Shocking 5 Myths about Bodybuilding Steroids Unraveled! [2020]

Body building and anabolic steroids go hand-in-hand. However, anabolic steroids have always gotten a bad reputation over the years.

They have been misunderstood and in some cases, even misused. Body builders or athletes, using anabolic steroids, think they are using a magic potion and that it would change their bodies magically, but that is not the case.

Anabolic steroids are synthetic analogs of testosterone, a naturally occurring hormone in human body. How you use this anabolic steroid depends entirely on you!

It is no surprise that there are many myths surrounding anabolic steroids, especially fueled after athletes are found guilty of using them.

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Here we are going to discuss a few myths and possibly bust them, too!

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Myth 1: Anabolic Steroids Are Magical

This is one of the most common myths regarding anabolic steroids. Individuals taking steroids think that they will have a muscular body overnight.

anabolic steroids cycle

Expectations are high, while efforts are nil! Taking anabolic steroids alone, are not going to make any difference in your physique.

The main reason why people take these steroids is to increase protein synthesis in the body and reduce the fat content.

However, if you stick to unhealthy eating habits and do not put any effort then you can’t expect the steroids to work in your favor.

For the steroids to give you optimal results, you need to combine a protein-rich diet with a strength training routine.

Another misconception regarding the magical powers of anabolic steroids is that bodybuilders use an excess of steroids.

Though steroids play an important role in the equation, genetics and discipline play an equally important role.

Most of the body builders are genetically inclined to have such bodies and using steroids only aids them.

This one misconception should be cleared once and for all to prevent steroid users from over-dosing.

When taking anabolic steroids, make sure you stick to a healthy regime of protein-rich diet and regular sessions of cardio and strength training!

Myth 2: Steroids and Your Nervous System

Steroids have been blamed for causing changes in thinking, emotions and aggression.

steroids and nervous system

These speculations were fueled when a well-known professional wrestler and a known-steroid user committed suicide after murdering his family.

It is true that violent and aggressive episodes have occurred in individuals using steroids, but steroids are not to be blamed.

If it is the case then men having naturally higher levels of testosterone should be prone to aggressive mood swings, but this is not the case.

Mental state is not altered by steroid use, though it can affect your psychology when you are working out.

But scientific studies have been inconclusive and to blame steroids for increased aggression is baseless.

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Myth 3: The Dreaded Side-effects

Usage of anabolic steroids comes at a price, no doubt about it. However, to blame every little side-effect on anabolic steroids is absurd.

side effectsAnabolic steroids do have side-effects including acne, water retention and gynecomastia.

Renal and liver diseases are more commonly encountered when steroids are abused.

Over-dosage has been linked to cancer and even death, but these are all baseless and without any scientific backing.

Yes, steroids do have side-effects, nobody is denying it, but they are commonly seen with abuse.

Cancer, as per say, is not caused by anabolic steroids but they do potentiate the growth rate of cancer cells. So blaming anabolic steroids for all types of medical calamities is a myth!

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Myth 4: Anabolic Steroids Affect Natural Testosterone Production Permanently!

It is true that anabolic steroids affect natural testosterone production, but the effects are not permanent.

natural testosterone-boosterWhen an individual is taking steroids, natural testosterone production is shutdown, which leads to testicular atrophy.

However, once anabolic steroids are discontinued, the body’s testosterone production kicks in and the testicles return to their normal size.

Keep in mind that it is only the testicles that are affected and not any other part of male anatomy. Blaming the anabolic steroids for permanent changes is a myth!

Myth 5: Steroid Injection Site and Localized Muscle Growth!

This is one debate that has been going on for long. Some bodybuilders inject steroids in the lagging muscles to give them a fuller and defined look.

muscle growth steroidsThe fuller and defined look does not come from incorporation of new muscle fibers, rather it is the carrier oil that is injected in the muscle belly.

This gives a fuller and pumped-up look to the muscle. Another reason for this fuller look is steroid inflammation or irritation.

Injecting steroid in a specific area can lead to irritation and subsequent swelling, giving a fuller look to the muscle.

So localized growth at the site of steroid injection is a total myth!

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Steroid Use Comes with its Set of Responsibility.

How you Use It Depends on you, So Make Sure You Keep a Balance!