnuts, fruits and spirulina in breakfast.
  • Lunch:
    The lunch includes in home made salad, fruits and nuts.
  • Dinner:
    She has taken a lot of vegetables, spring rolls and mushrooms in the dinner.

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Healthy Snacks:

Whenever she felt hungry, fill up her stomach by snacks or mini meals like smoothies, fruit and healthy desserts.

Below is the more detailed mentioned about her additional and eliminated diet.

Skip white Carbohydrates:

She eliminated all these foods which are made up of white carbohydrates. To avoid from the cookies, pasta, crackers, has been the hardest thing ever.

But this adjustment gives her a powerful diet result. She turns to the whole grains, fiber rich foods and slow digesting carbohydrates instead of consuming white carbohydrates.

Her weight loss diet generally includes a Brown rice, Quiona, Black beans and Lentils because all these have an ability of slow digesting and have a minimal impact on blood sugar.

No more sugary or energy drinks:

Mo’Nique has used in Energy drinks like the other millions of Americans to quickly fix the energy during her workouts.

The trainer explained that the energy drinks only give you a burst of energy for a short period of time, it is loaded with full of artificial ingredients that can slower your body metabolism and sugar contributes to store body fat.

She started to consume those pills that can boost up her metabolism instead of drinking a liquid poison.

This simple shifting of energy drinks to the weight loss pills, boost up her energy level to perform workout for a five times in a week and fire up the burning of fat.

Weight loss snacks:

Mo’Nique before and after weight loss

The trainer instructs her to cut the potato chips because it is worst to eat in weight loss because it contains high amount of fat and carbohydrates and low amount of fiber, so she turns the chips with the Grilled chicken bites with hummus(weight loss snack), these snacks provided lean protein, healthy fats and the lean proteins.

The guacamole is the abundant source of vitamins, minerals and rich in calories that helps you to lose your weight safely.

Avoid Ice Cream:

Monique had eliminated her routinely fixed night ice-cream to lose up the weight quickly because ice cream is full of fat, cream and sugar.

She started eating a zero calorie ice cream, which is only contains approximately 70 calories.

In addition to above these all instructions, her trainer also advised to:

  1. Drinking a plenty of water.
  2. Avoid all those fried items that are rich in oil.
  3. Trainer incorporated a plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in her diet.
  4. Eating a fresh red meat and fish meat.

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