MUSCLE MILK REVIEW: Real Or Fake? SHOCKING Results [2020]

The protein powder is creating a great buzz these days. Owing to its everyday increasing popularity, we thought of discussing the essentials of muscle milk!


Muscle Milk Review

Muscle milk is a very popular protein drink backed by some famous TV personalities and sportsmen. Of course, since it is a celebrity endorsed product, therefore, it enjoys a lion’s share in the market.

If we ignore these hypes and investigate the product thoroughly, we will realize that the supplement is not as safe as it is touted!

First of all, it is produced and marketed by a reputable company, CytoSport. The formula comes in a variety of flavors and is available in both liquid and powdered form.

If you summarize the nutritional profile of a product like this, you will find the product very promising.

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Below mentioned is the detail of what a single scoop of this protein powder supplies you:

         NUTRIENTS.           DOSAGE.
              Calories.                    150
              Protein.                    16g.
             Dietary fiber.                     2g.
             Carbohydrates.                     9g.

But the list of contents does not end here. It further shuttles several minerals and a variety of vitamins to your body.

Muscle Milk As you can see, the amount of calories delivered by a single dosage is very low; yet, users who feel to cut more calories can go for its lighter forms.

In order to support the growth and development of muscles, the manufacturers have fused casein and whey proteins together.

The amalgamation supplies proteins that take time to digest and are also fast.

Besides, the product is lactose-free, which we can count as a benefit for people with lactose sensitivity.

There is another advantage of muscle milk users can enjoy.

The formula comes in a ready-to-go drink, which can save the havoc of preparing it in your busy schedules.

Considering its nutritional value, you can replace your meal with the drink or can incorporate the formula with your diet plan.

Muscle milk is purported to:

  • Aid muscle growth.
  • Encourage satiety.
  • Increase energy.
  • Heal muscles.

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The formula is an excellent source of MCT (medium-chain glycerides), fats that are easily absorbable.

Muscle Milk before and after

Because of their nature, the body easily utilizes these fats as energy. Plus, MCT has fewer calories unlike other fats, which makes the supplement good for the maintenance of healthy weight.

Some fact based researches also suggest that MCT possesses anti-aging properties. The fats can help keep off the effects of aging and maintain the youthful, you!

While we discuss the plus points about the muscle building formula like this, we cannot skip to discuss its nitrogen element. Indeed, it is what adds more to the value of muscle milk.

So, the formula contains nitrate which is used for the production of nitric oxide in our body.

Nitric oxide is associated with a plethora of benefits including a boost in blood circulation, smooth digestion, regulation of blood pressure and many others.

Then there are branched-chained amino acids that encourage the growth of muscles and eliminate the abdominal fat.

The amino acid also boosts insulin sensitivity, which is quite favorable for the rev in fat burning. They further delay fatigue and support the protein synthesis of muscles, all that can help with the size.

Considering some other ingredients and contents in Muscle Milk, we can say that the supplement has great medicinal and anabolic properties. But that’s not the end of story!

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In case with Muscle mass, the advantages are accompanied with the disadvantages.

Muscle Milk Protein shakeFor example, if you emphasize on the caloric dosage of each serving, you will realize that the amount is a bit more than what is delivered by other protein drinks.

This surely increases your likelihood of gaining weight. However, this could be a benefit for the hard gainers who actually ought to add their weight and mass.

So, for the bulking purpose, there can be no better choice than Muscle Mass.

But the bad does not end here. An ingredient called crystalline fructose in muscle milk can disturb your stomach and onset the signs of indigestion.

Basically, the substance is hard to digest and so, few may face difficulties digesting it well.

Thus, those who experience digestive problems from this very ingredient must simply avoid the usage of Muscle milk, on a whole.

Lastly, since it is a protein supplement, therefore, it possesses risks for the people having kidney disease.

As we know, these patients cannot digest protein as efficiently as normal people and thus, can waste most of the protein content through the process.

Therefore, individuals with kidney concerns must not consider any protein formula, including Muscle Milk.

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Muscle milk is effective for hard gainers, only if they are healthy.

Muscle Milk Athelete

On top of the anabolic properties, Muscle milk offers great medicinal and fitness benefits to the users. But in spite of this, the bad about Muscle Milk cannot be ignored.

Specially, when there are way promising and safe protein formulas available in this much-crowded market!